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Avatar n tn My daughter is suffering from eczema from the time she was 2 months old. Her Ped prescribed antihistamine for itching. We are concerned about the side effects. She does not have any immune system related issues. Her itching increases during the night time and it has been severe since the past 2-3 weeks. Only now we started giving her antihistamine and are concerned about the side effects. Is there any other way to stop her itching.
Avatar m tn For about 2 months or so, I starting getting itching sensation on my buttocks, usually after applying soap ( I tried edifferent soaps, but it without change. Now it has spread to the testicles,and and also at the starting portion of the penis. Visibly nothing is there. What could this be?
5045042 tn?1365893700 ) She also prescribed Fluocinonide ointment for my body, Hydrocortisone Valerate cream for my face, and Clobetesol solution for my scalp. Those prescriptions got me through treatment. I did 48 weeks of treatment and I never decreased any doses of any of my medications. I attained SVR. Itching is miserable and is as disturbing as pain. There is no reason to endure the itching. Please seek help immediately.
Avatar f tn I have had ICP (intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy) in both my pregnancies. It is nothing to mess around with. I am currently 33 weeks and they were about to induce me at 28 weeks, but due to the Ursodiol working, they held off. It is dangerous to not only you but to the baby as well. They will induce me early due to the fact of a huge risk of still born past 38-39 weeks. Please call and let your doctor know! Even if they think you are crazy. You know your body best.
Avatar f tn on oct 9 i was taken to er for being ill and was told have a little carbon monixde poisoning, is this the reason of itching? i only get red bumps after scratching for awhile and have tried creams and bendaryl with no results please HELP!!
Avatar m tn The ectosone is a steroid cream but I don't know how strong it is. It may not be strong enough. You are on nothing for the itching. It seems that many docs are not familiar with these drug reactions and they either do not treatment or they grossly under treat them. That is a mistake. These rashes and and will snow ball out of control rapidly. You need to get on top of them immediately. I had a rash problem while on treatment.
1140169 tn?1370188676 I had severe itching for 2 years before I was diagnosed. Every day, always worse at night. Sometimes my head, neck and face. Other times it might be the back side of my forearm and my torso. I kept Benadryl in business! I feel like it is MS related but I have no proof. My PCP had prescribed Hydroxyzine to help me sleep. It did not help with sleep but it did stop the itching. I take 10 milligrams at night before I go to bed and it works like a charm. Wishing you scratching free days!
145315 tn?1192241113 I have to see my prem care dx to get a dermotologist to make an appointment with and this could take days. that's days of itching for me and not being able to sleep from it either.
751422 tn?1265513635 ive been showering regularly now (havent been for a few weeks) can anyone help me?
Avatar n tn Itching all over the body can be found in allergies, viral infection, internal diseases like liver and kidney disorders, diabetes, iron deficiency anemia, irritation and allergic reactions to chemicals,wool,soaps,cosmetics and certain foods.You may take an antihistamine like Benadryl for relief in symptoms. Application of calamine lotion may provide a soothing effect.For mild-moderate symptoms a weak steroid may be used, whilst more severe cases require a higher-potency steroid.
Avatar n tn Seeking professional health care is heh best way to adress this. Do you have diabetes? Do you have allergies? You could get a lab test done that includes Blood Counts and Glucose at a lab near you, if no diabetes or infection then you could try some over the counter allergy medicines. If that helps then you have something to take to the doctor if you decide to go.
Avatar m tn Apart from medication side effect, this could also be due to underlying medical illlnesses such as skin conditions, dry skin, liver or kidney issues. If it persists, it is best that you have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation, Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn I'm taking Homeopathi medicine for past 2 months for cold and wheezing problem. Can i know what be cause for itching? Any medicine to remove the dark patch on my breast and to reduce itching. Please suggest me any ointments to remove the dark paths on my breast. Can i use them since i'm taking homeopathi medicine for cold?
478342 tn?1241372952 The Zyrtec is not working and I need a solution to my problem because I can't even hold a job during the winter because of the itching problem. I haven't worked all winter and now its spring and the itching still isn't gone. I am 6'1" 185 pound black male. If someone has any kind of solutions that would be helpful to me I would be most grateful.
Avatar m tn posted by bellefiere. this is difficult for a child to go through. and i wish you the best of luck. something that isnt in that comment that i posted is that cold stuff really helps with the itching. my mom has these really tiny ice packs like 2x3 inches which would probably be perfect to maybe tape on to her backs of her legs and arms and stuff, or wrap with ace bandage. if you dont read that lengthy post, please check out mustela baby products as i have found some relief with them.
