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Avatar n tn I was on Tamoxifen initially but couldn't tolerate it (extreme vaginal itching and discharge)so was switched to Arimidex about a year ago. I am now starting to experience discomfort on this, has any one else found this? I have a check-up this week, supposed to be 6 monthly but is 9 months since last one, I'm tempted to ask to come off Arimidex. Am post-menopausal, sister died of BC at age 45 and maternal aunt, also, so may be genetic tendency. What does the surgeon think? I live in the UK.
Avatar f tn I had only one little tumor that was invasive and estrogen receptive and I was reluctant to start Arimidex too... but my surgeon strongly suggested that it was better for me to take it for at least five years.Hoping that you will make the right decision after discussing it with your doctor.Best wishes and take care.
Avatar n tn In the early breast cancer clinical trial, the most common side effects seen with ARIMIDEX include hot flashes, joint symptoms (including arthritis and arthralgia), weakness, mood changes, pain, back pain, sore throat, nausea and vomiting, rash, depression, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, fractures, swelling of arms/legs, insomnia, and headache. Patients taking ARIMIDEX were less likely than those taking tamoxifen to stop treatment because of side effects.
Avatar n tn I have been on Arimidex for 4 months and have a lot of pain in my knees, thighs, legs and feet. Also get lots of cramps in legs and feet. It actually feels like it moves around and throbs from muscles to bones and back.? Has anyone experienced this kind of pain? I was on Tamoxefin before and had discomfort but no pain like this. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/551044'>hip pain/breast cancer</a>.
Avatar n tn I have been on Arimidex for some 4+ years now and do get clumsliness.....I am 63 yrs young, and have just put it down to declining age. I had severe hip pain about 2 yrs ago, was terrified it was bone mets, but after a bone scan was dx with osteoarthritis in both hips, feet and hands. Some days, I have to put my hands in hot water just to relieve the pain. I believe my problems with arthritis are due to some 30 yrs of steroids for Crohn's.
Avatar n tn I am now on weekly self injected methotrexate which is doing a great job in keeping the Crohn's in remission. I have osteopenia, osteo-arthritis in both hips, hands and feet, and had 2 spontaneous fractures in either feet last summer. My bc surgeon wants me to continue with Armidex because of lymph node spread but is concerned at further bone depletion. He is referring me to a Professor of Endocrinology here in England for another opinion.
Avatar n tn Today I read where psoriasis and Crohn's can be related. I am a borderline Crohn's patient with psoriasis and severe arthritis in my hip and pelvic area, causing night pain; excrutiating pain in the groin, pelvic & hip area. Have to flop over in bed because it hurts for the mattress to touch that side. Also, with having DDD, do you think that nerve entrapment could be causing this or just arthritis?
Avatar n tn I have wondered if the Arimidex is affecting her arthritis and ability to walk, and was interested to read all the comments about this subject. At 86, I wonder if a reduced quality of life is worth the benefits of the medication: it might be a good idea to go off the drug for a while and see what happens? She is afraid to visit me (a plane ride away) because of worry about walking. Any comments? Good wishes to everyone.
Avatar f tn It’s good to know that you are responding well to your treatment. Aromatase inhibitors like Arimidex can cause joint pains and arthritis. Those are included in the side effects profile of the drug. But these are manageable with use of supportive measures. Data on the use of Arimidex showed benefits when given for 5 years. Beyond 5 years, there is not much data to support the use of this drug. Perhaps the data available are still not that mature to arrive at a conclusion.
Avatar n tn two years ago and, and in FEb of 2006, I finished 9 cycles of Gemzar and carboplatin. Disease appears stable now but CA 125 has risen slightly. I expect to be in treatment soon within a few months. MDs just started me on Airmidex. Any info about any success with Arimidex would be appreciated as well as any infor on bothersome side effects and do these side effects lessen? I was already on Tamxoxifen sevral years ago after treatment for breast cancer and recall the hot flashes.... Thanks!
1415174 tn?1453246703 Her question is she is taking Arimidex and Fosamax and has gotten arthritis in her hands and knee and now a bone spur in her shoulder joint. she wants to know if the bone spur could be caused by one of the drugs.
Avatar n tn Hi, With Arimidex,I also had a lot of pain in my back,my legs and muscles. I talked to my Breast Specialist and she advised me to stop taking it for 2 months to see if the pain would lessen.It did! I felt so much better and the pain had almost disappeared. Of course, I had to continue the treatment and now I am taking Femara which is nearly the same drug as Arimidex,but I find that the pain is much more tolerable.
Avatar f tn Many thanks for your response which has given me hope that I can take an adjuvant bc med, and have no hip or foot pain. As I was dx with osteo arthritis of both hips, feet and hands after a bone scan a few years ago, I just never connected the pain with Arimidex and thought it was "old age" and arthritis. I was discharged by the Oncologist who helped me through chemo and rads, and have only seen my bc surgeon annually since Feb 2004.
Avatar f tn She has metastatic with bone issues (sorry I don't know if it's cancer), spinal tumors (4 of them), spleen and liver tumors and something of a spot near the lung but they're not 'concerned'. She has been on arimidex and zometa for a year and they've been great. She has had ZERO side effects and is so happy with her treatment.
Avatar n tn What are the benefits and risks of taking arimidex as adjuvant treatment for ER+ breast cancer tumors?
