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Avatar m tn So I went ahead and and tried the temazepam last night. And it was a horrid night! I was awake every hour on the hour. 2am and I'm wide awake. I think I can tolerate the ambien for another month or two - the temazepam just didn't work as well, plus I think it is a lot more addictive than ambien at the higher dosage it would take to knock me out.
Avatar f tn My doctor prescribed Paxil 20mgs and Ativan for anxiety and sleep. I am now taking the same dose of Paxil and 2 mgs. of Ativan daily. I really want to get off the Ativan as I don't want to have to worry about always getting a prescription from my doctor and having some on hand. I realize I will have to taper it and would really appreciate it if someone could give me some advice. I discussed this with my doctor and he thinks I should stay on it, but I don't. Thank you so much.
Avatar n tn people often taper down using valium or temazepam as they r weaker and can help with the sleep and mom is on a benzo for sleep long term due to her rhuematoid arthritis but she has never upped her dose nor does she abuse i am just happy she gets her sleep...2 mg of ativan is alot tho and ,5 is the normal long term dose...remebering that anything someone uses for sleep can be very psychologically and some meds/physically addicting....
Avatar n tn I have been on 6 mg of xanax a day and 30 mg of temazepam at night for years. I dropped the Temazepam and have been trying to get off the xanax but I have racing thoufgts and they started coming back. Ativan is what the use to get you off Xanax. Klonipen is not strong at all. I am going back to doctor to have him place me on Ativan. It is dangerous to just stop taking them without being under a doctors care. It can be done if your inpatient so they can watch you.
358304 tn?1409713092 Well I have been taking ativan and temazepam for probably over 10 years. I am slowly, very slowly weaning myself off of the ativan. I was taking 1mg 3 times a day now I'm down to 2 mgs 0.5 and 0.5 and 1mg a day. And I am definitely getting the brain zapps. I am most certain it is the coming off the ativan because it is the exact feeling I've had when coming off anti depressants so I know it's a drug related effect. I'm going to continue on and hope it goes away.
Avatar n tn I was hoping by just taking Serax that I could take lower doses of valium which in turn would keep less Desmethyldiazepam and Temazepam from accumulating and just take Serax which is responsible for the anxioltyic effect. However, I am not sure if the metabolite Oxazepam and the actual brand Serax are the same in their actions. I don't want to go through rebound and rapid tolerance by adding Serax to the mix but it's already a metabolite anyways so I figured it wouldn't matter.
Avatar m tn I found that valium is effective compared to ativan, xanax, klonopin, etc. My doctor gave me 5 valium pills of 5mg and told me to take half a pill per week. I once used valium in the pass and know how it feels and I know this is not it. Not only he nickle and dimed me with a quantity of 5 and only 5mg, but it feels like placebo to me. after pleading to be prescribed valium I get this sugar pill and i think its really messed up.
Avatar n tn I think Klonopin is similar to Ativan, which I was on for about 4 years before and I had a hard time getting off of that... I had to taper off very slowly and by reducing the dosage by 1/4 each step. I would get very agitated and extremely nervous. However, compared to getting off of hydro's, the Ativan was not nearly as bad. Anyway, I'm telling you all that just because maybe Klonopin withdrawal is similar to Ativan withdrawal.
937868 tn?1379188559 two weeks ago I had sex with an ex boyfriend without condoms, he told me several times that he dont have HIV, he was tested in march this year and the results where negative, then he had sex with condoms with another woman, and he insisted that he is ok. He is very healthy and does a lot of excersice and eats very well. He is not a drug addict and never had sex with a man. I know im at risk but how big is the risk and or is. My OCD exagerating things.
Avatar f tn Why is temazepam contraindicated for copd patients and what would the side effects be
Avatar m tn I take a natural combo from the health food store with herbs that help you sleep and sometimes Temazepam from my dr ( a RX sleep aide) .. I'm feeling more normal every day.. just trying to find myself I guess. BUT, so glad to be clean and not constantly worry about when i will get my next fix.
541465 tn?1219431486 (My choice, usually, only 30) and 2 mg of Klonopin, or clonazepam, same thing, Baclofen, for spasticity, Some cholesterol and stomach acid meds, some Gabapentin for nerve pain, (worthless) some Zanafles, or tizanidine for muscles, ,, and 15mg at nite of Temazepam for sleep, those are all the main ones. I also usuallt take 200mg od provigil to help with fatigue, but I ran out long ago. over a month. I'm running out of almost every narcotic except clonazepam and methadone.
Avatar m tn they are two types of benzos hynotic/sedative ones, and anxiolytic ones, the hypnotic ones are for severfe insomnia and certain other disorders for mostly night time and include benzos such as temazepam(restoril), triazolam(halcion), nitrazepam, and the anxiolytic ones are xanax, klonopin, ativan, valium, and many many mire, there are hundereds of benzos being prescribed, the ones i mentioned ar ethe msot widely abused and most often prescribed....
