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Avatar f tn Now for the past 2 weeks my chest is hurting sporadically, occasionally dry cough, fatigue. Took full Biaxin for a week, tonsils went down, earache went away but now have the chest pain, dry cough not bringing up any phlegm whatsoever. could this be a form of pneumonia and should I be worried that it was left untreated for a few weeks? I am 26 year old female, normally healthy. Thank you...
Avatar n tn My 13 year old son is suffering from chronic pneumonia. This started 2 1/2 years ago. He started getting it every 3-4 he gets it every 6 weeks. Last occurance - the infections were 3 weeks apart. Saw an immunologist to rule out immunity deficiencies. Seeing a pulmonologist for the last year. He is taking advair daily and has been through a battery of tests to rule out allergies, cystic fibrosis, and much more.
Avatar n tn One further clarification please - you mention that at least a 6month therapy with Biaxin is required to eradicate colonization.....I have had 3 months therapy with Biaxin 500mg twice a day April 03 to June 03. Obviously the 3 months therapy was not sufficinent hence why although better im still symptomatic! 1. Do I now need to do at least a further 3 months therapy with Biaxin or start fresh a minimum 6 months therapy? 2.
Avatar n tn Hello I contracted Mycoplasma Pneumonia in Nov 02 and was v.ill for 5 months before it was identified in March 03 and then was given 12 week clarithromycin 500mg 2 daily therpay which has made a lot of improvement. however, since illness I am not the same Im now told that I have hyperactive ariway Response.....its strange really I take Ventolin and Symbicort Turbohaler for treatment for my chest tightness and heavy mucus production (remaining symptoms since contracting m.
Avatar f tn What I am wondering is if I am likely to get pneumonia since he passed the bug to me. I have never had pneumonia, even as a child. Can the same bacteria or virus that caused pneumonia in my 3 year old give me pneumonia DIRECTLY or am I probably just dealing with a rhino virus that happened to cause a secondary infection in my child?
Avatar n tn What you relate is complex and a bit confusing. One does not usually refer to pneumonia as "a mass". If there truly is a mass in your son's left lower lobe, then it and the pneumonia are probably related and the mass the factor that predisposed him to pneumonia. And, if there is a mass, the nature of the mass must be determined unless it has gotten smaller with treatment of his pneumonia. If it is the same or larger, bronchoscopy would be the diagnostic procedure of choice.
Avatar n tn Around 9/27 I had the start of bronchitis & was taking some mucinex with a leftover antibiotic. Each day I thought I'd wake up feeling better. Unfortunately each day seemed a lil worse. After a week of suffering I went to urgent care. Apparently just by listening to my lungs, I was diagnosed with pneumonia. I was put on Albuterol in the nebulizer & Biaxin (antibiotic) & they said continue the mucinex.
Avatar n tn There I was told it was bilateral pneumonia and plueral effusion. I was given IV anitbiotics, oxegen, nebulizer and pain meds and sent home with Levaquin, dexamethesone, pain meds and a nebulizer. I do have asthma, a lifelong problem. It still never cleared, in fact got worse. Did a CT scan, still had signs of pneumonia in both lungs, was started on 2 nd course of Levaquin. Still no improvement, was then started again on prednisolone, Zyrtec for allergies, inhaler and nebulizer.
Avatar n tn My 13 year old son is suffering from chronic pneumonia. This started 2 1/2 years ago. He started getting it every 3-4 he gets it every 6 weeks. Last occurance - the infections were 3 weeks apart. Saw an immunologist to rule out immunity deficiencies. Seeing a pulmonologist for the last year. He is taking advair daily and has been through a battery of tests to rule out allergies, cystic fibrosis, and much more.
Avatar m tn My 69 year old husband (MRSA +ve noted on hospital routine rectal swab) who had been in excellent health other than an infrequent, harsh,dry cough for the past year, acquired pneumonia 10 weeks ago. Chest xray showed right lower lobe pneumonia. Put on Biaxin XL 500mg. Symptoms worse after 5 days of antibiotics- also developed severe headache, dyspnea, hypertension and was ashen. No history of hypertension previously. Went to ER. O2 saturation 85%, BP as high as 220/110.
