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Avatar f tn Hi pcds, Shall I go ahead and assume you meant your starting viral load was 1, 700,000 and not "1,7000,000"? At any rate, the fast and oh-so-easy way to calculate a viral load log drop is to knock off the last zeros from the end of the number, for example: 1,700,000 (assuming that's the number you meant) 170,000 = one log drop 17,000 = two log drop 1700 = three log drop You can also use an online calculator's ‘LOG’ function. Input viral load, press LOG and voila.
Avatar m tn As every bodies body is different a sure fire method to understand how foods you consumed affect your glucose levels is to start a food log, an Excel spreadsheet notating what you eat, portion size and what your preprandial [b4 meal] and postprandial [2-3 hrs after meal] test levels are. Pay close attention to carb intake. It's a catch-22 for diabetics. Our bodies need carbs for energy but at the same time carbs raises glucose levels. This where portion size comes into play.
Avatar n tn 4) Mini-med has an excellent log sheet that hopefully your doctor will provide. It has plenty of room for writing insulin dosage down as well as room for food items. I have a problem with most logs being too tiny for detailed info. Yes, I recommend. Some insurance companies will pay for this test up to 3x per year. The readings will be different from your fingertip tests to a point. But, that's why you log from a meter at certain intervals as well as part of the test.
Avatar f tn My glucometer allows me to download the past 500 glucose tests I've taken to an excel document. Can I, now or in future, import that information directly to my diabetes tracker so I can have a broader data stream to better understand my stats?
691935 tn?1421027090 One is a 12 month 8/12 x 11 calendar with an extra column for the week # - I can see this calendar in a glance. The other is a small, simple excel spread sheet that I entered the start date and based on the current date, it calculates what wk I'm in, how many wks and days left to go, and the current week I in.
490398 tn?1319940717 This is NOT a fasting glucose. My dad is diabetic and he has all of the tools to test blood. He has regular diabetes not Type 2 but it usually skips a generation. I had blood taken at the doctor last week, again, not fasting, for other health problems and it came back at 169. My doc obviously wants to retest me when I've been fasting and get an A1c.
Avatar n tn I confess that the manual logging into a book is something I always hated to do also, and I have been a type 1 for 34 years. I have found some easier ways to keep track of the glucose patterns. Read on. Most boys are more into computers than hand-written notes. You might check to see if Accu-check has a computer application that you can use to download his numbers onto the computer.
Avatar m tn My initial viral load was 105,000, or log 5; if you use a scientific calculator, type in 100,000 then hit the log key; it should display the number ‘5’.
Avatar f tn Also, ask your doc about the A1C test. It is a blood test that gives a picture of your glucose over a period of time, rather than in the moment. It's very helpful in determining how well (or not) your sugar is controlled. Based on that result, and your blood glucose levels from home, your doctor may want to discuss possibly starting you on a medication.
Avatar n tn About a year and a half a year ago, I was diagnosed with impaired glucose fasting, fasting glucose level was 119. At that time I was complaining of constant thirst, frequent urination, and sometimes night sweats, and slow healing. 6 month follow-up (one year ago) the fasting glucose level was 113. A1C was 6.0 I have been modifiying diet, exercising frequently and have lost approx 10-12 lbs.
Avatar f tn You can hand write the invoices, once the jewelry is ready for delivery for the customer, you can take that invoice, enter the invoice in excel (although, I HATE excel, I would recommend Quickbooks, especially for this type of business..) and make sure the invoice #'s number coorespond..(paper and what you enter into excel) Then, you can look at your handwriting and figure out what to deduct out of inventory file, and the mark-up to generate your invoice.
Avatar f tn Glad I found this I have seen many doctors for the same symptoms ( tachycardia and sweating about 15-20 minutes after eating) plus I had grave's disease and then thyroidectomy... but it seems to be worse after a big meal or after anything with white sugar ( honey doesn't affect me though) ... I will check out the post prandial hypoglycemia, hypotension thing for sure..
9470507 tn?1404220799 Hello All been feeling out of sorts, started seeing a new (better) doctor and per suggestions from others bought myself a glucose meter online to check my levels. Back on 6/5 in office blood tests showed non fasting Glucose levels at 56 (range 65-99), lab results from 6/26 Hemoglobin A1c 5.5 (range 4.8-5.6).
4251679 tn?1370305531 My next appt ill be getting a glucose test. I've read many of times on here that they'll make you drink a sugary substance and then take your blood. But here's the thing.. my clinic doesn't draw blood. My doctor told me go a week before my next appt to the blood center to get blood drawn. But wouldn't that be defeating the purpose? How could they test my blood from a week before and get the results if I'm not drinking the stuff til the date of my appt?
Avatar f tn My dad has diabetes (I think type 1), and I am showing most of the symptoms. My blood glucose level has been 200-220 for the past 12 hours.
212161 tn?1599427282 Perhaps medical science will soon develop a better test than the A1c. The A1c in itself is not bullet proof. Blood glucose levels in the preceding 30 days contribute substantially more to the level of A1C than do blood glucose levels 90 to 120 days earlier.
1475202 tn?1536270977 Place the results in a folder or log them into a database such as the one I have created below. With each results compare it to the previous. It can be rewarding to see the difference you can make and best of all these efforts will become your routine and part of your daily life as you are the one to benefit. This is not current since I need to update my last test but this is the general idea. I have some pages that contain graphs as well but here's page one.
Avatar f tn I got blood tests done...i haven't gotten the results back yet, but I looked at the sheet before I gave it to the lady who took my blood, and they aren't doing any diabetes tests! Should I reccomend it if none of the tests are positive?
Avatar f tn Waverider's suggestion for a log is excellent. There are small pocket-sized books that are ideal. This should solve the problem. Again, Waverider's suggestion to use your meter to ascertain your glucose status should positively determine if you require insulin. Keep your meter and plenty of test strips on hand.
Avatar f tn Hi ya MagTX, good to see you around here again, Idyllic posted the links. As for log value to numbers it's kind of like a cheat sheet and takes doing the math out of it........