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623944 tn?1244035490 t know if this will work, but on the right side of this screen is recent activities and I just uploaded a new photo of my rash... It has not been biobsy to see if it is Lupus Rash but I will be getting that done on April 15th and will let you know after that.... I believe it is. I've had Lupus 22 years and was just dx almost 2 years ago...
Avatar m tn ve been reading this forum for the past week trying to get some answers about these rashes on my face. I am 19 y/o Male. I was just wondering what are the characteristics of a lupus rash? I have had this same rash on my face for about a year now, it is two patches on each side of my face almost connecting to my nose. It gets extremely dry at times and just peels costantly, and occasionally itches. I read in alot of posts here that the rashes get worse in the sun.
Avatar n tn Hi Dr. I'm a 27 yr old female. I went to my dermatologist today because my cheeks have been red for the past couple of days. I also have some hair loss, fatigue, and my feet get cold. I have a low thyroid and I was told those were symptoms of my hypothyroidism. My question is the redness of my face is flat, on both cheeks, and doesn't have acne on it. I don't think that's a symptom of hypothyroidism. I'm scared it could be a lupus malar rash.
Avatar n tn d have to check with my doc to see if it was one of the many things discounted though looking at the rash pictures I doubt it - also from what I've read so far it doesn't seem to cause lesions in the brain. My rash usually alway starts in the neck with raised bumps that continue down my spine and then eventually spreads outward covering the rest of my torso. From there my neck bumps morph into welts that eventually just smooth out though stay red.
Avatar f tn Only to reappear on my hands, and now it has been six months. Not only is there a rash on my hands but now I have a new rash on my face. It is found along my hairline, above my right eye, below the eyebrow, and on the underside of my chin. It looks like someone scratched my chin and it became red and swollen. It is about a half of a centimeter in width. So if I don't have lupus, do you have any idea what it could be?
476834 tn?1228398709 Lupus with that sun-sensitive rash. Let's see what your ANA and sed are. And Ada's right (of course). Call your doc right away about the rash.
Avatar f tn Butterfly rash? Hi, I'd say that you should definitely go again - ideally when the butterfly rash is showing. Or at least take several pictures in good light. You also probably have new onset Raynaud's in the hands. Have some pictures of that, too. You can check in a mirror for any mouth sores. It also wouldn't hurt to ask the doc for a blood test to make sure that your kidney function is okay. It is even possible, though rare, to have a negative ANA test yet still have lupus.
4815763 tn?1359528187 Hello all; Hoping someone can help me! I have been pretty much healthy my whole life. My medical history is severe asthma & allergies as a child . The asthma I have for the most part outgrown. I will have it flare up every now and again. I had my first itching attack when I was 18 living in Australia. I couldn't link it to anything but my lower legs would massively itch w/hives. No rash. I didn't see this again until 2008. I started getting itchy legs/hives after running.
Avatar f tn I'm reading Dr. Daniel Wallace's book on Lupus. This is my question? He explains that nasolabial folds are the outer parts of nose and cheek that meet upper lip and usually not affected by Lupus. This got me confused--I'm not sure if he means the skin by the nose and beside the cheek or when he says upper lip does that mean under the nose? Also he mentions that USUALLY not affected by Lupus.
Avatar f tn m dealing with is a lupus rash from sun exposure - the rash is ONLY on my left arm where it was exposed to teh direct sunlight - you can clearly see the line where my shirt sleeve was. I was also researching lupus rashes online yesterday and found pictures of a rash that looks identical to the one I have - subacute cutaneous rash. The rash also is NOT weeping or oozing like a poison ivy or oak rash would.
Avatar f tn but I do get heat flushed often and my face flushes like a lupus rash..this only lasts about 1-2 hours at a this the same as lupus rash?
Avatar m tn Good day! My mother has a kind of rash for about a week now which a doctor said that it is Urticarial Vasculitis. Another doctor said that it is Erysipeloidal Cellulitis and seemed very sure of himself. The problem is that she has some problems in the lower part of her left leg (some small boils - ulcers of 1-2 cm in diameter). I'm really bad at describing the disease, so i've taken some pictures.
Avatar m tn Hi. For about 2 months now I have had this rash on my upper body. It started on the sides of my upper body where my arms contact my torso. It then spread to my stomach and then my neck. It was originally just pinkish red but it started to form bumps in the area. It itches when I sweat and shower. It burns at times when I apply hydrocortisone and lotion. I am very worried about this. Thank you. these pictures are about 6 weeks old http://postimg.
1139187 tn?1355706647 I have read about it and it looks very similiar to hashimotos except the rash and skin issues. Is there anything else different besides the rash? Is it usually treated the same way hashi's is treated or graves? (or could go either way). I am just trying to learn more about this to help her where i can.
1319928 tn?1274347872 The dry eyes and mouth sound like sjorgen's. Eye drops and lots of fluids will help. Some people also keep some hard candies handy to suck on. I have also been diagnosed with lupus, but I don't have the rash. My face will get red, but not the raised rash. I know how you are feeling. It took me 8 years to get a dx. Most drs just gave up and said they didn't know. I haven't been able to get a handle on my symptoms yet.
1878464 tn?1320559437 I was trying to research this online and found a site for the different types of cutaneous lupus erythematosus (with pictures). Discoid, to me, appears more as rash. What I have appears to be Lupus Profundus, based on visual observation. The site I am referring to above is (It has some pretty pictures for reference). Listed below are links to photos of the soft painful "holes" that has been led to this diagnosis. http://s822.
Avatar m tn Please note that these pictures were taken with a phone camera with poor contrast. In reality the rash is much redder than shown. The spots feel a lot like mosquito bites, but redder and smaller. My cheeks even have the rash and are a bit swollen. The rash started appearing 2 days ago or so, and I originally thought it was the rash in my groin region getting worse and spreading, but the rash down there has started getting better. Yesterday other than the itchiness I felt fine.
Avatar f tn Great idea to take pictures of the rash, especially if lupus is a consideration. Can understand the "what's next" feeling, which is a very normal response. I'll be thinking of you this week. Please keep us posted on how things are going.
Avatar n tn I suggest you, to take pictures of your rash just in case they will disappear until you see a doctor and show them to your doctor, It helps a lot.
Avatar f tn I have felt sick going on 2 years and no one can figure out what is going on. As I do research on my own it sounds alot like lupus. I was wondering if anyone who has been dx has felt like me. A couple of years ago I started losing weight without trying. My normal weight is 125 to 135. I lost to 92 in a very short time. I also felt tired all the time, started getting very bad headaches, body aches mainly my legs. It wasnt my joints but my whole leg would ache all the way down.
Avatar n tn I have lupus myself and I have never heard of that. Lupus can cause rashes. (I am referring to systemic lupus, aka SLE). There is another form of lupus called discoid lupus. If she has that, perhaps the lesions could be related. I don't know much about that kind. The systemic kind is known for affecting various organ systems (kidneys, lungs, heart, etc.) The common rash that many systemic lupus patients have is a "malar rash" which covers the nose and the upper part of the cheeks.
Avatar n tn Today I noticed a red circular rash around the outer area of my armpit. Can this be lupus? Does a lupus rash ever show up on the armpit like this? What should I do. Thank you!
939031 tn?1289956654 the Fifth disease has the lacey rash instead of the red butterfly rash on the face of Lupus. Both have unexplained fevers and body aches and pains. See a rheumatologist - he/she might be able to determine which one it is. What a conundrum! It is really frustrating that both present with the same type of symptoms and results! Must drive the doctors nutty!!