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Avatar n tn I have recently been prescribed Augmentin 1g for a severe UTI (caused by a staph bacteria). I ovulated 4 days ago and am a little worried about taking the antibiotics given I have read some conflicting things about this antibiotic on the internet. The dose is 2 per day for 3 days.
Avatar n tn We called his doctor's office (it was evening) and they had us go to ER. They drained all three and said it was a staph infection. They put him on dicloxocillin (500mg) for seven days. Also did a culture, which we haven't heard back on yet (it has only been two days). I have a few questions, as have never encountered something like this before. How contagious is this? He is being cautious and leaving it covered except for cleaning them.
577106 tn?1219842945 I've been getting them on my face, head, scalp, neck, and arms. The abscesses have been treated with bactrim and augmentin, and have some success. They would knock it down for several weeks after I completed the antibiotics, but then would come back and I'd have to get another run of antibiotics. Currently the infections/abscesses are back and I'm about to start my fourth round in less than 3 months.
Avatar n tn In jan 2005 doc cultured and i had a staph infection on my adenoids gave me levaquin twice but would not go away. several doctors later another ENT took my adenoids out had a very bad infection after surgery in sept 06 another culture came back as staphaurous.but doc said everyone has some staph in their nose. but now my turbinate is swelling all the time Lost a lot of sleep in the last 9-10 months now.
Avatar m tn sample =seminal fluid scanty growth of staphylococcus coagulase antibiotics= augmentin sensitive ,gentamicin sensitive, fusidic acid sensitive,vancomtcin sensitive,cloxaciline resistant,sefroxine resistant, Sperm count 7 000000, volume 4 ml alive 60% nromal form 85% ph 8.
Avatar m tn I was also wondering when I was young I ejaculated and held back the semen and had pain and bleeding and my penis is curved forward. do I need to take acetyl carnitine? thanks very much!
Avatar f tn in Florida at allergist Joshua swollen and hives told to take Zyrtic and given Predisone 7/26 E.R. Joshua skin blistering and peeling told that we were doing everything fine his ear a little red given Augmentin 7/28 Pediatrician diagnosed steven johnson syndrome 7/28 Scottish Rite same diagnosis CDC later diagnosed with ssss severe staph scalding syndrome 7/30 released given cleocin and hydrozine 8/1 I went to Dr.
Avatar f tn He ran a test on the sores on my back and it came back positive for Staph, and he put me on 75mg of Minocycline for ten days, to take twice a day. I decided to give it a go NOT for my acne, but to clear up the staph infection. I have to take 2 pills daily, so i take them each 12 hours apart. I found out that this medication is NOT the number one choice for treating staph, and that it was mainly an acne medication which annoyed me.
Avatar f tn Hi, I had a staph infection on my adenoids in 05 maybe even earlier than that,anyway in aug of 06 had adenoids taken out and sept 06 had staph aureus in my nose. And now my turbinates are swelling had another culture done july 07 says have bacterial infection,which i believe is still staph. anyway the one doctor told me that staph aureus is resistant to alot of antibiotics. so here i am getting worse and constantly playing the waiting game while in the long run Im getting sicker and worse.
Avatar n tn Your daughter may need to have the area debrided (surgically cleaned-out) more extensively), or else the staph my be resistant to standard antibiotics and need to be treated with a different one. I am confident that the doctors you plan to see will be able to clarify your daughter's case and take care of it. I would appreciate your letting me know what they decide. Best. Dr.
Avatar m tn Hi, I'm 39 yrs old, married since 7 yrs, 3 kids (6 yrs, and twins of 5 yrs). Few months ago I discovered staph aureus in the semen culture. WBC > 10 and the motility and morphology are very bad but the number is very good. Three courses of anti-biotec azicare, augmentin... my question is: Is it for sure prostate? What is the solution to get red of this bacreia pls? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/981303'>prostate problem ?</a>.
Avatar n tn A month ago, I was bit by a student causing bleeding and lots of redness and swelling and infection. The child also had a temp. of over 100 the day I was bit. I had already had a cough at that point. They started me on Augmentin for the bite. My cough became worse and became more tired. After 10 days of Augmentin, they switched me to 7 days of Avelox and said they felt I had bronchitis.
Avatar n tn They placed a rod in the tibia and did nothing with the fibula. Now I have a staph infection. I was put on augmentin and now the doctor says the results of the culture will not be accurate. Is there any way I can find out for sure if the infection is in the bone or has contaminated the rod? My doctor wants to do surgery to replace the rod.
Avatar f tn -Second myringotomy and adenoidectomy at 16 months. Very infected sinus cavities and ears. 10 day run of Augmentin and 6 day run of antibiotic ear-drops post-op. -Second myringotomy was due to complete 'plugging' of both tubes and continuing ear infections. -RAST test showed Level 2 Egg White Allergy (all egg products removed from diet). -1 day off post-antibiotic (11 days post-op): fever, effusion from ear, green sinus drainage.
Avatar m tn was eventually determined to be a staph infection. Was put on Augmentin and referred to a gastroenterologist. Took forever to get in and then it was to the nurse practitioner. The soonest they can get me in for a colonoscopy and upper endoscopy is January 18. Last Friday a new symptom appeared. A clear, sometimes tinted yellow liquid discharge. I constantly feel like I have to go the bathroom, but most of the time it's just a teaspoon at most of this liquid that comes out.
