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Avatar n tn Soy interferes with the absorption of your medication and also has negative effects on the thyroid.
Avatar f tn I dont understand why some of u are filling urself with so much vitamins..did u calculate ur body needs and do u overpass it? To much vitamins isnt good too..
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1590979 tn?1302006835 t need. Megadoses of fat soluble vitamins such as vitamin D can result in an overdose and make you really sick. Taking a multivitamin is generally a good idea for everyone, but they are meant to supplement vitamins in your diet, not replace them. They are especially a good idea for chronic illnesses like chiari because you don't want to get sick or feel lousy from deficiencies on top of already having a chronic illness. Being deficient can make you feel fatigued.
Avatar n tn I never took them with my first two because if you are getting a varied diet with all vitamins you need they are not necessary according to my doctor.
Avatar f tn Cod liver oil contains vitamin D! Are you then taking to much D? Cod liver is more likely to contain contaminants. Cod liver oil contains vitamin A and D they are fat soluble that being said they can cause toxicity in excessive amounts. Primrose oil contains omega 6 and if you google foods containing omega 6 then I will guess you are consuming way to much omega 6 to omega 3. You didn't state what your diet consists of. Your multi. might contain all the vitamins that you stated.
5875562 tn?1410898886 Hi I'm taking prenatal.
Avatar f tn Neuros do urge vitamin D, but the reason they don't recommend any other supplements, diets, etc., is that none have been shown to be effective. If something had, we'd all be on it. Eating a healthful diet overall, getting some exercise if possible, and generally taking good care of oneself are good for MSers and good for all. Everything in moderation, including moderation.
768754 tn?1373918737 vitamins/supplements. Are there any other specific concerns about multi-vitamins for Hep C+ people, not currently under tx? Thanks.
Avatar f tn Gummy vitamins are the best. They taste good and dont make me sick at all.
Avatar f tn I am wondering what are the best prenatal vitamins? I am not pregnant now but we are trying. I am currently taking GNC Women's Health prenatal formula without iron with 1000mcg of folic acid. Is that ok? What should i do to keep my body healthy and also my husbands?
Avatar f tn This is my first pregnancy and I want to try and get off to the best start possible. My diet can be a bit lacking in fruit and veg, it's generally more quick cook convenient food so opting for some extra vits. I've gone with iron & calcium, vit D and the good old folic acid rather than multi packs. Any advice or thoughts?
Avatar f tn my symptoms are high cholesterol , low vitamin D,high uric acid,and sugar at border Age is 48.after workout no uric acid,cholestr is 5.2 ,but fasting sugar is 6.22 which was not that high before starting workout.Things are getting better , Indicaters showing betterment.
599170 tn?1300973893 I have to eat with vitamins if not they upset my stomach...found a liquid one I can take on a empty belly....Took it for awhile..Now I am on a multi gel one from Walgreens and no problems with it ....Gives me energy...Omega is good...My husband has psoriais he takes it for that...I think I read its good for belly fat..So i take it to....
Avatar n tn I also got supplements from my midwife but they only contain 400mcg folic acid, 10mcg vitamin D and 70mg vitamin C and I take a separate ferrous fumarate tablet at night (210mg). So I only take two tablets a day. The other vitamins and minerals I try to get from food and tea (like nettle tea where one cup can provide enough daily calcium, vit A,B, K, potassium, zinc, sodium, phosphorus etc).
Avatar f tn Okay can someone tell me what is in the prenatal vitamins? I looked mine up and couldnt find the ingredients anywhere, I tosses out the papers that came with it too I am just curious Anyone ?!?!
1702965 tn?1312519613 Is anyone here can give me a specific name of a vitamins which is a vitamin D content. Is vitamins B-complex also necessary in helping my immune system? Is ferrous sulfate will be a help too?
Avatar f tn wow. i actually don't take any vitamins at all. i don't know which vitamins i am deficient in.. just the vitamin d. do you all take a multivitamin or take each vitamin separately?
5720485 tn?1373563055 I would use caution when taking vitamins and supplements. Here is an article summarizing many studies and trials. There is big business behind them and a lot of hoopla. I personally take them only on a temporary basis when the lab tests show deficit of a particular kind of a vitamin or supplement. Otherwise I am sticking to a healthy diet, fruits, veggitables, etc. http://tinyurl.
Avatar n tn yes, mix with food because they are food if not synthetic versions
Avatar f tn I have low vitamin d...I was wondering if any one knows the best brand to buy to get my levels up?
Avatar n tn Is there any type of vitamins/foods I can take to help restore the Optic nerve I recently am on prednisone that seems to help alittle bit but I am trying to find a way to strenthen it? ie: carrots or something to get it back or a little bit better?
Avatar n tn Should I continue the vitamins w/D and ask for an increase in thyroid or discontinue the vitamins and just concentrate on thyroid. Very confused.
871965 tn?1241833146 Hi I was wondering what the latest info is on what prenatal vitamins or best, or what vitamins are most important to take pre-conception and during pregnancy. For now my question relates to pre-natal health. I am taking a pre-natal vitamin and then some calcium magnesium with Vitamin D...any other suggestions. Of course I want as healthy a pregnancy as possible. Any advice is appreciated.