Augmentin expiration

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Avatar f tn I have had pneumonia and bronchitis, been treated with Augmentin for 7 days and also steroids am finished with meds continue to have very loud breathing noises, am worried it could be my lung cancer has spread to the throat, my oncologists says he thinks it is still from the bronchitis, it is so bad i can not sleep all night, the noises wake me up, it is on inspiration and expiration, I have to keep coughing to try and clear the airwayu but it doesn't help the noises are always present, i notice
Avatar m tn I always buy distilled, because the water has been boiled. The water usually has an expiration date. Don’t buy a regular bottle of regular drinking water or spring water. This water contains more contaminants than you think—not enough to make you sick if you drink it, but you don’t want to add them to the other germs you are working to get out of your sinuses. Buy some table salt without iodine. Iodine is an irritant to some people.