Avatar n tn A month ago, I was bit by a student causing bleeding and lots of redness and swelling and infection. The child also had a temp. of over 100 the day I was bit. I had already had a cough at that point. They started me on Augmentin for the bite. My cough became worse and became more tired. After 10 days of Augmentin, they switched me to 7 days of Avelox and said they felt I had bronchitis.
Avatar n tn Went to ENT month after taking Avelox for another mouth swab, no Staph, no E.Coli, but this time he found Strep Pyogenes 3rd level growth and said it was nothing and not to worry about it. Anyway, the nagging pain and neck glands were still swollen and still tender, I was not really happy, but was patiently waiting for it to resolve on its own. End of April, ear dullness adds to the nice array of feelings I have been experiencing.
Avatar n tn I am wondering if Staph is contagious and if it is what to do if you have been exposed? we have a co-worker in our office who has been admitted to the hospital with this infection and now we are all wondering since we had contact with her if we can catch this?
Avatar n tn Received augmentin then severe shortness of breath again. Went to dr and stopped taking the augmentin and started another antibotic. Increased number of home breathing treatments along with QVAR. I am concerned that the MRSA staph is related to my illness. Any experience with similar situation?
264121 tn?1313033056 I'm ready to get this show on the road and try to get back to normalcy and my body just isn't backing me up on it right now. Plus I'm on two kinds of antibiotics at the same time in an effort to shake this staph infection. Oh hey! Come to think of it, the antibiotics may be one of the reasons I don't feel so hot. See, sometimes I have to write just to bounce things around somewhere outside of my head and try to figure them out.
Avatar n tn The dizziness resembled being carsick, with lightheadedness and occasional moments of nausea and feeling faint (but I never passed out). I had a CAT scan and blood work twice, and so far no diagnosis for the dizziness/fatigue. It got better for a few weeks but last week I began to have dizzy spells again, this time accompanied by maxillary sinus pressure. I had just switched allergy medications, from Nasonex to generic Flonase, right at the time my symptoms returned.
Avatar f tn I keep thinking I have herpes or syphilis but I got tested for both several times and all came back negative. Only my problem persists and Im suffering. I get chills up and down my back low grade fever, horrible dull pain inside my vagina and little red bumps that are not grouped and no blisters either. The thigh ras had me thinking syphilis, but I tested once 4 weeks and again at 11 weeks after possible exposure and both came back negative.
Avatar n tn The information provided by the nurse is insufficient and possibly inaccurate, unless the staph was "coagulase negative". Even if it were, the presence of pus cannot be ignored. The pus could be caused by what are called Anerobic Bacteria, or Fungi. Yes, the Augmentin, considered to be good therapy for acute sinusitis, could give a misleading culture. If you are not feeling better, even a little, you may need an alternative antibiotic.
Avatar n tn The blisters came back about a month after and then i did a culture and results came back three weeks ago revealing yeast and staph bacteria.I was given diflucan for the yeast for me and my girlfriend and augmentin 625mg for the staph.Meanwhile on treatment the blisters came back on same side of penis but moving closer to head of penis.My girlfriend also did a blood test-results came back a week ago showing positive Igg test.So i also did another blood test and am awaiting results.
Avatar n tn I have been noticing a mucus looking discharge from my penis, which looks milky in the morning, it also burns sometimes when i urinate and my penis tip and urethra itches. I did a slide and swab test of the discharge and it showed that i had a staphylococcus haemolyticus infection. I also did gonorrhea, chlamydia and HIV tests which came back negative. My doctor gave me one dose of Zitromax, in addition i had been taking Augmentin for about 6 days due to a sinus infection.
Avatar m tn I am dealing with some health issues at the moment, and one of those issues is an infection I believe I got from shaving my body hair. I have had an augmentin resistant staph infection since Sept last year. I let it go till last May or June when I took 5 and a half days of Sulphamethoxazole before I had to stop from a bad reaction. It was killing the infection, but then the infection returned because I couldn't complete the course.
Avatar n tn The docs then gave him Augmentin (co-amoxiclav) which he's been on now for 5 days and still the boils are not receding and are still very red, very sore and not showing any signs of going away. Throughout all of this he has had a slight fever occasionally, and some sickness (maybe because of the pain or medication, we've presumed). He is not diabetic and he is 31 and otherwise very healthy, having had no colds or flu for months.
Avatar f tn Cellulitis is an acute infection of skin and soft tissues characterized by localized pain, swelling, tenderness, erythema, and warmth. Blood culture sensitivity is often done to find out the causative pathogen and its sensitivity to various antibiotics. If it is MRSA,then antibiotics other than amoxycillins can be prescribed depending upon the blood culture report.
Avatar n tn i used to have of these before on and off but recently they just dont seem to be going away!!! i have tried, augmentin, kladic, fluxofullin and some others but nothing seems to be working. i am waiting now to get it checked out in a hospital and have been advised to clean the infected area out with salt and boiling water.. i have done so but am finding the cleaning is making my skin slightly irritable and sensitive! i am wondering if u could help me with trying to prevent it.
Avatar n tn All of the 5 doctors I have seen can't seem to prevent this from happening and treatments only seem to work for a short time. I was on continious low dose of anti-biotics, penicillian, and augmentin but I still had an episode. I've had CAT scans done, lymph node biopsey and the tissue from both excisions from the plastic surgeon have concluded nothing. With the exception "'s a staph infection...