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Avatar n tn Hi, Does Augmentin 2g a day for one week cure Gonorrhea? I've been taking Augmentin almost for a week now. I heard Cefexime 4g is the usual choice. how long does it take for Gonorrhea to affect the joint? I have been having joint pains for almost 2 weeks. Also does Gonorrhea cause hives? my first symptom was Hives 2 days after unprotected sexual contact. and until today (1 month from the date of sexual contact) the redness still did not resolve completely.
Avatar n tn (Private docs often are good for lots of STDs, but the public clinic is by far the best bet for expert care for syphilis.) Good luck.
Avatar n tn your future fertility could be affected by this so it's well worth the proper testing and treatment. augmentin isn't effective for gonorrhea any more anyways. you are wasting your time and risking your health!
Avatar n tn Hi, Before three year I had an unprotected sex, for past 2 month I am having body burnig sensation, burning sensation after urination, feel tired, mouth sore. Did all test including HIV and Hepatatis B, VDRL. All are negetive. I had taken anibiotic (Augmentin 1g), but not controlled. I dont know what is the sickness for this symptoms. I am under worriness. Please help me.
Avatar m tn Hello , I was given augmentin 625 duo for oral thrush. After 2 weeks I have been experiencing swollen knee joints .is it side effect or just other std since I had sex.
Avatar n tn should i take the augmentin for relief in the mean time? any chance the augmentin (AMOX TR-K 875-125) will clear the std? (twice a day for 10 days) is there any hope the bactrim (twice a day for 10 days) will clear up hers?
Avatar f tn Would the augmentin help? Do I need an std test with no symptoms?
Avatar n tn During third - fifth week i had joint paints (knees). During fifth week i had testicle pain so doctor prescribed Augmentin for 7 days. So after 6 weeks Im still having muscle twitching and strange parestezias like tingling nerves in feet fingers and achilles. I cant repeat my tests for 3 more weeks becasue of lack of money. Does that sounds like an std?
Avatar n tn Also I was given ZMAX 2gm 1 dose and put on augmentin. Will this cure an STD if I do have one?
Avatar m tn The doctor treated me with augmentin for 7 days. After this period of 7 days, I went back for check up and nothing was found in my urines. After 3 months, I went back to the hospital and tested negative for HIV and Hepatitis B and C. I was told also that my urines have no infection But it's been four months since then, and I'm not feeling okay at all. - My penis still hurts. I feel constant pain inside. - My penis looks somewhat bruised, and it looks bad outside.
Avatar f tn I need to mention that i had this previously(urinary infection) and i took amoxicillin for 7 days and everything passed. Even now i am under this treatment is the 6th day and everything seems to be alright just the urine has like a fish smell and is really yellow specialy in the morning . Now i am thinking if the condom broke...that is really visible i think never happend to me...but what i heard says that.
Avatar n tn I had gone to my health-care provider on 4/16 for an entirely different issue of having some boils on my scalp. He gave me augmentin .875 and Valtrex 1 gram 3 times a day for 7 days. He said he will test for herpes when i come in the next time for blood work. I never told him about the exposure i had on 4/14. My question is can this burning and boils on my penis be symptoms of herpes and that since i am taking valtrex it is actually suppressing the actual infection?
Avatar n tn I took the augmentin for 2wks and still felt horrible. I then went to a urologist who did not do a urine test just pulled it up from the records from urgent care and prescribed me gentimicin injections. I had 4 of these. All these time I felt like I had a UTI and yeast infection so they also treated me with the diflucan on multiple occasions 100mg for 5days and also 150g take one and another 3days later and also using all over the counter available creams.
Avatar m tn HIV tests will work the same for you as for anyone else. Could you have gotten an STD. Unlikely. The likelihood that your partner had STD is small, most exposures do not lead to transmission and the antibiotics you have received would have helped to cure many STDs. I would not worry at all about having gotten an STD from your performing oral sex on her. On the other hand, you could have gotten either NGU or gonorrhea from her performing it on you.
Avatar f tn About 3 days later all symptoms of the STD were gone. I am not sure of the Augmentin cleared up the STD. I need to have a conversation with my boyfriend about this but I also need to know that I actually had an STD before I accuse him of giving me one. If I did have an STD there is no chance it was from anyone else and he also needs to get treated. I am still going to visit my doctor to get tested for all STD's in case he gave me more than one.
