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Avatar f tn I was wondering about the reactive hypoglycemia and if that's what it could be. This lower blood sugar after eating didn't start until my blood sugars were under the normal limits all throughout the day. I realize it wasn't that low but it was lower than what I was used to. Also, I was wondering if you might know about normal insulin levels? She checked my insulin level and it was 6, she said 0-25 was normal???
Avatar f tn Hello, Question about too low of blood sugar. My husband has fasting blood sugar in the 50's and even after a pretty good meal they barely move up and then go back to fasting within an hours. I know this isn't diabetes but didn't see a hypoglycemia category. Today his pre-lunch blood sugar was 43. He said he felt fine, but I gave him a snack of almonds, boiled eggs and tomatoes anyway. He had oatmeal, w/butter, cream for breakfast only a few hours earlier.
Avatar f tn I failed my 1 hour sugar test. My number was 158 and I even fasted for it. I now have to go Monday morning for the 3 hour test. I know I have to fast again. I do not want to get any false negatives so I am not looking to stay clear of all the "bad" foods but I am trying to watch and cut back on what I eat, which I thought was not bad. Asa nyone else failed their tests and how are you handling the food change?
Avatar m tn Testing times should be fasting and then 2 hours after eating. By doing this you will also learn which foods make your blood sugars high (and you can then avoid them). if your blood sugars stay high even with lifestyle measures then medications (oral such as metformin, or injected insulin if your sugars were very high) would be recommended. Please read up on diabetes and it's management.
1058898 tn?1275678751 i had a cup of oj and checked in 15 min and it went to 137. I have also notice that i spike about 1 hour after eating and come down around 2 hours after which is mostly in the 130. and i notice if i drink a can of pop. I can feal it rise it will go up to the 150-160 45 min later. i know my numbers are not high for diabetes but just want to know some in put. Also i have anima, low platlets, and i just had to get my gallblader removed due to Acalculous Gallbladder Disease with no gallstone.
Avatar f tn Hypoglycemia/ low blood sugar would be considered blood sugar levels less than about 70. Your result of 103 is normal, not hypoglycemia. It is likely that your symptoms may be from other causes. Sometimes headaches can be a sign of not drinking enough - so a glass of water and a few minutes to relax / be quiet - may help a lot. Hope this helps.
1058898 tn?1275678751 i test 1 hr after eating and then at 2 hr. 1 hr is when i spike and at 2hr im lower. i also test in the morning before i eat and it is between 100-and 109, but the other day i did get one in the 130. i only have been testing my sugars for one month so i dont know if they were high then, but they could be since that is why i went in cause the fealings i get. so would i have a high ha1c if i go over 140 when i eat and had a few high ones ?(181,201,197) And i did read that 140 is high but my Dr.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone~ I just took my 3 hour blood glucose test on Monday after failing the 1 hour test. The nurse just called and said I failed 2 out of the 3 hour samples. So I failed it. Does this mean I definitely have gestational diabetes? I'll find out tomorrow where to go from here because I have a doctors appt., but in the mean time, what is ok to eat? Also, do doctors usually try to section gestational diabetics based on that alone or should it affect me having a vaginal birth?
456039 tn?1302663748 You drink a small bottle of (orange) sugar stuff and wait an hour, then they draw your blood to see how your body processed the sugar. My doc did not have me fast, just told me not to eat any sugar before bed or for would jack up the test. I didn't eat before bed and only drank a little water before the test and still failed by 17 points. So I just had to do a 3 hour test...hopeing to have passed this one! So good luck!
9065649 tn?1418261807 I have my 1 hour Glucose test next Monday at noon. and i know with my first son i had to go and do the 3 hour one due to me having ate too much before. and im just gonna have a a bagel with cream cheese and a bottle water around an hour or so before. should i be ok and pass?
Avatar f tn well they drew my blood about an hour ago and said I should know by Friday. Is what drives people about this test everybody has a different experience.but on the upside everything else looks great.
Avatar m tn But it really doesn't make sense that your blood sugar would be that high right after eating. It usually takes awhile to reach its highest point which is why we are told to test at 2 hours (though some people hit their peak a bit sooner). The question to me would be what was your blood sugar before you started eating?
Avatar m tn 1 110 Before eating (after tea) 10.30 AM 6.5 117 After eating (1 hour after BF- Oat Meal) 11.30 AM 5.9 106 After eating (2 hour) 2.00 PM 4.8 86 After eating (1.5 hours) 3.30 PM 5.7 103 11-Sep 7.00 AM 5.1 92 Fasting 9.10 AM 7.9 142 30 mints after eating (1/2 Donut and Oatmeal) 10.32 AM 4.9 88.2 2 hours after BF 2.15 PM 5.7 102 2 hours after Lunch 4.00 PM 4.7 84 12-Sep 7.00 AM 5.6 100.8 Fasting 10.00 AM 4.7 84 Before BF BF at 10.
