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Avatar n tn She ran a fever of over 104 degrees. She has been on Omnicef, Augmentin, and now Macrodantin. I have taken her for a kidney scan and VCUG. Both were normal. Could peeing in the pullup be causing her UTI's? She has been in them for years with no problem except now. She does't take baths, just showers. I wash her with gentle soap. I also wipe her after she uses the bathroom. Now she has to go see a pediatric urologist on Tuesday.
2115102 tn?1334760523 I am not sure why my LLMD pulses the Bactrim on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but it may be because he only wants one antibiotic to be the constant, and Omnicef technically will be, even when I don't take it the days I'm taking the IV Rocephin, because Omnicef is basically the pill form of Rocephin. I'm guessing he wants the Flagyl taken Saturday and Sunday because you have to take antibiotics at least 48 hrs. for them to work at killing off the spirochete.
242516 tn?1368227505 A virus hijacks your own body's healthy cells and uses it to reproduce and spread. A bacteria is its own living cell and multiplies and spreads on its own and is easier to destroy in that process. Speaking of outbreaks, influenza is finally reaching Palo Alto right around now.
Avatar m tn For Lyme treatment, it was again two meds, a cyst buster to penetrate the biofilms, plus a more usual antibiotic to kill the bacteria directly. That went on for over a year, maybe close to two. (Hard drive failure ate my notes, so can't say for sure how long.) I think it's usual to treat for nonLyme ailments first, and then move on to killing Lyme, because Lyme takes longer to treat due its unique attributes.
Avatar f tn Was given second antibiotic, better then worse again. It is now September 10th. My neighbor comes over, who is a doctor for VA hospital, and informs me that she was in hosptial three days the previous week, and they were trying to figure out what had happened to her, she had had a mini stroke and an mri had some strange findings on it, finding that suggested LYME. They did a test and she was positive.
Avatar m tn Do your blood tests show any mineral deficiencies? Lyme uses up magnesium (Mg) in its reproductive cycle, and that can make you feel tired and miserable, besides constipated. Problem is, most Mg in the body is inside the cells, so if your bloodstream is carry Mg to the Lyme bugs to do their thing, the Mg levels inside the cells are getting lower and lower, but blood tests will often show normal levels of Mg IN YOUR BLOOD.
1852058 tn?1320162300 You can kill the bacteria using long term Macrolides (Azithromycin, Minocin,Omnicef, etc), boost your immune system by taking proper supplements and inflamation reducing drugs ( Gabapentin, Neurontin), that helps reduce stress to the Immune system. Eating healthy is always a plus. Some use antivirals to help, but they can be caustic and actually be counterproductive.
Avatar m tn WHAT'S EVEN SCARIER is that I took antibiotics called Omnicef 2 weeks prior before going to the music festival, and boom, PATM. I know mine probably has to due with the antibiotics destroying all of my good bacteria, thus letting candida take over . Also, I smoke marijuana sometimes before I eat because it tastes better. During my antibiotics, I smoked everyday. I just researched that THC can INCREASE candida overgrowth !! Oops.
Avatar f tn How long does it take for the cough to come out of my chest after the antibiotic is done? It's been about 10 days again since I finished. What do I do next?
2125872 tn?1335238667 The sooner diagnosis and treatment are begun, the less entrenched the diseases are, and the less compromised your immune system becomes from fighting the infection(s) without antibiotic assistance. Your doc means well, but Lyme is a fast-changing area of medicine, and not all docs are trained or aware enough to do what needs to be done. If you need help finding a Lyme specialist in your area, let us know.
Avatar m tn mino, azithro, omnicef, doxy. But for a long time. could be months worth. standard ABX innefective as these bacterias lack a cell wall, hence Mycoplasmas or L shaped bacteria.
Avatar n tn A week later, still with the original symptoms, I saw an ENT who cleaned my wax-packed ears out and prescribed me Omnicef antibiotic and OTC afrin which I have been on for 9 days now and have not experienced any improvement. I have experienced severe headaches however, and the disequilibrium brain fog is still very present.
Avatar m tn A study published in the Journal of Family Practice in February of 2005 showed that there was no difference between the patients who received an antibiotic and the patients who received a placebo. That’s just one study, but it does cast doubt on the effectiveness of short-term antibiotic treatment for mild acute sinusitis. Taking antibiotics also increases the chance that you can develop a drug-resistance strain of bacteria living in your upper respiratory tract.
Avatar n tn I was also continuing to get terrible sinus infections---at leat 8-10 (no joke) and treated with every antibiotic under the sun. I also went through allergy testing etc....but it didn't address any of my issues. I wanted a sinus culture but was told it wasn't necessary....Unfortunately my big mouth failed me at that time. I then went to a more progressive ENT in 2005 who did an ethmoidectomy (removed the sinuses from between my eyes)and I really thought my problems were over.
Avatar n tn wearing boxer shorts only and during the day keeping triple antibiotic ointment on the fissure..hope this helps..finally getting some relief myself!!!