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Avatar f tn Hi - I had a baby on 1/31 and during the entire pregnancy I had a 6mm "para-ovarian" cyst on my right side. I had an US in March that showed the 6mm cyst was still there, but I also had a new small one on the left. Now my US from July shows that the right ovarian cyst is smaller (3cm) with "low level internal echoes and septations.
Avatar n tn I had an ultrasound this week that revealed bilateral, complex ovarian cysts. They are large, 4 and 6 cms. I am a healthy 46 year old with no symptoms. My doctor told me there is a 75% chance they are endometriomas, and a 25% chance they are ovarian cancer. She indicated that she is going to perform a full hysterectomy in either case. 1. Are those odds correct? 2. Is there an alternative to a hysteretomy?
Avatar f tn Bilateral Ovarian Endometriotic cyst means you have chocolate cysts in both of your ovaries which is a sign of Endometriosis. I have heard before that if you have Endometriotic cysts it could mean that you have deep infiltrating endometriosis. Have you ever been told you have Endometriosis? Do you have pain during sex? Periods? Bowel movements ? etc? hetrogenous myometrial texture means it is possible that you have Adenomyosis as your uterus is not its natural form. Do you have heavy bleeding?
Avatar f tn Left adnexa shows similar lesion with eccentric ovarian paranchyme. Bilateral ovarian dermoid cyst. The ovarian parenchyma noted peripheral to the cysts shows preserved echoes and few fillicles. “ Uterus measures 80x42x37 mm and is normal in size. Anteverted. Endometrium is normal and measures 13.2 mm. Myometrial echoes are normal. No facal lesions are seen. Please suggest me the treatment plan. What I have to do? Will the dermoid cyst cause cancer? Cyst size is large.
Avatar f tn I first saw Urgent Care but she did not like how tender I was and sent me to the ER. They found bilateral ovarian cyst via another CT scan. Left is 3.5cm and right is 3cm. I am continuing to have pain, especially if I am active for the day - Even just walking around a couple stores. I am seeing an obgyn on Aug 11 and want to know what sort of treatment I can expect? I had a 3.5 year old and I can't just lay around the house to avoid any pain and I'm starting work next week.
Avatar n tn I am 44 years old and was diagnosed with bilateral dermoid cysts from an ultrasound. The left ovarian cyst is 7.3 x 5.7 cm and the right ovarian cyst is 5 x 4 cm. My gynecologist suggested a total hysterectomy. I have never had any other problems, and always had light normal periods. I don't want to get a hysterectomy and was wondering if I should get a second opinion? What are dermoid cysts and are there any other alternatives for this condition? Thank you for your help!
Avatar n tn In my late 30s I was diagnosed via ultrasound with 2 simple ovarian cysts. They never resolved and were not removed. More recently, the cysts were shown on ultrasound to have become complex, much bigger and on removal were found to be cystadenomas. Do cysts change their type? Is ovarian cancer more likely to develop in cysts, or in certain types of cysts, or are cysts and cancer independent processes in the ovary? Thanks.
Avatar f tn Are you saying your history of ovarian cysts puts you at risk for uterine cancer? Do you have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and miss a lot of periods? Other than that, I have not heard of ovarian cysts increasing risk of uterine cancer (or ovarian cancer). Have you tried birth control pills to try to prevent the cysts and regulate your cycles?
Avatar n tn My mom had a recent MRI, CT and US to rule out metasis. But the reports that came back are confusing and I need help in understanding the technical lingo. Heres a little info on my mom: She had a radical right nephrectomy (removal of kidney) due to Kidney cancer and her follow-up 3 month scan (MRI) showed a pelvic mass. Hence, an ultrasound and CT scan was ordered as a result.
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Avatar n tn My doctor started me on the nuva ring in hopes that it would help with the pain from bilateral ovarian simple cysts that measure 5cm and 4.2 cm. If anyone has experience with this type of treatment please respond to the following questions. Does birth control help with the pain from ovarian cysts? Does using birth control help ressolve the existing cysts? How long does it take for birth control to show progress in pain and resolution of ovarian cysts?
Avatar f tn Hi There, I have an 11cm complex ovarian cyst on my left side, a 6cm complex ovarian cyst on the right. The doctor said that "this isn't good" and completed some blood tests, Ova1, CA125, CEH, HCG, and APH, all came back normal except the Ova1 was positive that I should see an oncologist before surgery. I am 25 years old with one son, what is the likelyhood that this will be cancerous?
Avatar n tn I started having intense right sided pelvic, hip, and back pain about two months ago. The transvaginal ultrasound revealed bilateral simple appearing cysts. The left measures 5.0 cm and the right measures 4.3 cm. There was a small amount of free fluid. My gyn started me on the nuva ring, in hopes of preventing more cysts, dissolving the two that are there, and helping with the pain. The pain is really intense and can last for hours.
