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Avatar n tn I have been at or over 300 in my blood sugar levels for two weeks and my doctor is away. Should I go to the emergency room? When should I panic? What other steps can I take before my doctor gets back?
Avatar m tn Check if it can raise your blood sugar levels. Some high blood pressure medicine can raise the sugar levels. Know your body. It is the inly one you will have.
190885 tn?1333029491 a couple of posts below FLGUY asked for more to talk about blood sugar issues...i have not had any tx yet..i do feel like sh-- alot of the time...maybe 50 to 65 percent of the time...the pains are no big deal its the light head feeling and not knowing if i'm going to pass out or not is what really gets to me...i'm starting to think my hep c virus has screewed up other i was feeling bad...then at 4 pm i ate a grape fruit and felt much better...
Avatar n tn I had eaten about 300 calories and 40 grams of carbs 2 hours before the workout after a blood sugar of 135. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn For example, 3 1/2 weeks ago now I was feeling very disoriented so I checked my sugar (please note that I had not been eating correctly or exercising but I was taking most of my medicine) and it was 458. Needless to say, this scared me straight.
149675 tn?1416676733 Hep-C will cause fatty liver along with wheight gain but the origen is what came first the fatty liver or Hep-c since the liver is the primary organ to break down every thing you put in your mouth when it is damaged it can not preform properly thus you gain weight easily and find it almost impossible to loose My PCP has me on a 900 cal diet I can usualy make 1000-1200 but take 5mg ongliza and 60 units of insulin a day I find that evening time is where my sugar rises daily it runs close to 100 b
Avatar n tn After two months of taking the med I am very happy beacuse I do not get the rapid heartrate anymore after eating and my high blood presure is also under control. My message to you is: Do not panic. A bloodpressure of 142/95 is not normal but it is not dangerous after eating. Been there a lot of times. I will suggest that you discuss this with your dr. Also watch yor diet, cut back on sodium, exercise, drink a lot of water, use supllement like magnesium etc.
Avatar n tn 00 pm and go for a long walk after dinner the night is better for exercise and low your blood sugar and If you have energy try do spnning class real put your blood sugar down I do 3 times a week but of course talk to your doctor first
Avatar m tn Does anyone have suggestions for bringing the blood sugar/blood pressure down? I know that i have to stop eating out and cut out all refined sugars/breads and I'm going to start a good excerise routine but I am so worried that I will harm this baby or lose it, especially since they couldn't find a heartbeat. Any help would be appreciated. I'm really frustrated that the doctor wouldn't take more time to answer my questions.
Avatar n tn You could be having reactive hypoglycemia and reactive low blood pressure after eating. This can be diagnosed by testing blood sugar and BP after the meal. You need to eat frequent small meals, avoid alcohol or take it with food, and avoid high sugar diet. Consult an Endocrine specialist to manage this. Take care!
Avatar n tn No one really knows. You don't want to eat too much as it will rot your teeth, but eating alot of simple sugar may mess up the Pancreas (producing insulin).In time this may cause the organ to fail creating a diabetic state. Cholesterol is needed in the body to make new cell walls and other important functions. The body decides how much you need. If you don't eat enough, it will begin producing it on it's own.
Avatar n tn The blood sugar meter will be used to test your fasting blood sugar and your post eating blood sugar (about 2 hours after eating). Using the information you get from this meter you can work out what foods do and don't raise your blood sugar. 2. Diabetes is a problem with carbohydrate metabolism. ie. your body can't handle sugar normally any more. The best and most logical approach therefore is to limit your carbs.
Avatar n tn to your exercise time, believe it or not. And yes, perhaps a new way of eating is necessary. Eating a small amount of something (apple, piece of cheese, handful of popcorn) every 3 hours increases the metabolic rate. Also, don't do what so many people do when grocery shopping: For instance, don't buy a bag of cookies, thinking that you'll eat only 2 or 3 cookies per day. Don't have the "bad" stuff in the house. Focus on vegetables, lean meats, and low calorie recipes.
Avatar n tn He highly recommended it to me and I've been eating it since. When mixed with water it forms a gel that helps prevent blood sugar from spiking so it's good for diabetics also. I'm not claiming it's any type of miracle product but it is one that fits in well for weight training and adds some good quality veggy protein. It is high in fiber which may be a problem for some folks. Here's how it breaks down: Chia Seed (1 oz. Serving): 134 calories, total fat 8.2 G, Sat. fat .
Avatar f tn This is also why people have increased pvc's after eating. Blood flows to the stomach and intestines to help with digestion, this shift in blood flow has an effect on the heart, making it work harder, which is why some people experience pvc's during this time.. Alot of these questions have already been addressed.. If you want to take some time and look through the archives, you might learn alot.
488724 tn?1253554835 I had actually switched my breakfast from eggs to cereal to decrease my egg intake and found that even whole wheat cereal wreaked havoc with my blood sugar. I also learned that for me what I used to call a low calorie diet wasn't always appropriate. For instance I would eat a simple salad for lunch and find my blood sugar way too low before dinner because my lunch had no carbs at all! Few books or dieticians prescribe a diet that is very specific for just this reason.