Avatar m tn Azithromycin 500mg once a day for four days Augmentin 875-125mg twice a day for ten days Doxycycline 100mg twice a day for 10 days Levofloaxacin (levaquin) 500mg once a day for fourteen days. My urologist took a quick look and said that my penis looked completely fine, which conflicted the information my GP gave me. I visited my GP again after the urologist and he confirmed that the urethra still looked slightly irritated. I plan on getting one more M.
Avatar m tn org/image/idhp0x6vn/ I read about balantitas, or candidas. 1. Can it be one of this STD? 2. Which is worse? 3. What can i use for treatment? 4. If i have either balantitas or candidas, can they appear from antibiotic or bath salt? I mention that a had Augmentin antibiotic treatment for some throat infection, and also after some months, took the same antibiotic for gum infection. Thank you for your time, please help me with an answer.
Avatar m tn Urethral discharge? Results of STD testing before taking ciprofloxacin? How about urine testing for non-STD infections? Also tell me more about how quickly the symptoms started to improve after starting cipro. That antibiotic is not recommended for any STD, or for epididymitis from gonorrhea or chlamydia. I'll also add that sexually acquired epididymitis is rare after oral sex, if it occur as all; and there is no known STD epididymitis other than gonorrhea and chlamydia.
Avatar n tn How come antibiotics like amoxicillin, augmentin, etc. are not mentioned as being treatments for bacterial STD infections? If someone was taking one of those at a high dose (500mg plus)for something else, like a strep infection, and contracted a bacterial STD, would they not be effective in curing that as well? That will be all. Thank you again.
Avatar f tn I had sex with a man I've dated a few times, we had sex and the condom broke after he ejaculated inside. My question is I started taking Augmentin 875 mg this morning for an ear infection, will this keep me from catching anything? The man is an overall health nut and has disclosed that he's clean, but of course you never know.
Avatar m tn This seems to simply be the flu and is definitely not likely to be any std. No std will give you symptoms less than 48 hours after exposure. No symptoms of std show the very next day.
Avatar n tn I do need to post this is expert forum for Dr HHH's expert comments on urine/blood/STD testing and results. Thanks for your comments alienshadow! I agree...Guilt eats man from inside.
Avatar n tn In any case, given the sexual exposure with a partner of uncertain STD status, and absence of the usual explanation for such symptoms (i.e. no UTI), you are right to be concerned about the possibility of an STD, such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, or herpes. That said, yeast infections commonly cause such symptoms. Perhaps most reassuringly, most such symptoms end up with no obvious cause -- perhaps minor physical irritation from sex, for example.
Avatar n tn In a true panic, I tool 2 Augmentin XR 1000-62.5 TAB GSK (left over from previous non-STD infection) the following morning. Most likely not a wise choice, but again, it was a panic response. How will this affect testing or treatment? I'll assume that you recommend STD testing based on your 1st response. Please correct me if I am wrong. I hope that your replies can offer me enough peace to at least sleep tonight.
Avatar m tn This was sudden and pain for several hours and the next day, the pain gone. I went to see doc and he said STD, Doc prescribe doxycline. Urine test for gonohorrea and clymdia were negative. Blood test for hiv, hep b,c, syphilis were negative. Radiology detect mild increase in vascularity left testis and epididymis consistent with very mild orchitis. The doc said bacterial infection, not sure what is the cause. Now i am on medication and doing another different urine test.
Avatar m tn At some point in early August I had a bad throat infection and was given a z-pack (2-250mg pills the first day followed by 1 pill a day after that). At the same point in time my wife was given Augmentin for bronchitis. I cannot remember the dosage she was given but I seem to remember it was for about 10 days. Since those couple instances of painful urination I have had no further incidences of it.
Avatar m tn Hi Doctor, I am going for a STD screening. From what I know, the tests are done using blood samples. Is it better to screen for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea using urine sample instead?
Avatar f tn Your throat has nothing to do with you getting oral sex. Your risk was low for a STD from oral sex but it would efffect your penis.
Avatar m tn non-burning feeling in my urethra both with and without urination. I was on Augmentin for a sinus infection before the first testing and Doxy before the second. Is there a point to get re-tested because of antibiotic use during previous tests? Are there other causes of this discharge I should look into? Should I ask for the Ceftriaxone/Azithromycin combo regardless of negative results?
Avatar n tn Three days after exposure I was on Augmentin 875/175 twice a day for 10 days and then five days after Augmentin I was on a 5 day Azithromycin Z Pack 500 mg/1 day and then 250mg/next 4 days each. Both antibiotics were for a sinus infection I'm fighting. I'm getting tested for all STDs, but I wondered if my antibiotic rounds increase my chances of not having the STDs that can be treated with antibiotics? (Gona.