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Avatar n tn Does this sound familiar? Because vertigo is such a common thing I'm going to post some info on it with some resources for helping people find knowledgable treatment. I'm a retired physician and I've had BPPV. It's miserable. Even if that isn't what you have, there are many type and causes of vertigo and you might be interested in the info. You can answer me here or over on the new post. I'm hoping to start a dialogue on the topic.
921053 tn?1245184395 Hi there...I have had vertigo for several months now and the doctors cannot explain medically why this is happening to me. An MRI shows that I have Chiari Type 1 with a 9mm herniation. The neurosurgeon says that the vertigo is not related to the Chiari and does not seem to be concerned at all because I don't have "frequent and severe" headaches...The ENT says to go to vestibular rehab (PT) ...
4696380 tn?1359310642 Extreme vertigo was what I had during my first major relapse. Of course, there are other reasons for vertigo. It's more frequently an inner ear problem. Either way, have someone pick you up an otc motion sickness med- like Dramamine or Bonine. It won't make the dizziness go away, but it will help with nausea. By the way, welcome! Have you been diagnosed?
Avatar f tn Is there a drug for vertigo caused by lesions on the cerebellum? Are there any tricks to dealing with it? half the time I feel like I am fading away and about to drop dead. it's really awful. the only time I feel ok is when I wake up in the morning, but that quickly diasppears as soon as I get out of bed.
147426 tn?1317269232 The important thing that I want to explain here is that, in my personal/professional experience most doctors, including ENT and general Neurologists, do not know very much about vertigo. They don't know how to properly test for it, how to distinguish the various causes, how to take a good history for it and, especially how to treat it. Mostly they just give out Antivert or an antihistamine.
393986 tn?1303829575 30 on the dot, like clockwork. My neuro recommended an antihistamine for my vertigo. I asked him if benadryl would work, and he said yes. But no matter how much antihistamine I took, the vertigo during the middle of the day was just as bad. Eventually it did go away. It took several months, but the intensity of it subsided, until today I only have a little twinge when I'm fatigued.
Avatar n tn Ihave had vertigo for 9 months now i went in hospital for a day about 2 months ago movements of the head it lasted 3 weeks then it came back going again tomorrow to see the doctor again dizzy tablets help for a short while will let you know whats the next step June Yeates England
Avatar n tn I was given Zofran to dissolve under my tongue for vomiting and it was a life saver for the vomiting and helped some with vertigo, but not much. The vertigo lasted till May, with some mild dizziness in June and July. Then I was fine until middle of Feb this year. With Zofran I have not vomited once, but have spent a few days in bed and the rest with dizziness varying from very light to vertigo.
Avatar n tn i been to the doctor so many time and they really cant do much for you part from give you some meds and hope for the best .
Avatar n tn All ive been told is to have the epley manouevre for the vertigo and steroid nasal spray for the ears. I am desperate for answers to this as i feel there is definately something thats causing all this. Its very reassuring to know other people also suffer from this. Sorry for the long winded comment.
Avatar m tn LOL Finally MECLIZINE (brand Antivert) is also often prescribed for vertigo. It is basically an antihistamine similar to Dramamine. It has very few side effects except, like most antihistamines, can cause dry mouth, blurred vision and drowsiness. It definitely causes drowsiness with me - and didn't seem to help at all so I don't thake that either. (And again - it ALSO can CAUSE dizziness! LOL) "When the balance system is damaged, it has little ability to repair itself.
Avatar f tn I used Zofran and compazine in the past (not on tx) Zofran If it's okay for him to take had no sides and worked the best for me, i've heard others say the same thing.
Avatar m tn I have had chronic urticaria and angioedema for 11+ years now. I was on Xolair for a short time years ago before my insurance cut me off. I didn't have any side effects- except injection site discomfort. I was totally clear of all my hives and swelling. I was able to return to all my favorite things without swelling. I also have the delay pressure type. Now I have been steroid dependant again and am really getting tired of this lifestyle.
577132 tn?1314270126 ) In the beginning I had dizziness, like vertigo, dreadful migraine headaches that were focused behind my eyes, red lumpy rash, incessant itching and dry flaming skin. I also had quite a lot of mental confusion and took a bit of a dive emotionally. I started tx on 20mg Prozac per day and upped the dose to 40mg per day in the 5th or 6th week and that has made a huge difference to my general well-being.
Avatar f tn 6 F temperatures and actually it is the best diagnostic test* for hypothyroid! And it can affect ANY part of the body presenting any symptoms from vertigo to fatigue, digestive issues, rising cholesterol, chronic low grade depression and on and on. Standard Blood tests for Hypothyroid (TSH mainly, T3 &T4 sometimes) are totally unreliable if the thyroid hormones-showing at normal levels in the blood- don't work IN the cells (Thyroid hormone resistance) !