329165 tn?1515475590 One girl in my support group has bad hand tremors. I took Lamictal for a while. Now I'm on Ativan, Effexor and at night 100 mg Seraquel and Temazepam.
1311839 tn?1282484202 My whole life has been spent coming of high doses off methadone,booze,,ativan,diazepam,temazepam,and I cant face another long withdrawal from suboxone.A ex girlfriend of mines can give me 3 50microgram an hour fentanyl patches which will last me 9 days and should get me over the suboxone withdrawals.Im scared incase suboxone hasnt given me a high enough tolerance to handle fentanyl(especially 50mcg) and I may die.
1075731 tn?1286890975 25 then even half of that and do over a month or so..ativan is a close second in strength and doses over or = to 1 mg of ativan used for a length of time should also be tapered..for some even a 0.5 dose needs to be tapered..klonpin is a close third in strength...with 1 mg also being a significant dose if used for a while..benzos should be tapered under a drs care narcs can be quit ct..and it seems u have done that..CONGRATS! Also...knowing u r not an addict cos u stated u r not...
419309 tn?1326506891 BTW, do not let them substitute temazepam for ativan on's twice as toxic, and has half the clearance in the liver....even drugs in the same or similar families can behave quite differently just because they have one extra isotope added on.
Avatar f tn My next goal is to get rid of sleeping meds. Temazepam.. Problem is, I simply cannot stand to feel horrible and not sleep either. So, will attack that one when feeling a little better. Any suggestions. I've tried the common herbs for this with no good results.
Avatar f tn .5 mg klonopin is equal to how many mg of diazepam (volume)? Ativan? Xanex? How do they compare?
Avatar n tn If there is no benzo. (ativan, temazepam, valium etc) you can take now, you need to get to a doctor or emergency room ASAP! xoxo- D.
1512839 tn?1300245802 If I smell something good I may become curious and go taste it, but there's not much interest, really. I'm still on the Ativan, for another month. They barely help at 1mg. He told me to take 2 if I needed them. Gee thanks, so then I'll run out even faster. He added some sleeping pills, Temazepam, 15mg. I asked for them. They don't work either unless I take 2, which I do. Sorry doc, I told you my body doesn't respond to low doses of stuff. I guess he doesn't believe me.
918457 tn?1244649282 Like you said, research is your friend. Temazepam is a fairly short acting benzodiazepine. Just like Xanax or Ativan, they can do bad things if you suddenly stop. Cold turkey on opiates will make you feel like you are going to die for a while, but cold turkey on benzodiazepines can really kill you. Be careful with them and if you are planning on stopping them, talk to your doc about a taper on them. Its the only safe way to come off of benzos. Good luck and be safe...
Avatar m tn Klonopin, Ativan and Xanax are all much more potent than Valium (equivalents given in Manual). Xanax and Ativan are relatively rapidly eliminated. Klonopin has a half life of 18 to 50 hours compared to Valium's 200 hours, so Klonopin cannot be called long-acting. The suggestion that "Klonopin is the only long-acting benzo that is able to cover Klonopin receptors" is nonsense. There are no such things as just Klonopin receptors, as explained above.
Avatar f tn Ok my question may seem dumb but I have to ask . Is there people that actually need and take benzos that never have a problem?
Avatar f tn I came off xanax and switched for Ativan. I was also taking Paxil. Then I was put on Klonopin with the ativan and trazodone for the sleeping problems. For me it worked very well. I came off the ativan and am now on Trazodone, Klonopin, Paxil and Inderal. Now I use to fall asleep within ten minutes of taking them. Then it didnt seem to work as well at all.
Avatar m tn As suggested by jd, you do not have to take it daily so just take them when you need them. I was on Ativan for a year and did not become dependent. Took as needed. Quit when the menopause passed.
202347 tn?1189759425 You can use a different benzodiazepine (xanax, ativan, temazepam) to wean off of it to avoid the side effects you have been experiencing with the klonopin but stopping suddenly puts you at risk of convulsions, seizures, stroke, and can be fatal. xoxo- D.
366811 tn?1217426272 You get to it simply by typing the name of the drug in the search box. Among the results, you'll see articles and information about the drug. Medhelp, however, thinks that might not be enough, because so many people continue to ask on the forums for info already in the database. And so, they are proposing that the forums have their OWN little drug database comprised of the medication information regarding drugs the members might be taking or have prescribed for them or even just wonder about.
Avatar f tn You may want to see if short term your doc would add something like ativan or temazepam to deal with the aggitation until the Paxil has time to build up. I know my first couple months were horrendous, I was waking up with my whole abdomen quivering and acting like Jello gone wild. I could not stop the spasming, and the feeling of being completely undone was overwhelming. Even though it's hard to get off of all these things later, it may be neccessary to give yourself permission short term.