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Avatar f tn Welcome to the community. Ovarian cysts are common. Most resolve on their own in 2 to 3 cycles, no intervention needed. Did the CT specify the type of cysts or at least their characteristics (simple fluid filled, complex, dermoid, hemorrhagic, etc.)? Size can be a problem as larger cysts have the potential to cause ovarian torsion which can be very painful and cause the ovary to die. But at the same time you do not want to have surgery unnecessarily.
Avatar f tn Hello and hope you are doing well. There are certain ovarian cysts which can affect fertility .Endometriomas are cysts caused by endometriosis in which the tissue lining the uterus grows outside the uterus. It can be associated with fertility problems. Ovarian cysts resulting from polycystic ovary syndrome can also cause ovulation dysfunction and infertility. It is best to see an expert gynecologist and get treated. Discuss your concerns and take treatment as advised.
Avatar f tn I had 5 lg ovarian cysts that my dr. (OBGYN fertility) wanted to surgically remove from my uterus. I had a friend tell me about CASTER OIL as a remedy for naturally removing the cysts by using "cold pressed caster oil compresses". I tried this and it worked !!!- it actually removed all 5 of my cysts!! Now my doctor is upset with me. Saying it's not safe. Really and surgery is?? People have use caster oil since Before Christ. Why is this not safe?
Avatar n tn ann There is a forum especially for women with ovarian cysts. The women there are full of knowledge about cysts and I am sure that you will find the answers you seek over there, plus a lot of support. Good luck to you!
Avatar f tn hi!...i am 25 yrs. old and have found out that i have ovarian cysts. My ultrasound result is this: There are two, closely apposed complex cystic pelvoabdominal masses, more to the right, each cyst measures 10 x 7.7 cms. and 9x6.9 cms. A complex cystic mass is also noted at the left adnexa measuring about 7 x 4.3 cms. Impression: Complex cystic masses as described probably due to bilateral ovarian dermoid. the cysts on the right may represent a single mass with loculation and lobulated contour.
Avatar n tn I had an ultrasound Tuesday because of abdominal pain with a long history of ovarian cysts. They found a 5.5cm complex cystic/solid right adnexal mass. It states the differential diagnosis includes Endometrioma, complex hemorrhagic cyst, or cystic ovarian neoplasm. I have had 3 surgeries in the past to remove chocolate, simple, and deremoid cysts. I've approximately have had 20 or so either resolve or rupture on there own.
Avatar n tn I've seen a lot of good information about Complex Ovarian Cysts, and it has definately helped me so far... you all are so supporting of each other! It's wonderful! Now, as for my question... I had a US done about a month ago, and my results came back as two small complex cysts on my right ovary, measuring about 3 cm in diameter. Just out of curiosity, does having surgery to remove a cyst affect being able to become pregnant later? Could one functioning ovary be sufficient?
1259649 tn?1336417632 Many times ovarian cysts go away on their own. If it doesn't go away or if there's several cysts, the treatment is laproscopic surgery to remove the cyst(s). Check back with your doctor in a couple of months to retest. If it hasn't resolved itself, make an appt. for the treatment.
Avatar f tn No kids yet but we're trying via IVF and a surrogate. Had a few delays because I have a couple of cysts discovered by our fertility doc via ultrasound. He aspirated them but they came back almost immediately, and he says 99% of the time they will disappear on their own.
Avatar f tn Hi all. Wondering if anyone has had a similar experience regarding treatment for cysts. I was having various symptoms (spotting between periods, pain/spotting during and after intercourse, worsening lower back pain, pelvic pressure). I was due for a pap anyway and when I went in they set me up for a transvaginal ultrasound the next day. The pap came back negative, but the ultrasound showed several "larger than normal" cysts in my left ovary and a polyp in my endometrium.
Avatar f tn Some ovarian cysts can be associated with decreased fertility. However, it depends on the type of ovarian cyst (endometrioma or PCOS). Other cysts like functional cysts, cystadenomas and dermoid cysts are also there. You need to get your daughter examined from a gynecologist as treatment depends on the type of cyst. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar f tn Ovarian cysts can be problematic. You only need one good ovary to conceive, but they will want to see if the cysts come and go or are permanent. A gynecologist can give you your options for treatment, and she will explain which options are best for preserving fertility. I've known people who have terrible cysts that rupture and bleed and cause great pain, but they usually also have a couple of kids, so don't panic.
