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Avatar f tn How long should I take Arimidex? In July it'll be 5 yrs since my dx. I was put on Arimidex after my chemo and radiation treatments--8 months after dx (so 4 yrs on Arimidex right now). Do I discontinue using it on my 5 yr anniversary or do I discontinue it after taking it for 5 yrs?
Avatar f tn Stage 1. Went through chemo, radiation and Arimidex for 4 years. How long should I take the Arimidex? One dr. says I'll be done taking it soon. Another said I should be on it 7 to 10 years. I don't know who to trust. Doesn't anyone have the most recent stats or studies on this?
Avatar n tn Or, it just could be the Arimidex. Two Advil help but I'd hate to get used to it and have to take more and more, so I try to limit it.
Avatar n tn I, too, find it very annoying that many in the medical field refuse to deal with the side effects we get from the meds they give us. Look how long it took them to admit to "chemo brain". I think in a lot of cases they are hoping it will pass and we will continue on the regimens. Weakness and loss of strength are known side effects of Arimidex, along with the joint/bone pain. It is possible that this is what is causing you to feel clumsy...
Avatar n tn Is this normal and how long does it take to go away?
Avatar f tn Expander could not be put back in so 1 breast has expander and the other nothing. I will have reconstructive surgery April 2014. I started arimidex December 2013 I have experienced hot flashes which I'm used too. I take a organic bone support supplement. I've been in physical therapy since October 2013 which has helped me tremendously. Now after two months on Arimidex I am experiencing vaginal dryness that is quickly getting worse.
Avatar f tn ,Tuesday, I have a Consultation with a Radiation Oncologist, I am anxious to start this therapy. But, I have to be careful on how to choose the right Radiation T. I have Cosmetic implants and I know , if I get Standard outside Radiation, Capsular Contraction is a huge and terrible side effect. Please, give me , you assesment, I can't thank you enough. Ali.
Avatar m tn Its causing great pain as it pushes into my armpit and affects my lymphedema. Should I come off the Fosavance prior to any surgery? and if so how much time beforehand do I need to stop it? I am seeing my onc. doctor but that is in May, so just trying to get myself sorted out mentally before I go off and have a million tests and then the meeting. Thank you in anticipation.
Avatar n tn anyway I am now trying the arimidex have just been taking it since Tuesday 23,, How long does it take on the arimidex to start having side effects, With me on the Aromasin it was just 2 weeks then wham they started big time. I know the difference between the two is Aromasin is a steroid and Arimidex is not. Has anyone taking the Arimidex had depression with it?
1415174 tn?1453246703 I am posting again to ask a question my friend that is taking Arimidex for grade 1 breast cancer. She has been taking Arimidex for about 6 months now and has had a hallucination. Has anyone had this happen. I read it may be a rare side effect but it isn't on the package insert.
Avatar m tn Hi again, I stumbled on this site after googling "life after zoladex" and am unsure how to find the 2009 thread again to read about the Cleveland Clinic.
Avatar f tn I would start with the Arimidex, and in the meantime, have the slides from your surgery sent to be tested to see if you are estrogen receptor positive. If it comes back postive, then you'll know your best bet is to continue on with Arimidex, or swith to another Aromatase Inhibitor if your CA125 continues to rise after the first month. If it comes back negative, then you and your doctor can then decide which chemo to try next.
Avatar n tn My doctor told me yesterday that if I have my ovaries removed, I can still stay on Tamoxifen, switch to Arimidex or possibly take both (if I understood her correctly). What have you heard about one Vs the other once in Menopause? Did you end up having surgery? My other choice is to wait 6 weeks to see if cysts go away, just concerned about the complex cyst. Thanks!
Avatar n tn Does the Famara or Remidex cause hair loss? If it doesn't, I am going to ask my doctor to switch me to one of the others. I look forward to hearing from you since I just started this medication a few days ago. Thank you, Leeme This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/258614'>Hair loss and Tamoxifen</a>.
Avatar n tn has occurred as the shots will usually prevent menstrual cycles and will affect the blood tests frequently used to measure menopausal status. There is no exact limit as to how long zoladex can be continued, however, there are side effects such as discomfort at the injection site and bone density loss. If the Zoladex is stopped and the Arimidex is continued, it would be appropriate to follow estradiol levels regularly -the levels should remain very low if you are truly postmenopausal.
Avatar f tn I was able to get to the phone to try and call my girls, but our home number was out of the area and I was too doped up to figure out how to get a line out. So, I made my way to the closet, got a tampex out and made my way into the bathroom. It was no party, and I can give you the rest of the reasons why I insisted my doctor release me that DAY! Never mind that I ended up loosing both my expanders 3 weeks and 7 weeks later do to infections I went home with FROM the HOSPITAL!!!!
Avatar f tn I have had a lot of teasts as I feared that the pain was caused by secondary cancer in my ribs / lungs and lymph nodes. All the tests are clear. I do take arimidex and think this may cause the cycle this causes. Has anyone else encountered this problem. If you did, how did you remedy it.
Avatar m tn During bad flares, my gastro usually does a colonoscopy and upper GI endoscopy to get a full picture of where the inflammation is and how extensive. However, he is concerned at the amount of radiation this entails, and although I was not in a flare at the time, he ordered an MRI of my lower abdomen last November. He said this test is "non-ionising". This showed two strictures in the small intestine, which I was not aware of as I was asymptomatic.
694135 tn?1299022583 I want them both removed - but I also along with that, be able to NOT have to take the tamoxifen and a guarantee that the cancer will not come back. How and when do I decide to have a mastectomy. Both of my doctors say the decision is mine. Please help me. I am so lost - Has enough happened and it won't stop? Do I have to continue to live like this and see no end? Anything would help at this point in my Life. Have been doing alot of research - still can't find answers.
Avatar n tn We will be going the long holiday weekend - Jan 18-21.
Avatar f tn I don't know how long the Taxol will be effective but it is working to some extent now. She also needs to have reconstructive surgery on one breast to match her singe mesectamy. New medicine is the key for the future. Thanks.
415684 tn?1257332918 , it has lowered my CA-125 to a normal level but I'm not sure how long that can last. When the CA-125 starts to rise again, and if they can see signs of active disease, it's back to heavy chemo. Any thoughts anyone?
Avatar n tn Did they give you any idea of how long you would have to wait for the results? Boninclyde-I love your screen name. I picutre you with an adventurous personality, not afraid of anything. Am I on the right track? BTW, I live outside of Philadelphia, PA. Have you ever been in my neck of the woods? I love the Carolinas and have traveled there several times.
751009 tn?1248800145 I also want to point out that I was also am not a candidate for reconstruction , which I think is the case alot with IBC because they had to take so much tissue and skin.I imagine if I wanted I could look into it down the road, I know by law it will be paid for, but it would mean extensive work to reconstruct my chest and right now Im focusing on fighting this very aggressive beast.
Avatar f tn All in all, I feel so much better mentally - actually slept for 9 hours last night. Gastro has okayed my trip to Spain later this month, just have to make sure I take my meds. Thank you so much for your concern - how are you doing? Do you have secondaries? Hope they are under control. Take care, and kind regards, Liz, in Cornwall, England.
Avatar n tn No, I really am not ready to take that step yet. I am drinking some soy milk and it seems to help, I just have to be carefull with the soy because I still have my uterus (that is what the nurse at my gyn's office told me). This is something that I am going to have to learn more about.
Avatar f tn I switched to Aromasin from Arimidex and my I began losing my hair immediately. Changed back after 6 days but a week later, I'm still losing hair. Any ideas on how long this will continue?