Avatar n tn The doctor said that a bilateral ovarian neoplasm is a possibility but would be quite unlikely. Complex ovarian cysts ones with hemorrhage (what does this mean)and or infection, are a possibility. Enndometrosis is also a possibility as well. But he I would need a second opinion. Now it has been over a week and I have not heard nothing from his office. I have contacted the officre numerous of times and they have not been able to set me up with the specialist.
Avatar m tn AGE - 53 MENOPAUSAL - YES - 2 years back FAMILY HISTORY OF OVARIAN CYSTS/ BREAST CANCER/MALIGNANCY - YES SYMPTOMS: - acute lower abodminal pain for more than 4 months - walking difficulties - mild rise in temperature at nights EXAMINATION: - USG - OVARIAN CYSTS SIZING 3.8*3.6MM - CT SCAN - LEFT OVARY - 4.
Avatar f tn The normal marker and lack of vascular flow int he ovarian cysts is reassuring. Also with your history of having had an anastomotic leak form your colon surgery makes me wonder if you could have old tubo-ovarian abscesses. I think surgery is the best option for risk reducing surgery given your family and personal history, for diagnosis and for treatment.
Avatar f tn The scan showed that I have bilateral ovarian neoplasms measuring 11 cm x12cm x10 cm each side with internal solid components with contrast enhancing areas. A recent ca125 test result of 13. I cannot get in to see a specialist until march. I also have been suffering from a swelling in my throat.. Pehaps like a goiter ... Could these two be related!? Should I be concerned ?
Avatar f tn I have tried looking up ovarian pain on google, but it keeps brining up cysts, or ovarian cancer, i don't think I have either, but this pain is annoying, so any reccomendations on what to take to stop the pain. I went in last month for a pap smear, and they didn't feel any cysts on my ovaries at all!! So please help!!!
Avatar n tn Most ovarian cysts resolve on their own within a few cycles / months, no intervention needed. According to this doctor-authored website - - hemorrhagic cysts always resolve on their own. The cyst isn't that big either. The 1.5cm one is "tiny" and it's not uncommon for cysts that appear to be complex to end up not being so (such as your other one that is "likely hemorrhagic").
Avatar n tn and it will explain a great deal about ovarian cysts .. The usual course of treatment is to monitor them .. usuall 3-4 mos. to see if they have resolved themselves or grown . In which case there are simple ways to surgically remove them if they are troublesome. By the way, those cysts are really quite small. Try not to worry and check out the "Health Pages" .. (and since you are so recently dx.
Avatar f tn Also I looked over my previous tests from an unrelated test noted bilateral ovarian cysts and acute cystitis with hematuria. Thoughts? I like to advocate for my health. Should I be concerned?
Avatar n tn Limama - Ovarian cysts are almost always benign / non-cancerous. And most go away on their own in a few months or so, no treatment needed. Unfortunately, when they don't go away and get too large, surgery is typically needed. But you should NOT need to lose your ovary IF you have a surgeon with good cystectomy (cyst removal) skills. We need our ovaries and uterus our whole lives.
Avatar f tn either an hysterectomy/bilateral oopherectomy or hormonal therapy (Lupron for a few months, add-back therapy and then the pill). I'm nearly 47 and fertility is not an issue, but the surgical option still strikes me as a bit drastic for a number of reasons, among them sudden menopause, possible complications from the surgery, and the long recovery time (I also have fibroids and LAVH may not be possible if my uterus is too large).
Avatar f tn nodular thickening of adrenal gland also there are bilateral cystic adnexal structures., which are incompletely characterized, measuring 3.2 x 2.7cm on the left side. The pelvic sono’s shows: left ovary measures 3.8 x 3.3 x 3.o cm. There is a left ovarian cyst measuring 2.4 x 2.2 x 2.2 cm. The right ovary is enlarged measuring 6.1 x 4.9 x 4.1 cm. There is a complex right ovarian cyst measuring up to 2.3 x 2.4 x 2.0cm with potential Wall nodularity.
330478 tn?1278288516 Goodman, I am an 18 year old who suffers from reoccuring ovarian cysts for the past 2 years. I have tried numerous treatment methods such as, Lupron, and 3 different kinds of birth control pills, however none of these methods were able to shrink my cysts. I have had 1 general surgery to remove my appendix and 2 ovarian cysts measuring up to almost 9 cm's. I than had a second surgery a week and a half later due to a post-op infection and 2 more cysts.
178345 tn?1242539846 I was found to have bilateral complex cysts on both ovaries measuring over 6cm. My doctor was quite certain it was endometriomas and thankfully he was right, but to say I was scared to death was an understatement. Anyways, the surgical menopause that I was so petrified to go thru was a breeze. I suffered only minimal hotflashes and any moodiness I may have experienced was nothing compared to what I went thru every month with PMS!
Avatar m tn A few questions regarding chocolate ovarian endo cysts: 1) Has anyone successfully had a large endo cyst of 7-8 cm go away on its own without surgery? 2) Has anyone successfully had a large endo cyst of 7-8 cm go away using medicine (depot shots)? 3) Has anyone used acupuncture to successfully get rid of their endo cyst? 4) Once you get an endo cyst one time, do you repetitively get them for the rest of your life?