Augmentin for epididymitis

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Avatar f tn It was a burning/tense pain. I went to the doctor and he gave me augmentin and it cleared up for the whole summer but returned the following september of 2015. I decided to leave it and see what happened as i'd had a testicular exam and my doctor couldn't see anything worrying. About 4 months later i went back to the doc and he gave me another course of augmentin, this time not clearing anything. He then referred me to a urologist.
Avatar m tn 3-4 days later pain returned. Sent to hospital for ultrasound to check for testicular torsion. Negative and was told there were no anomalies. Burning after urination did not exist. Went to urologist was given another antibiotic for 7 days. Issue was nearly gone by end but not entirely. Received another 7 days worth. Side effects were bad so was told to stop taking antibiotic. Was not given replacement. 2 days after stopping pain increased in left testicle. Another negative dip test.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with epididymitis and varicocele as well. Well the treatment was for epididymitis only, as the other may not cause pain to you. I was given Levoflaxicin 500 Mg and Arcoxia 120 Mg for 5 days. During the end of the course, I was not cured with pain. During the time, I was away from the country. Hence couldnt consult the urologist. So decided to go on with medication for another 5 days. During this time, I was almost comfortable. There was not much pain as before.
Avatar n tn You need to consult your urologist for proper care especially for the antibiotics of choice. You can initiate on ofloxacin, augmentin, levofloxacin etc in consultation with your doctor. This would take care of the infection.
Avatar m tn That antibiotic is not recommended for any STD, or for epididymitis from gonorrhea or chlamydia. I'll also add that sexually acquired epididymitis is rare after oral sex, if it occur as all; and there is no known STD epididymitis other than gonorrhea and chlamydia. Many doctors over diagnose or over treat the possibility of epididymitis in men with testicular pain.
Avatar m tn If the above investigations are negative it is often worth atrial of ciprofloxacin or augmentin for a few weeks. 3. My brain is creating this- reverse placebo- because of the quilt associated with cheating on my GF. Possible again but best to rule out other causes very definiteively. What to do?
Avatar m tn told me to take Augmentin (Amoxicillin Clavulanate) and for 10 days and that the pain will go away so after 10 days nothing happened than he told me to take profenid: An ibuprofen-type anti-inflammatory analgesic and antipyretic.
Avatar f tn Hi, I had a potential high risk exposure about 2 months ago. It was protected sex (condom) a little less than a week later I got conjuctavitis, this sparked some anxiety so I went to the doctor to get it checked out and to have STD screening. At day 16 after exposure I had a NAAT urine test and both chlamydia & gonorrhea came back negative. At week 4 after exposure I got tested for hep b, c and HIV and all came back negative.
Avatar n tn when i swallow i feel pressure in my ears. another doctor gave me augmentin antibiotics for the sores.should i get hiv or std test reading on the web my symptoms are similar to a hiv infection ,another doctor said it was epididymitis i don't know what to do still having the sensation of more urine after i pee and for number two all day long.
Avatar m tn He prescribe augmentin duo forte (amoxcilin and clavulanate) for another 10days. Hope it helps this time.
Avatar n tn I had it tested in Germany and the results where Enderoccocus, no Clamydia and no GC. Got treated with Augmentin for two weeks, the discharge remained although only in the mornings and late evenings. Went to see a doctor here in Thailand and received 7 days of Tequin 400 mg and Vibramycin 100 mg. Got tested after that with first urin test as well as swap and the test came back negative. The discharge remains, not much and mostly only if I press (milk) the penis, but still.. What could it be?
Avatar n tn OK, For starters, if you have had "protected" sex, epididymitis is not likely. However, you mention the prostate exam "hurt like hell" I understand prostate exams are uncomfortable, however, if there is inflammation of the prostate gland, this is going to hurt when they do a prostate exam. You really can't "feel" prostatitis and, for the most part, the diagnosis is made on the "symptoms" a patient presents with.
Avatar m tn I have suffered with recurrent UTI's for years but a few months ago had a particularly severe one which I took 4 different antibiotics some not finishing the course because I felt they weren't working (stupid I know, probably the reason Im in this mess I know). I dont think it ever really went. But my urinary symptoms completley died down after a course of trimethaprim. After about a month I became severely brain fogged and tired and weak and couldn't do anything. I thought I had ME.