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Avatar n tn ve been having troubles lately before I knew my blood sugar was high, after I would eat I would feel very bad, not knowing I had high blood sugar I was leading a normal diet, even some fast food here and there, I'm sure my blood sugar has been very very high until I started dieting now. Are those numbers normal or should I be worried?
Avatar f tn Your morning glucose levels indicate type 2 diabetes. Try not to eat starchy foods or foods loaded with carbohydrates at night. They turn into sugar after digestion. And no late snacking. The "throughout the day" has no meaning unless they were 2-3 hours after a meal. The sometimes of "192, 263" are high and entering the dangerously high zone. The times to test are mornings before breakfast, before each lunch and dinner meals and 2-3 hours after each meal.
Avatar n tn between 70-126 is the number range that many doctors use. But this is for fasting glucose levels only. After meals, it is normal for glucose levels to rise above this, and the numbers quoted as 'normal' vary, depending on which doctor you talk to. I have read that a number of about 140-150 is considered healthy for after-meal sugar levels.
Avatar n tn First, any prandial test (fasting and after meal) captures glucose only at test time, not yesterday, two days ago, or a three weeks ago. It really doesn't tell a doctor what is going with your glucose levels at all times of the day. Home glucose meters are good to see how well one is managing their glucose levels. Having scaled results (high to low, or normal to near high or above) calls for an A1c test to see the entire picture. An A1c test measures your glucose going back three months.
Avatar f tn A week later the surgeon repeated the tests to prepare me for surgery. The glucose level was 86 which was normal since the range used was 65-99. Three days ago my blood was drawn an hour or less after eating. The results once again read the glucose level of 115 which was high since the range used was 65-99. No one in my family has diabetes. I will see my pcp in a few days. Should I be concerned?
Avatar f tn The nutritonist gave me a glucose meter so I could check my bs after meals and fasting. After two months of excercise and diet change I have lost 15lbs. My blood sugar is no longer high in the mornings ( usually between 87-93) but now I've noticed it goes down to about 71-75 two hours after eating. I started checking it at one hour after eating and one time it was 139 then at the two hour mark it was 71.
Avatar m tn I always take 2 or 3 pulkas or chapathis during night every day and i dont eat rice during night.. But whenever i check the blood glucose levels with the glucometer, i find that the fasting values are not within the range of normal values viz 110 for fasting. but the post lunch levels always within the normal range of viz 140.The random levels always varies from 125 to 150. Kindly advise me whether i am diabetic and do i have to take medicine for diabetes?
Avatar m tn What you don't say is if you are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes! If so, you should be doing your testing two hours after your meal to get an accurate reading (and it should be back down to under 140 at that point). If you are just wondering if you are diabetic, then if you are spiking to 196 that is not a good sign and you should be tested.
Avatar f tn even though I eat a normal portion of meal, my blood sugar goes up after each meal. but it goes down to normal level after 4-5 hours. it makes me confused because I cant inject more because I will get low, what should I do?
1154802 tn?1266485720 What is the normal range for blood glucose fasting, 1 hour after eating and 2 hours after eating? I think mine might be a bit high...
Avatar f tn Why my pp sugar is less than fasting. I experience weakness and feel hungry just after an hour after having meal. I also tested my son for the same n results are glucose fasting:90 glucose pp:85..why is my son sugar pp levels r also less just like me though is not genetically my son. I again tested my son insulin fasting which is 12 and insulin pp which is 18 . This result is more than the range. What does it signify.We both hv stopped hving sugar n are on low carb diet and low fat diet.
Avatar n tn If you want also to see if your blood sugar goes down to normal after eating, then you check just prior to your next meal. At that time blood sugar has ideally returned to fasting levels, typically in the low to mid 80s.
Avatar m tn ve been having some of the classic warning signs of diabetes - very frequent urination, somewhat increased thirst, extreme fatigue that no amount of sleep or exercise seems to relieve - but the blood glucose tests are coming back normal. Any idea what might be going on here? As an added twist, I'm currently in a 3rd world country where the standard of medical care is fairly low, so any advice is appreciated.
Avatar n tn So if you do a glucose test 2 hours after a meal it is normal to see a higher number. Most doctors like to see this number at under 140. However, a number from 140-199 after a meal is seen as pre-diabetes, and means the person probably needs to look at what they are eating and perhaps their weight and exercise to take control of these areas that do affect type 2 diabetes. A number of 200 or more is usually seen as the number that locks in a diabetes diagnosis.
Avatar f tn My blood sugar is usually around 88 around 3 hours after a meal. Both of my parents are diabetic, so I test once in a while. From late Feb through early May, my blood sugar would be around 100 when I woke up, and stay up all day. It would not go above 150 after a meal, but even 4-5 hours after a meal, it was still over 100 when usually it's lower. I wasn't having high carb meals. I eat healthy with complex carbs and protein/fiber with every meal.
Avatar n tn And most people consider an after-meal blood sugar of just under 120 still in the very healthy, normal not-diabetic range -- 120 seems to be the magic number above which folks are labelled possibly diabetic. Best of luck to you. It sounds as if you are doing great. Frankly, even if, later on in the pregnancy, your after-meal sugars do creep up to 150 or thereabouts, there is no danger to you or to your baby at that level, for it is so close to normal that it won't hurt your baby at all.
Avatar f tn If this is 2-3 hours after a meal, this is normal blood glucose ranges for a diabetic. It is hard to say one way or the other until we hear back from you.
194838 tn?1303428544 A diabetic senior takes his blood sugar and knows that if he takes 750 mg Metformin, for example, after two hours the glucose levels will be near normal. Once he establishes that routine, he need not take the blood stick. You need to plan meals to establish a "standard" least in theory. I believe that "intensive" blood sugar sticks are necessary until you get a "handle" on exactly how your body deals with food.