Avatar n tn I recently bought a glucose meter, I have a 14d waking average of 97 and a 30d waking average 95. One hour after eating my reading will be 140-160, and 2 hours after eating it will be 100-120, and 3 hours later it will usually be under 100. So is this diabetic? I ask because I mentioned to someone that both my middle toes had felt like someone was twisting them, and that they were less sensitive on the bottom now, and someone suggested diabetic neuropathy.
Avatar n tn I am currently 24 weeks pregnant & last week I had my 2nd hypoglycemic incident in a month. The strange thing was that it happened 10 minutes after I ate a meal. I have never had that happen before, it is usually if I haven't eaten enough. The other noght before bed, my blood suager was 39 & tonight about 1 hour after eating & a 1/2 hour of swimming laps it was 76. My doctor wants me eating every 2 hours & says I should be eating more protein.
Avatar m tn Meters have a %20 accuracy, illness can raise BG so will eating ANY carbohydrate. try testing at 1 hour after eating. That time will tell you how well your body tolerates carbs. testing at 2 hours tels you if your pancreas works at all.
Avatar m tn 00pm...... the medicine seem to be working. but last week it dropped to 55. (and this was after eating fried fish, w/tartar, green beans, cabbage, white roll and 44 oz. coke. i starting feeling real cold inside and "light". so i had a candy bar and coke. i called the dr. and he told to start taking half the tablet in the morning and half at evening. well the last couple of days i was only taking the half at noon. when i ate my first meal.
Avatar f tn I felt yuck with the 1 hour test so I'm sure the 3 hour is ridiculous. I kinda feel it's a little much making us fast then go drink a big sugar drink and endure 3 hours of sitting and poking at us periodically.
Avatar n tn so your 1 hour after eating BG number is good?
Avatar f tn Yes you eat too many carbs the real test is 1 hour after eating check your BG then. You never want your BG over 140 my experience is a carb is a carb.
Avatar n tn I think after giving humalog, body goes in emergency, and some times increases blood pressure and it in turn increases blood sugar. Probably I should take humalog after eating. b. Blood pressure increases as blood sugar goes to normal, Even some times, after pushing insulin ,pressure goes high Before going to bed I take blood pressure medication, push levemir Yestarday evening sugar came down to 7, I was glad, at 5 am I ate, reduced humalog to 11 in place of 13, but after 2 hours, it was 10.
Avatar f tn Many of us control our diabetes by restricting our carbs so that one hour after eating our BG does not go over 140. You could be a LADA diabetic (Late Onset type 1) they often have wildly fluctuating BG as the Beta cells (they make the insulin) get killed off) There is an antibody test for that too. GAD test Diabetes is not the end it is controllable, the horror stories you hear are from NOT controlling your BG.
Avatar m tn I had went to the emergency last week because of some other symptoms that I have been having. They did a blood work up and my blood sugar level was at a 57. I hadn't eaten anything all day and by the time they had released me I had taken a couple of sips of my daughters sprite and it went up to 98. So the said I was fine. Since then I have been very worried about this so I decided to get myself a meter so that I could test myself.
Avatar n tn I am not able to go more than 1 1/2 hours without eating or my blood sugars go down. I have had an MRI on my abdomen, which was OK my pancreas was unremarkable. My doctor does not seem to know what is going on (just says that I am on my way to be a full fledge diabetic in the next couple of years) and that I will have these attacks and will have to learn to live with them. I am desperate to see if anyone can give me more information about what might be going on with my blood sugar levels.
7543158 tn?1391981669 That little test he does apparently keeps showing an average blood sugar of 130 when I know that to be untrue. I have a glucometer and check my sugar regularly throughout the day. I've even shown him my meter's log and he still won't believe me about my spikes and crashes. He believes I'm just overly worried and that it's all in my head. What do I do?
190885 tn?1333029491 a couple of posts below FLGUY asked for more to talk about blood sugar issues...i have not had any tx yet..i do feel like sh-- alot of the time...maybe 50 to 65 percent of the time...the pains are no big deal its the light head feeling and not knowing if i'm going to pass out or not is what really gets to me...i'm starting to think my hep c virus has screewed up other i was feeling bad...then at 4 pm i ate a grape fruit and felt much better...
Avatar n tn My now 6-year-old son has been having episodes upon waking in the morning, which were happening about twice a year, but have increased in frequency to once every one to two months. He is lethargic, extremely weak (explained by him as having no power), and is very pale. Every time this happens, he will not wake on his own. Nearly every time, something sugary with recover him quickly, although sometimes he will vomit before we can even make it to the kitchen.