Avatar m tn I just got 21 days of doxycycline prescribed to fight lyme and also started taking camabidoil. And now my blood sugars are high im eating like half of what i usually do and my fasting numbers went from consistant 4.xx-5.xx mmol to 6.xx-8.xx i feel hungary now because im not eating as much but my blood sugars are way out of whack.
Avatar n tn I was wondering if there was a way I could keep track of my sugar levels easier. and how long does it take for high blood sugars to start causing more serious problems.
Avatar f tn Results, Triglycerides=2000, Cholesterol=640, THS=300 (yes this correct). Two weeks after blood work doctor's still had no respons with results so after being very persistant they tell him they had to run a Free T4 because they were so shocked with the results and didn't believe they were accurate. Free T4= .11. Doctor's sent him home with thyroid meds and said come back in 3 months for follow up. Is it just me, or are these numbers deadly? especially after 2 years.
Avatar n tn We tried everything - even blood transfusion. He recovered slightly after the blood transfusion, but collapsed pretty quickly after that. He never returned home... We got the test results from the biopsy a week after he was gone and it turns out he had Cholangiohepatitis which is very rare in dogs and it was in the terminal phase. The vet told us that this disease progresses rapidly and very hard to detect as not all the symptoms are easy to detect in a dog who is only 6 years old.
Avatar n tn i don't even have any1 to talk to bout it cause every1 i know is sick of it n keep telling me i'm crazy to still think i'm preg after the blood test came out neg. I need to know so I can clear my mind. i feel like i can't concentrate n forget things that i'm doing. Making a lot of mistakes n having alot of accidents last couple weeks. i'm clumsier then i've ever been. dunno whats going on.
Avatar n tn Before tx I was diagnosed with diabetes and started insulin. At the time A1C was 13.8 meaning avg blood sugar over 300. Doc say diabetes can be an effect of HCV. Went on Tx and continued insulin, better diet, light exercise - generally more healty living. Was PCR clear at week 12 which also coincided with a bunch of endocrinology-type tests. By that time (12 wks into Tx)A1C down to 6.3 avg blood sugar 120. 17 Weeks into TX more endo tests A1C fown to 5.8 - and off insulin.
1103360 tn?1258313199 I have type II diabetes and am on medication for it in the highest dose I can take without going to insulin. My highest blood sugar rates are when I wake up in the mornings. I have taken off 80 lbs. hoping it would help the situation and it is now worse. I thought this would be my answer. Anyone have any clues?
469720 tn?1388149949 It's like mopping up around an over flowing sink basin and forgetting to turn off the faucet Aside from uncommon genetic disorders, diet is by far the most important factor leading to the development of Diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension. CVD is virtually unheard of in individuals with total cholesterol < 150 and strict vegetarians have 80% less chance of developing heart attack or stroke.
Avatar n tn I have specimens of all these strings on clear heavy packaging tape, folded over to take the Dr. It will be interesting to see if after the medication works and kills these things if the popping , cracking and terrible pain in my joints will subside. I can only dream…. This is frustrating. Chronic pain is a terrible thing. I must have hope to continue. Sorry this is so terribly long .
Avatar n tn cut way back on diet coke a weakness of mine,i found that bryers vanilla bean,and chocolate do not effect your blood sugar hardly at all. tested all brands even low sugar,etc. but only these 2 flavors. any suggestions on maybe a type of fish that doesn't taste real fishy? kidding i gag when i try to eat fish...been feelin good since off the psychotropic drugs and out of system...i see shrink tomarrow and maybe stay off for awhile to see how i do..
Avatar n tn Watching the biggest loser, a reality TV show shade some light for me. It was shocking to me when after all the working out (we are talking over fours hours a day) and strict diet there were some weeks that these contestants actually gained weight or did not lose any. I remember at one point Jill their trainer, said she was to revist the food intake to figure out if they were on the right amount of calories.
Avatar n tn You may try boosting your vitamin k intake by eating more spinach broccoli ectra. I also have good blood pressure yet still have this problem myself some days and it HURTS like a mofo when it happens with me think wasp or bee sting. Compression of the area at the first sign of trouble and icing helps as with any other bruising problem. Asprin and tylenol are a good idea to avoid with liver problems.Same with ibuprophen and bleeding problems/gastric problems bad idea if you have varices!.
Avatar m tn You would think that I could drink caffeine all I want as long as I'm careful about my blood sugar, but eating a lot of sugar while drinking caffeine still causes the issue. Though, the difficulty breathing happens quite a bit afterwards before I'm about to fall asleep. Maybe I need to be more careful a bit. I haven't done any test, but from all the symptoms I had with my blood sugar, after researching, it is spot on hypoglycemia.
Avatar n tn I had a partial hysterectomy (I got to keep one ovary) after my second baby, and I haven't been able to lose any weight either. I was also lactating over a year after I had quit nursing my baby and I was having horrible hair loss. My thyroid tests kept coming up in the normal range, but I still didn't feel well.