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304573 tn?1345577338 it develops a ratio between serum insulin and fating blood glucose.
Avatar n tn Hello! I'm not a medical professional, just the parent of a kid with diabetes. The normal blood glucose ranges for anyone, child or not are between 80 and 120. Some doctors will say 70-110, but it's all in the same range. Now, that's the target, but depending on what is eaten for example, a healthy person's blood glucose can rise temporarily up close to 200. As long as the values return to normal after a couple hours, all is well.
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Avatar n tn I am really trying to better understand blood glucose levels as they relate to a prognosis of diabetes, especially in relation to your diet and quantity of food.
Avatar n tn From what I have read, I have to agree with the first answer. A blood sugar after a meal in the low 140's is considered normal. Above 150 would be considered higher than normal. The range does differ, depending on what doctor you talk to.
Avatar m tn She said there were traces of glucose and white blood cells in my urine. She has asked me to go in for a blood test and I think a Prostate psa test. I'm worried it could be something serious?
Avatar n tn have you tested your glucose levels when these symptoms hit you? You may find that your glucose levels have dropped too low, for these are some of the symptoms of low blood sugar. Many people do mention tingling in hands when glucose levels drop too low. I would heartily recommend that the next time this happens, you do an immediate glucose test, and then perhaps test again about 45 minutes later.
1461994 tn?1285897132 You don't seem in any danger at 90 glucose. Did you mention already if you were fasting each time you too the test. I assume you realize that you should be, but who knows. It can't hurt to ask.
Avatar m tn The University of Michigan Health System advises that exercise can result in either an increase or a decrease in blood sugar levels. During exercise, insulin becomes more efficient. This effect can persist, lowering blood sugar levels for hours afterward. An hour of afternoon exercise may lower glucose levels until the next morning, affecting the fasting blood sugar test. Exercise can also affect glucose levels by releasing adrenaline. This raises blood sugar temporarily.
Avatar n tn To make a long story short, my son was a little small, but perfectly healthy. (The experiment was to prove the relationship between glucose levels and size of baby.) He is now a young adult and is smart and healthy in every way. And huge. So no damage was done, in spite of the frequency of my traumas during that time. In any event, I happen to agree that your baby is just fine.
576054 tn?1217783138 My doctor will be doing tests in a few weeks, but I have had some fairly high glucose levels lately. I also have a history of high blood pressure although that has been better most of the time lately. Tonight all of a sudden I started having a terrible headache and nausea. My glucose level was somewhat high. So either this was due to the glucose levels or due to high blood pressure. Whatever it is, I am so tired of being sick and tired all of the time.
Avatar f tn I have been monitoring my blood sugars at home since at a doctor visit my fasting glucose was 135. Every morning in the past week I have taken it (on empty stomach) it has been in the 130's, only one time it was 114. All throughout the day it is between 129 and 158, sometimes it is 192, 263. I had blood drawn today for A1c, should get the results in a couple of days. I am wondering if these numbers are normal, or do I have a problem?
Avatar n tn Hypoglycemia means low blood sugar (glucose). The blood glucose levels in healthy individuals fluctuate depending greatly on the duration of fasting. The normal range is 70 to 120 mg/dl after an overnight (12 hours) fast. In healthy men, the blood glucose can drop to 55 mg/dl after 24 hours of fasting and to 48 mg/dl after 72 hours of fasting. In healthy women, glucose levels can be as low as 35 mg/dl after only 24 hours of fasting.
Avatar f tn Have high levels of blood and protein in urine. Glucose levels and blood pressure are fine. I'm about 41 female About a 10 days ago I was surprised when I went to the restroom and noticed I had red bloody urine. At that time I had no pain only the urge to go to the restroom more so but no other symptoms.
Avatar n tn Your doctor is doing what most doctors do in the given circumstances, it seems to me. The normal glucose levels that you want to aim for are between 70-126. If you drop below 70, you will start to feel pretty bad (I can even start to feel icky when I drop down to about 80, so sometimes your body warns you a little early that the glucose levels are dropping).
Avatar n tn Most doctors will do a fasting glucose reading, perhaps a glucose tolerance test, or perhaps a hemoglobin a1c test, which would show the average glucose level in your body during a 3-month period. That really is the best test to find out whether your body is usually maintaining healthy glucose levels or not.
Avatar n tn i had no memory of what was going on and asked where i was, assuming i had fainted in a field or something. she gave me a glucose tablet and i felt better, so (being a medic myself) i asked what my hands a face were doing, and she said they were both scrunched up and i had been breathing shallowly and in gasps. Tom took my pulse and it was elevated. I've never had a seizure, and am very worried. obviously i'm going to see my doc tomorrow, but i'd just like to know what to expect.
Avatar n tn She may need to keep a closer eye on her blood sugars during pregnancy as the hormonal swings may influence blood glucose levels. A pregnancy alone is not dangerous for most diabetic females.
452066 tn?1400626877 First of all, I am not a diabetic, but would like to learn more about it and blood sugar levels due to a severe arrhythmia problem I have(also have an implanted defibrillator) and I am tired of talking til I am blue in the face to doctors and I feel there may be a link to either my glucose levels or hormones. I have been seen by 2 endocrinologists and both said I am fine...BUT they have told me that my insulin production is very high but they won't do anything about it.
Avatar n tn This is really the best test to see if your glucose levels are healthy or not, for they do change from hour to hour and any one test can have a misleading reading. Perhaps you should see your doctor and have these tests run just to be on the safe side and to have some basic info about your glucose levels entered into your medical records in case things change at a later date.
Avatar f tn Regular exercise helps weight loss and also aids the body in reducing blood glucose levels. This helps the body use insulin more efficiently. "As a prediabetic, and possibly insulin resistant, should I be testing my glucose levels regularly?" Yes. Test times and necessary lifestyle changes one needs to make are mentioned often in other threads on this forum. If you care not to read them post back. "Should I go see an endocrinologist?
Avatar n tn I have had a blood sugar test and gave a reading of 6.1 about 1 hour after a breakfast (Weetabix, Milk, Orange Juice). I have to go back and have repeat test but after having nothing to eat approx 9 hours beforehand....will this give an increased or decreased reading.
Avatar n tn As other causes such as stress ,exercises and a recent meal intake may cause increase levels of glucose in the urine. This may be true in isolated cases. An initial work up may be necessary just to check blood glucose levels. Your BUN and Creatinine levels may also be checked to get a baseline evaluation of renal function.
Avatar f tn Fruits are good, but I was advised by my doctor to still eat them in moderation because they contain natural sugars that can raise your glucose levels.
Avatar m tn Low glucose levels are the most likely etiology. I know you say you "do not have diabetes", however I would like you to obtain a glucose meter, and take a blood stick. The shakiness and dizziness are hallmarks of low blood glucose levels..