Avatar f tn But if you tell them you've already been doing it for two weeks, and things are no better, they have to get more aggressive and cough up the antibiotics and possibly even a medrol pack for the congestion (this REALLY helps). For the vertigo, try Dramamine or Bonine. The are OTCs used for motion sickness, and they are also antihistimines, so should help with mucosal inflammation. Your pharmacist is a good source of information about OTC meds.
Avatar f tn ive been suffering from anxiety for 8 months now and i have been on and off medication for the past 7 months also been having alot of ear infections aswell and now ive been having dizzy spells which has been ongoing lasting all day for three days .
Avatar f tn I'm not sure about the side effects of the meds you are on but those symptoms sound like Vertigo. I'm not pregnant...(YET) but I had Vertigo about 2 months ago and what you described sounds very much like what I was going through. I would call the doctor just to have it checked out. Better to be safe than sorry. Best of luck to you!!!
Avatar f tn I checked the Iist and it did not contain PPD. I spent 2 hours grating the solid henna bar and then had it in my hair for 1 1/2 hours, this was over the Easter weekend. The day after my tongue and throat feel like I have a mouth of pepper, or similar to anisthetic wearing off. I also have the same sensation in the face, left side, lips and sometimes into my nose.
Avatar f tn Do I get yag peripheral iridotomies, what are the chances of success, do I travel to the best specialist that I can find, how many iridotomies should they have performed to be an expert, how do I find the best surgeon for my condition, how long can I wait to find them and get an appointment ( how at risk am I now that I am using the pilocarpine drops TID), what about follow up if the surgeon is not local to me here in Texas? I I guess I will never know how long I have had the narrow angles.
2160506 tn?1336939087 Best of luck.
5730080 tn?1373231201 As for the MRI that was done yesterday, we have no clue what was seen on that.. Suppose to know results tomorrow.. Hoping for the best, praying for some answers... Thanks for all your help.. If you know anything else, please let me know..
Avatar n tn I even have double vision for some weird reason and I wear glasses, thought it was time for new check up, but the doc assured me that its vertigo. (first time with vertigo and wish I never had it). Has the doc tried to give you Nasacort? Just wondering. I'm on it right now for Vertigo. (My balance is off too) Hope you find the answer you are looking for and Relief as well.
Avatar f tn Dan, you're right about how frustrating it is! My neurologist had no help for me at all - just recommended an antihistamine, which I was taking already. When I was feeling dizzy, it was more of a head-voom sort of thing - just a constant whee! as if I was drunk.
579469 tn?1311709150 I ended up taking 25mg of hydroxyzine pamoate for the dizziness. (A powerful antihistamine prescription drug I got from my doctor.) The side effect is that it also treats dizziness, motion sickness, vertigo, and nausea that may go with it. Good news is, it really works! Bad news is, it knocks me out and makes me heavy, foggy, and spacey. Forget driving a car or doing anything useful for the next 6 hours or so. lol Other good news is I have not had any cravings for the hydros.
Avatar f tn A number of blood tests were done to rule out an auto-immune disorder, thyroid problems, diabetes, and anemia. The results were normal. After a few bad weeks which included feeling lightheaded, vertigo, fatigue, tingling, and eye/jaw pain, I began to feel better. However, a month later the fatigue and dizziness returned and the symptoms have continued to come and go since that time. I recently saw a new doctor who performed more blood tests and who ordered an MRI.
Avatar n tn I've tried Antivert which just made me sleepy, what works best for me is a simple antihistamine like Sudafed. and if I get a headache, which I often times do, I use Sudafed Sinus pressure and pain and do the Epley maneuver. My doc also suggested an over the counter allergy medication to prevent an increase in fluids due to allergies, which I am now taking seasonally.
784382 tn?1376934640 after a few weeks it didnt go away and it scared me so much that i didnt want to go anywhere thinking i would get dizzy. I went to my GP and she looked and said i looked fine, called for blood work and told me to go to a neurologist. blood work came back NORMAL.
Avatar f tn I'm only now connecting the dots and concluding that the allergies lead me to take the steroid, the steroid most likely left me open to the virus, and the virus caused the flare. And for several days now, off and on, I'm having more vertigo. Have had 2 bouts of that previously. The bottom line is that I'd better not take more steroids. A rock and a hard place, since when my allergies act up I'm a mess. And to make matters worse, I'm starting into another allergy attack.