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1326513 tn?1276518001 Probably not -- ativan targets GABA receptors. Don't know how frequently you take ativan. GABA isn't a particularly effective supplement for anxiety. For one thing, it can cause anxiety. For another, and most important, it doesn't cross the blood/brain barrier well. A better way to get GABA is to take taurine, which along with B-6 is what the body uses to make GABA, but since you're taking the ativan, I'd be careful about this.
11083698 tn?1415151204 First, pharmacists don't know anything about natural remedies. They don't get trained in them. Second, yes, if you're on Ativan, don't take GABA -- the Ativan is already targeting GABA. Don't take the taurine either. There are ways to take natural relaxants along with benzos, but if you're not expert in natural medicine I wouldn't play around.
Avatar f tn ive been on it for 23 years , yes its very addicting, but i dont take it enought to get used to it, i might take once every 3 months or longer, if you need something more than once a day or more than twice a week you need to ask for the long term benz, like klonopin, your body will get use to that dose and after awhile need more ativan, if you take it everyday , but with klonopin it is made to take everyday twice a day and you should never need anymore ,thats what ive been told, i took klonopin
Avatar f tn HI,I have never been told im bipolar but haved very bad anxiety and depression my dr told me yesterday i have a gaba defiencneny and put me on depokote er and said it will help me,im at my breaking point about ready to go into a mental hospital if i dont get this together,,,my question is will depokote help people who arent bipolar everything i have read on it says its for bipolar,,,i have bad anxiety abnd was on ativan and my dr switched me to xanx on nov 13 and i think it makes me worse but sh
Avatar f tn Hey there, anyone know if taking Ativan (lorazepam) 1 to 2 days before a blood test for serum creatinine levels would have any effects on results?
Avatar m tn Everyone is affected differently by medication. Ativan ( or lorazapam) is a benzodiazpam and should relax you via gaba receptors.
Avatar f tn re already getting in other supplements and your diet, but the body does need B-6 to make both serotonin and GABA. 5-HTP can work against you when you're in withdrawal, because what's happening is, serotonin receptors are waking up that the body felt weren't necessary anymore because of the reuse of serotonin by other receptors targeted by the Prozac. 5-HTP can just exacerbate that. Some have found it helpful, and some have found it makes withdrawal worse.
Avatar m tn This is something rehab facilities do -- cold turkey. But cold turkey on benzos can cause seizures, so this is clearly malpractice. Benzos are considered by addiction specialists to be the hardest as to prolonged withdrawals -- but probably only because they don't technically define antidepressants as addictive -- so I would get on the horn with everyone you can think of -- your psychiatrist, the rehab facility, whoever -- and if it comes to it threaten malpractice.
Avatar m tn So, I am on Klonopin .5 mg 3x a day, and taking Ativan when needed. I typically need (not want) 1-3 mg of Ativan a day. I haven't been on this high of a dose of benzos until several weeks ago. Right now, I absolutely need them, and all my doctors agree that it's my best option for now. My brain doesn't seem to work right, and just won't produce enough GABA. I really just want to stop the Ativan altogether, but at this point, it's unrealistic, unless the Klonopin is increased.
Avatar m tn t tell you what to do, I can only suggest something that might help. And I can only think of two things. One is to go back on the Ativan and see if your symptoms go away, which would indicated that's the problem. Then you'd have to very slowly taper down off of it since you have this unusual sensitivity to it.
Avatar n tn I may be wrong but this combo works for me... I also have GAD and it has gotten worse over the past 2 years as well. To the point of having actual panic attacks. I haven't tried any AD's because I'm afraid of side effects. I take 5-HTP at night (50mg.) I don't take it for the anxiety tho. I take it for my "gloomy's". I get a bit depressed when I don't feel good because of my anxiety. I get anxiety induced nausea.
Avatar m tn im on ativan-0.5mg,procyclidine-2.5mg,zyprexa-5mg and paxil 10 mg for the last 5,6 years...i am 21,male...last night i smoked some marijuana for the second time in my life....its been 24 hours since i smoked....i need to take my medicines again...i got sober after 3 hours of smoking....its been almost 38 hours since i last took my medicine,i really need to take them again....what do i do?
