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Avatar f tn Also, ask your doc about the A1C test. It is a blood test that gives a picture of your glucose over a period of time, rather than in the moment. It's very helpful in determining how well (or not) your sugar is controlled. Based on that result, and your blood glucose levels from home, your doctor may want to discuss possibly starting you on a medication.
Avatar n tn Did anyone here have any experience with the new mini med continous glucose system ? Do you guys think that it really works and is worth getting it ? I think the idea is great and would improve control greatly.
490398 tn?1319940717 This is NOT a fasting glucose. My dad is diabetic and he has all of the tools to test blood. He has regular diabetes not Type 2 but it usually skips a generation. I had blood taken at the doctor last week, again, not fasting, for other health problems and it came back at 169. My doc obviously wants to retest me when I've been fasting and get an A1c.
Avatar n tn I'm a novice when it comes to diabetes so I could use some help. I'm on 2.5mg of Glipizide and have been for about four years. My doctor discourages blood glucose testings -- says that's only necessary if I were on insulin. However, I will occasionally check my blood sugar -- maybe once or twice a month or if I'm not feeling well. I checked it on Sunday and found it was running somewhat high.
Avatar m tn As every bodies body is different a sure fire method to understand how foods you consumed affect your glucose levels is to start a food log, an Excel spreadsheet notating what you eat, portion size and what your preprandial [b4 meal] and postprandial [2-3 hrs after meal] test levels are. Pay close attention to carb intake. It's a catch-22 for diabetics. Our bodies need carbs for energy but at the same time carbs raises glucose levels. This where portion size comes into play.
Avatar n tn About a year and a half a year ago, I was diagnosed with impaired glucose fasting, fasting glucose level was 119. At that time I was complaining of constant thirst, frequent urination, and sometimes night sweats, and slow healing. 6 month follow-up (one year ago) the fasting glucose level was 113. A1C was 6.0 I have been modifiying diet, exercising frequently and have lost approx 10-12 lbs.
Avatar n tn What do I do if my fasting or before meal blood glucose is above 130? Do I eat something anyway, or wait until my blood glucose drops below 130, or perhaps below 110? Sometimes my before meal number is 145-185, but I still feel hungry (happens usually if I have eaten a carb heavy meal the night before... I'm trying to stop doing that). Should I exercise before meals in an effort to bring my before-meal blood sugar down enough for it to be OK to eat something?
9470507 tn?1404220799 Hello All been feeling out of sorts, started seeing a new (better) doctor and per suggestions from others bought myself a glucose meter online to check my levels. Back on 6/5 in office blood tests showed non fasting Glucose levels at 56 (range 65-99), lab results from 6/26 Hemoglobin A1c 5.5 (range 4.8-5.6).
Avatar n tn Weight issues are very common with hypothyroidism, because thyroid hormones control metabolism. The first thing I'd have to ask is whether or not your actual thyroid hormone levels are where you need them. Many times, doctors only test TSH and try to balance thyroid hormones, based only on that. That doesn't work, because TSH is a pituitary gland, not a thyroid hormone.
Avatar n tn It is an on-going battle between the two of us to get him to write down his sugar level and insulin when he checks. He is on a regimen of Lantus and Humalog and basically uses his own discretion when counting carbs and giving insulin. Does anyone have any suggestions on how we can better track his numbers, besides me following him around with a log book? He uses the Accu-Check Instant meter.
4251679 tn?1370305531 My next appt ill be getting a glucose test. I've read many of times on here that they'll make you drink a sugary substance and then take your blood. But here's the thing.. my clinic doesn't draw blood. My doctor told me go a week before my next appt to the blood center to get blood drawn. But wouldn't that be defeating the purpose? How could they test my blood from a week before and get the results if I'm not drinking the stuff til the date of my appt?
Avatar f tn I got blood tests done...i haven't gotten the results back yet, but I looked at the sheet before I gave it to the lady who took my blood, and they aren't doing any diabetes tests! Should I reccomend it if none of the tests are positive?
Avatar f tn Use your home meter to test your glucose levels. If you're having memory issues start a log - date/time/dose - so you have something to reference in the future.
683231 tn?1467323017 I wonder if people would respond to a log. We should probably put together another log type comment to ask people how soon it showed up on their formulary, how they're paying for it, what country or part of USA they're from. All that interesting stuff.
452066 tn?1400626877 First of all, I am not a diabetic, but would like to learn more about it and blood sugar levels due to a severe arrhythmia problem I have(also have an implanted defibrillator) and I am tired of talking til I am blue in the face to doctors and I feel there may be a link to either my glucose levels or hormones. I have been seen by 2 endocrinologists and both said I am fine...BUT they have told me that my insulin production is very high but they won't do anything about it.
Avatar m tn I should add, the log may help identify a pattern or a food, or lack of, that triggers your reaction. Rapid weight loss including the type of diet [not mentioned] may be contributing factors.
Avatar m tn Yes because he used an old machien, whereas they pinch you with a needle and then put a couple of blood drops on the sheet and then introduce it in the machin ethat will tell you your level of Glucoma
Avatar n tn Also make sure to check you Preprandial and 2-4 postprandial daily. If eating this way does not help make sure you see a doctor and take your blood sugar log with you. Also make sure you check your blood sugar after certain foods so you can know what is triggering any high blood sugars.
Avatar m tn I asked for and recieved the blood tests I had before an operstion. There were numerous tests on the sheet under three headings: Haematology, oads of items under this one, Biochemistry, this had things like glucose and creatine below it. Each item had a score or test reults, e.h., Glucose - mg/dL - 106 And finally Speacial HIV. Under this section was: HIV-1/HIV-2 - Protected HIV-1/HIV-2 - Protected HIV-1/HIV-2 - Protected Method-1 - Protected. I wondered why would there be four results?
5885702 tn?1376072119 Hello! So the last two years I have had routine blood work done (by labcorp) and I am looking at the results right now and something freaked me out. I cannot get ahold of my doctor so I am posting here to see if anyone can explain this. Upon looking at my results sheet, there is one part that says "Hep B Surface Ab" that is the only thing it says. In 2012, under Hep B Surface Ab, it had the number 3.81. This was listed under the high column (should be 0-.