Avatar f tn Two days into Zithro, he developed a high fever and Pneumonia in one area of one lung. ER doc stopped Zithro and prescribed Biaxin. After just one dose, my son's fever came down and he is improving. I have never had pneumonia nor has my older son, so this is my first encounter with it. Now, I seem to be getting my son's "cold". It seems very mild so far.
Avatar f tn he said bacteria, and I am treating you as if you have pneumonia. I do not understand. I have new meds today. Biaxin Xl for 14 days, cough medicine and he agave me a steriod shot. i am into this this time 1 month. I am getting very weak. I also went to a pulmonary doctor last week, just happened to feel better that day. I took my test results and x-rays to him. He says come back to me when you aare very sick and I will do my own test to find out what is wrong.
Avatar n tn Back in April of this year I was diagnosed with having possible bronchial pnuemonia (no symptoms at first other than sore chest muscles and a chest xray) I was put on Biaxin which in turn made me sicker than a dog. I experienced vomiting (every 2hrs) diarrhea, and a 102 temp.
880656 tn?1240448516 He has been on 35+ antibotics for infections- pneumonia,bronchitis,ear infection, sinus infections etc. He was on an antibotic 2 weeks ago for an ear infect and 4 days ago he was coughing so bad his dr ordered sinus x ray and he has a bad maxillary infection on both sides. He has been taking Biaxin for 4 days now and is running 102.2 fever tonight. He has bad reflux- we had a ph probe study done. his sinuses are formed weird.
Avatar f tn The doctor thought it was bronchitis and gave me biaxin to try and prevent pneumonia (I have an IgA deficiency and have had pneumonia 7 times and I'm 23, 4 cases in the past 3 years). Now it's almost a week later and the bronchitis is clearing up but I am STILL running a fever. Tomorrow will mark 2 weeks of this low grade fever (99.5-101.4). I have not gotten it to break at all (I've even tried ice packs).
496587 tn?1209686061 Once again, I find myself reading about more of the same symptoms I have been experiencing since the middle of February. The Dr. checked my lungs and took an x-ray which showed a lot of mucus. Said it was viral but down the road my nose started to hurt and my chest filled with phlegm every morning and evening. I am presently taking inhalers for this problem as the Dr. said it would relieve some of the mucus. I am still struggling with this problem. Went back to the Dr.
676071 tn?1266879285 I have had Pneumonia for five weeks and a serious kidney infection in my nephrostomy! Well I have back and forth to a PCP and Mercy Hospital. The PCP has been prescribing me dilaudid for two years. The PCP has now denied me my pain medication and I have Pneumonia and it may be BOOP. I have a lesion on my right lung I have had nebulizer treatments, all of the Mycin antibiotics,Tussinex, and Bensonatate Cough medication.
Avatar n tn Than 4/05 again severe chest pain, headache, cough, xrays showed pneumoniae and her m pneumonia anibody igm was 3862 very high level, again treated with biaxin and zithromax lasted 2 months. Did great through the summer started up again in 9/04 headache, chest pain, but no cough, her igm level 2952.
Avatar n tn I recently had a respiratory/sinus infection and cold symptoms that were treated with antibiotics (biaxin). I have a history of asthma and bronchitis. I got better, but then relapsed and was given a different antibiotic (bactrim). After 5 days I still didn't recover so I was given augmentin (penicillin). I feel much better now. We took a chest xray a week ago and I just learned that they found a 4 mm nodule on my upper left lung. What should I do? Thanks.
Avatar n tn 5 Days ago I started getting a cold, so I went to the doctor and they gave me 2 Xopenex 1.25mg treatments, a presciption for methlyprednisolone, Biaxin 500XL, and a nebulizer for home. Also I am on Advair 500 DPI for every day use, and a Xopenex MDI inhaler. They said I had bronchitis. I started feeling better the next day, but today I woke up in distress again and now nothing is working not even the nebulizer, I feel anxious and I dont even have the energy to cough anymore.