Avatar f tn Anyhow, onto my question... In addition to depression, I struggle with anxiety and take 1 mg Ativan as needed, up to 3x/day. The Ativan helps with the anxiety but I've noticed if I have to take it for a few days in a row it really seems to affect my mood, in that I often feel even more depressed than I did before taking it.
Avatar n tn I am also going to keep following my primary doctors prescription for Ativan and keep it at 1.5mg a day and hopefully with therapy I can begin to get off it. I'm also going to try the tea tonight but drink it before I take my Ativan and Valium. If I feel it has good results I will try to stop the Valium at night and just stick with Ativan. Thanks again for your.
Avatar n tn the 2 drugs that cannot be stopped abruptly w/out the risk of seizures are alcohol & benzodiazapeines , ativan (brand name for lorazapam) is a benzo, so please talk to your doctor before stopping. just for some info cuz i know a bit about benzos as i am prescribed xanax (brand name for alprazolam)& hav taken every kind, alcohol and benzos work on the same receptor GABA and can be used inplace of each other incase of emergency , but Not together.
Avatar m tn Hi. Thank you. Was on librium for 6 weeks for anxiety/insomnia. Dr said it was least potent/safest benzo. Well I got withdrawals. So he gave me a 14 day taper (so 2 months in total on librium). Anyway I've had minor withdrawals for 6 weeks and was getting better. Er doc gave ativan and have been scared he set me back. But I think it's more fear than anything. I have the ten ativan if things really flare up. Pharmacist even said ten ativan will not set me back. Thank you so much.
Avatar m tn can I take Lorazepam (ativan) if I'm taking 5 HTP? Please if anyone knows the answer to this (dr, R.N.) anyone with experience or knowledge, please let me know. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I have been on a slow gradual detox from 3 mg. of Ativan for the last 3 months. Now I am at .25 mg. My problem is that I cannot sleep at all and have severe heart palpitations. It feels like my heart is coming through my chest. Along with the insomnia is severe muscle spasms in my back. Is there anything natural that I can use for the insomnia in particular since I absolutely need sleep and also the back spasms, is there anything that I can take for them that is natural? Thanks.
Avatar f tn I have bad anxiety and depression and the dr said i haved a gaba diffency that she determined by giving me a true false questionanire...
358304 tn?1409709492 I see a chiropractor who is a holistic doc and he has me on a GABA product called PharmaGaba pro and I take 5-HTP at night. The HTP took away the gloomy's that I was having. Took about a week and now they are gone. I'm so HOPING the GABA stuff works on my anxiety. I do feel a calmness (a mild calmness) 30 min. after taking it. I also have a prescription for compazine for nausea. I get anxiety induced nausea. The compazine also calms me down.
Avatar m tn What's the differences between CNS depression? May i know what's the causes of depression? Does it relate to the neurotransmitter? Diazepam is an anti-depressant? It enhances the effect of GABA by binding to the benzodiazepine site on the GABA A-receptor. After binding to the receptor, may i know what's the next mechanism? GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter? If GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter, how does diazepam can cause anti-depress? I heard that it can treat seizure?
5986700 tn?1380791380 some people have used gaba....
Avatar m tn I think the Ativan calms more than agitates. Being a Benzo, It uses the Gaba receptors just like alcohol does. If the person you're referring to wants to quit drinking, we're here and will be more than happy to support them in their path to sobriety and healthy living.
Avatar f tn i was impressed//haha i spent two weeks there and came out on ativan and cymbalta and risperdal.I have never been the same since..He really seemed like quack...
Avatar m tn The GABA-A receptor subtype alpha2 is responsible for anti-anxiety effects and amnesia, GABA-A alpha1 subtype for sedation, and both alpha1 and alpha2 as well as alpha5 subtypes for the anticonvulsant effects. All the benzodiazepines act on all of these. Zopiclone and zolpidem are meant to be more selective, acting mainly on alpha1 subtype, though this is only relative. Therefore there is no reason for not substituting Valium in Klonopin, Xanax and Ativan withdrawal.