Avatar f tn My 8 year old son has recently started itching under the skin, on the top part of his feet right at the nail bed but on the skin, he has no other signs or symptoms. it is on all of his toes, not between them,not the sides or bottoms of his feet. There is no rash, no scaling or dry skin, to look at his feet, you would not know there was an issue, the nails look fine as well, no discoloration, breaking or splitting.
Avatar f tn Dr i am going to go crazy. My legs start itching before i go to sleep at night. it first starts of with this really nice itching feeling in a small part at the back of my legs and as soon as i give in tot he temptation to start scratching it it gets worse. It van go on for hours. My legs start getting these red bumps from scratching looks like a severe rash. As i am typing this my one leg is going crazy. Have googled for answers cause i just can not take it anymore. I want to go insane.
Avatar m tn I get itching, and I'm surprised your Dr. doesn't know of this symptom. My Dr. explained that FM being an illness where neurotransmitters are irritated/ damaged, sick whatever, ( fibro fog today) that our nerve endings react in an assortment of ways, burning, itching, rash. I suffer from terrible burning to where it feels like my head and face have Ben gay rubbed all over it. I feel this as we speak. Itching is a frequent part of my daily symptoms.
Avatar n tn 1 word - Pill! I was on Microgynon for 2 years, for 2 years I had severe itching, tried EVERYTHING, icepacks, lollies, yoghurt, cold baths EVERYNIGHT for 2 years!! I went to a naturalist and she suggested that the pill was the issue, I came off it and within a few days, NO ITCHING! That was 2 years ago, haven't had any recurrences since. Apparently, it was the increased Oestrogen which was irritating the skin. However, I am on Dianette Pill now, this causes no problems.
Avatar m tn I have had an all over itch for over a year now. The itching originally started with my hands and feet but then progressed to the whole body. I originally went to the doctor who suggested the usual (scabies etc). I tried cutting just about eveything out of my diet, tried lotions and potions etc. My doctor did liver and kidney tests and there were abnormalities in the liver tests. These were repeated and I was diagnosed with Gilberts Syndrome.
Avatar n tn i have upper leg side itching it itchs only at night sometimes in day i couldnt stop of scraching sometimes when i scraching the itchin stop.
Avatar f tn i've been with my boyfriend for over 3 years, we're both clean of STDs and stuff, but over the last month i've noticed that when we use creams or lube after a while my vagina starts burning. really bad and ill wash it with water but it still hurts for a while after. now its like its always itchy, sex hurts more and my clit is so sensitive its painful. theres no discharge so i dont think its a yeast infection but im not sure what it could be.
Avatar m tn What are the palces where the itching is the maximum? For how long have you noticed these symptoms? You could take some oral antihistamine or antiallergic medications to help with your symptoms and also apply calamine lotion at the sites of the lesions. It would be best to consult an allergy specialist or dermatologist for your symptoms and also ask your doctor if any tests need to be done. Let us know if you have any more doubts and keep us posted about how you both are doing.
Avatar n tn Kevin, I'm not a Dr. but had the same symptoms and found the my skin was very dry especially during winter months and I always took very hot showers. I now use a moisturizer and milder temp. showers and the problem is gone. Anxious to read the Doctors response.
Avatar m tn THank u very much for ur response i consulted a doctor and it was diagnosed as hives and gave medicines and told told me this allergy will never get rid of me .like its forever this hives curable? nd btw my father too started scratching all over the body ....
Avatar n tn I have read the other questions posted about itching from being in the sun, however mine is a little different. I am from the Midwest and 2 times during the past 1 1/2 years I have gone to Florida. While there, both times after a few days out in the sun (I used a sunscreen of 4 and was out in the sun for long periods of time) I wasn't really sunburnt and I didn't have any sort of rash but I developed the most unbearable itching almost all over my body.
Avatar f tn 1% cream and Diphenhydramine HCI 50 mg capsule for itching every 6 hours and Levocetirizine Dihydrochlorde tablet for itching. Thank you very much. Keep me posted on what you think about all this medicine if its too much for her you think. She's 73. Cindy...Lakota27.
Avatar n tn You should wash the area and keep it clean, apply calamine lotion at the site and take some oral antihistamine or antiallergic medications like loratadine or cetrizine for your symptoms. It would be best to consult a skin specialist if the rash does not resolve in a few days. You should get the relevant investigations as advised by your doctor including blood work. Let us know about what your skin specialist advises and if you have any other doubts. Post us about how you are doing.