Avatar f tn I am concerned for you that you either may have bronchitis or even pneumonia. I know back pain is a very common symptom of pneumonia. But if you're coughing a lot it is possible it's just your muscles that are sore. What I would do if I were you is look up the symptoms of pneumonia. Then at least you know what to watch for....hope you get better soon!!
Avatar n tn My Mom has COPD and recently got over a bad respiratory infection where she did a lot of coughing and brought up a lot of phlem. The Dr. prescribed Biaxin to clear up the infection and it took two rounds of it to work but she improved over a three week period and the congestion cleared. However, she now has severe pain spasims in her upper back between her shoulder blades and under her rib cage. She has since been to the ER where they took x-rays as well as an ultra-sound but found nothing.
Avatar n tn When he was three he developed a pleural effusion after we were told a small pneumonia had resolved. We were told this was probably due to inflammation caused by the infection. Now he is seven. He got a small pneumonia (one or two crackles before coughing) which we thought had been resolved by antibiotics as his fever went away and he felt much better. His cough did not go away after another 2 weeks, and in fact sounded wetter, so we went back to the doctor.
Avatar n tn put me on a round of Biaxin that did not faze the problem with the heavy post nasal drip I am having. So now I am on for 24 days predisone. But in the mean time he wanted me to have another CT. Scan I did do one in march and it showed nothing. So yesterday I go had another one done at a different medical place and bingo they found fluid in my sinus's.And my allergy dr. said he is stumped to why I can't seem to shake this. But I am so so tired of all this mess.
Avatar n tn Dark circles doesn't neccessarily mean you have allergies, fluid on the lung is more likely to be pneumonia than allergies? They don't just willy nilly put people on Singulair or Advair - You need to get answers. If you don't have the cover or the money, I would ring up the medics at the centre ( ask for the Doctor who treated you or their secretary) and ask why you are on these medications and how long you need to take them for before you see any improvements.
Avatar f tn I have lymph swelling and had been on a host of antibiotics from Zpacks. Biaxin, to 3 rounds of Avelox. I am a very sick person and I don't understand what is preventing a definitive diagnosis. I was put on oral suspension of Ampho-B along with Vancomycin for a month then put on Ketokonazole for a month along with Doxcycyline. I have had to go on and off because it elevates my liver enymes, but I continue to get chest wall infections.
Avatar n tn I am registered with local Health Authority and provide yearly sputum samples and twice annual chest x-rays. I am immuno-compromised due to diabetes, repeat pneumonia and viral illness lasting >6 months. What are symptoms of laryngeal and renal TB? (recent x-rays showed unusual on both). Are night sweats 3/5 nights significant to TB? What about coughing with productive (thick white/yellow) sputum, sore throat and difficulty swallowing > 3 weeks.
Avatar n tn These are bacteria that can cause throat infections and lung infections such as pneumonia. Many people develop coughing with these fairly common respiratory infections. In most cases, mycoplasma is easily treated with an antibiotic or requires no treatment at all. As the mycoplasma clears, the amount of mucus should lessen over time. Another source of the mucus could be postnasal drip. This is drainage from the nose and sinuses dripping down the back of the throat.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with Bronchial pneumonia in Sept/07 - I went on Biaxin for 14 days, everything cleared up except for this tickel near my trachea, this is a nasty annoying mostly dry cough, sometimes its a wet cough but not productive with green tinge mucous ( always clear ) I went for a chest x-ray and that was normal, but it seems that this is all coming from the area of my thyroid and the trachea. I have been on symbicort for almost 2 months. HELP !!
Avatar n tn It continues to feel like I have a little bit of congestion. I've had pneumonia since November; what they see on the X-Ray/CT Scan, they're not sure if it's infection,abscess or a tumour (it has similarities to a cavitating, squamous carcinoma, and between Nov. and Jan, had not changed size), . They've postponed surgery to give anti-biotics one more try, and get TB results.Most recently, I've been taking Biaxin for 4 weeks, another 4 weeks to go.