Avatar f tn There is no history of it in my family at all, but we do have a very long line of Ovarian Cysts which I also have. For the past four years I have had a rupture on my right side every four months exactly. So I suppose there is a connection there since many say endo is also connected to ovarian cysts. This month my cycle was very strange, for I have been charting for the last 8 months; it's been consistently getting more off track.
Avatar n tn You could try the fertility forum or the Gyn forum, both are Dr to patient forums. PCOS, which is what you have is different from the types of cysts we generally post about here. They may be able to help you. All my best.
184622 tn?1258559967 rather, this likely is left over from prior clomid treatment. cysts form when a follicle is too small to ovulate, but too big to disappear. they may go away on their own, or may be aspirated. if they are good sized, like the one you describe, we prefer to have you sit out the cycle, since they can crowd out the newly growing follicles.
Avatar n tn i read up on it and it seems to work for alot of people.
Avatar f tn These cysts don't prevent or threaten a resulting pregnancy. Most ovarian cysts disappear in 8 to 12 weeks. One of the most effective treatments for ovarian cysts is use of contraceptive pills or progesterone pills. It can also be treated surgically and this procedure is known as drilling. Other modes of treatment are laparoscopic surgery, laparotomy or surgery for complicated ovarian cysts.
Avatar f tn Hopefully, your doctor will explain everything such as the type of cysts and treatment plan. If you do not have a genetic predisposition / family history of ovarian cancer, then these cysts are likely benign. If the size warrants surgical removal, it is best to have just the cyst(s) removed (cystectomy) versus the ovary(ies). Removal of just one ovary can disrupt natural hormone function leading to reduced fertility and even early menopause.
384225 tn?1199996618 I have just found out after 2 and a half years of trying for a baby that i have several cysts or follicles on my right ovary and a 0.7cms follicle along with several more small cysts or follicles on my left ovary. I'm so worried that I might not be able to have children... can somebody help me please?!!
780153 tn?1287572547 There is increasing data that hyperinsulinemia produces the hyperandrogenism of polycystic ovary syndrome by increasing ovarian androgen production, particularly testosterone and by decreasing the serum sex hormone binding globulin concentration. The high levels of androgenic hormones interfere with the pituitary ovarian axis, leading to increased LH levels, anovulation, amenorrhea, recurrent pregnancy loss, and infertility.
Avatar n tn In fact, tamoxifen was first developed as a fertility drug to stimulate ovulation. These cysts from tamoxifen stimulation are benign. However there are otehr reasons for ovarian cysts and if they do not go away, they should be removed. However, you should talk with your gyn about the option of prophylactic ally removing your ovaries. You should think about what your risks are for ovarian cancer given your breast cancer history.
623156 tn?1322869451 Hi there. I had ovarian surgery Jan of 06. I have a history of cysts. I suffered a M/C last month and didn't think to ask my ob." Can cysts cause a M/C? I know we are not dr's on here but if anyone has any helpful or useful info regarding my question that would be great. I also whonder if cysts cause us to not conceive as well. Thank you so much and best of luck to all of you.....
Avatar f tn u cant make ur own diagnosis but if uve had bleeding its best to see ur dr. it could be nothing. cysts r normal for women in their mentrual years my dr said. treatment depends on the size and type of cyst.
Avatar f tn Does the radiology report give you any information? Most cysts that size can be monitored with periodic ultrasounds since most cysts are benign and resolve on their own. What did your doctor tell you?
Avatar f tn hi, yeh i honestly dont remember about levels you see i had the drilling and cos i was already pregnant didnt go back and never had the fertility treatment again... my 2nd child child was natural and as a result of the drilling i believe.... women on clomid have a higher chance of mulitple babies...
Avatar n tn i hear of scar tissues blocking the fallopian tubes, or cysts recurring in the same place or on the other ovary, of ruptures and severe abdominal infections which can effect fertility, of pregnant women having their cysts removed during or whilst giving birth, or people getting pregnant even with the knowledge of having a cyst, of patients undergoing surgery and after waking up they find they had the whole ovary removed and maybe a part of the other ovary too ......i mean what is one to expect?