Avatar f tn ), allowing its use for the treatment of psoriatic arthritis, and as first-line treatment for severe, active, and progressive rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in methotrexate (MTX)-naive adults. Approval of the psoriatic arthritis indication was based on the results of two clinical studies, including the phase 3 placebo-controlled Adalimumab Effectiveness in Psoriatic Arthritis Trial (ADEPT) in 313 patients.
Avatar n tn I stopped taking both a few months later and now am taking Three Imperial Mushrooms and Juan Bi 1 (AR-125) by Pro Botanix. for the arthritis and joint pain symptoms. I want to know if I still need to take the Arimedex again, to keep the cancer away or will the Imperial Mushrooms ( with no side affects what so ever) will do the trick. I have changed my diet and lead a relatively stress free life, but with the family history and my own cancer, I need some more input.
Avatar f tn thank you so much you don't know how happy i am to find out there is another type of med that can help me, I just went to my doctor yesterday and he told me that i had developed arthritis on my hands and feet and that my eyes are being affected too and i need to go see an ophtamolgist to get steroids eye drops or the retina of the eye can become detach due to the pressure, he said that there was nothing else for me to try the only thing was to increase my remicade to every 4 weeks.
Avatar f tn I took Tamoxifen for 4 years while on the trial that started in 1992. I had to go off because of edema in my legs...after 4 years on the drug. My breast cancer showed up in late 2003...but I have the BRCA2 mutation too. You probably should be examined for your symptoms anyway, as they could be from something else. Especially if you take some of the drugs for arthritis etc. My mother took Tamoxifen for 5 years after her second breast cancer.
Avatar f tn I completed lumpectomy, chemotherapy, radiation, breast reconstruction and now taking Arimidex. I have extreme joint pain that seems to be getting worse.....Is this normal? My doctor says arthritis. I alternate Motrin and Tylenol, warm packs and ICY HOT with minimal relief. Are there any alternatives?
415684 tn?1257332918 , it has lowered my CA-125 to a normal level but I'm not sure how long that can last. When the CA-125 starts to rise again, and if they can see signs of active disease, it's back to heavy chemo. Any thoughts anyone?
107366 tn?1305683975 Hi Gail I am on Arimidex for almost 5yrs now . My bones have been effected by arthritis and then I found out I had Fibromyalgia ! My pain did increase when I started with the Arimidex and my doc put me on Tramadol, works most of the time for me . Really cold weather and damp do make it worse and I am now into thermal underwear lol ! I too feel like 90 when I wake too ! Not a good start to the day . I also do the shuffle to go to the loo in the mornings as my joints are all stiff .
Avatar n tn Dear DFW: Both Arimidex and Femara are indicated for post-menopausal women - only. Tamoxifen is indicated for women who are/were premenopausal at diagnosis. Sometimes, over time, the body develops better tolerance of the drug. Also, some antidepressants can help with some of the nerve pain and help with the depression. There are also medications that can help with hot flashes.
Avatar f tn I am now seeing a physio as she can only rotate my left hip 50%. Arthritis has been ruled out. Can the blood test and normal x-ray show bone metastases, or is a bone scan necessary? Can the Arimidex cause this pain? - it is not any better with the physio. Also, my path report only showed ER status (+) - what is the relevance of PR and HER2 status and do I need to have this done? Thank you, Liz.
Avatar n tn ago - had a mastectomy, followed by chemo. I'm now on tamoxifen. I've been having moderate hip and shoulder pain for the past 6 mos. or so - can't cross my legs easily, especially bothers me when I'm sitting or less active. Any cause for concern here? I've been avoiding doing anything about it, as it is not as bothersome some times.
Avatar n tn I have osteopenia and osteo-arthritis, and bone density loss. Mine is caued by 30+ yrs of steroids and for 4 yrs, the breast cancer drug Arimidex, which does not protect the bones as tamoxifen does. My bc surgeon prescribed a bisphopshonate, Alendronic Acid (think it is called Zometa in the US) which I take once weekly, and Calcichew/Vit.D which I take twice daily. Both are to build up my bones and prevent further loss.
Avatar n tn I am currently on Arimidex and Actonel. I have developed arthritis in my spine and osteoporosis. I have a lot of aches and pains from Arimidex. I am having an MRI on my hip to check for neucrosis. I also have neuropathy in my hands and feet and lymphodema. Can any of these conditions cause an elevation in my tumor markers? If not, are these elevations cause for alarm? I know that CA27.
Avatar n tn Are stimulants like Ritalin used on short term basis PRN? I'm 63 and other than arthritis and sciatica in good health. Thanks. Had DCIS on other side in 1998 with radiation, but no fatigue like this.
Avatar n tn Not everyone gets these bone pains on Arimidex, but lots of bc survivors I have come across on 2 bc support forums in the Uk and USA, do and some stopped it after 8 weeks. I do have osteopenia and osteo arthritis in hips,hands and feet, with bone density loss caused by 30+ yrs of steroids for Crohn's, but this has exponentially been exacerbated by Arimidex. For the past 2 yrs I have been taking a weekly bisphosphonate (Alendronate), plus twice daily Calcichew/Vit.
330974 tn?1215368760 Please request a bone scan ASAP. My current treatment is Zometa and Arimidex. Major improvement in all sites except 1 which is stable after 1 year of treatment. Michantom.