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Avatar m tn I think that going through the femoral artery is the easiest and safest method, since the catheter will ascend directly through the Aorta, curve with it before entering the coronary branches. The arm track is more difficult, and the carotid is more risky. As far as I know, they are second option when the femoral artery is not accessible due to any injury.
Avatar m tn I have to go for angiogram in April, a bit nervous.
5314819 tn?1371280997 Today is the MRIs day for emergancies so its still not certain if the Angiogram will go ahead at least I had a little food yesterday when it became appaent that it was a no go . Finnaly they come and take me to the Cathetrer lab. I opted for getting the catheter in my wrist rather than by groin as I knew that the recovery was quicker. They were happy to do it I dozed through most of it and when they were finished the surgeon said that I'd need a triple bypass.
Avatar f tn Even though I had this wrist discomfort, I would seriously ONLY ever recommend the wrist Angiogram, should you be reading my experience here. Because in comparison to the groin Angiogram & having a heavy wheat bag placed over the groin entry, the pain & discomfort is far less by having the wrist Angiogram, over the Groin Angiogram.
Avatar m tn One of my friends, a physician's assistant with coronary artery problems which have required several catheterizations in the past, just told me about his last angiogram in which they ran the catheter through the WRIST, via the radial artery. He said it was a piece of cake compared to his previous experiences. Here is more info about this procedure:
776302 tn?1241095453 I had a Angiogram 3 days ago, they went in through my wrist. Had some troubles getting the tube in 4 X times. The pain was unimaginable, as the local had not taken full affect. Any way my question is this please. I have huge excess fluid Odema in my calfs, feet toes, hands & abdomen areas. To the point it's stinging as my skin pulls from the almost double size swelling.
Avatar m tn I had an angiogram through my wrist 4 days ago...they said they nicked a vein but that my arm will bruise. I had a blood pressure cuff around my forearm and the thing on my wrist. Its been very painful and is still a little swollen. Today the bruise is almost to to my elbow, now aching and my hand has began tingling.
Avatar m tn I had an angiogram through my wrist 4 days ago...they said they nicked a vein but that my arm will bruise. I had a blood pressure cuff around my forearm and the thing on my wrist. Its been very painful and is still a little swollen. Today the bruise is almost to to my elbow, now aching and my hand has began tingling.
Avatar n tn I'm a 28 year old female, and I was just told I have suspected coronary artery disease. After a myriad of tests, angiogram (through the wrist) is my only option. I want to know about females here who have had angiograms and how they were. I'm actually petrified, and I'm supposed to go in two weeks. I know the risks are relatively low, but they stand out so much in my mind that I need to have some positive feedback here to help alleviate some of my fears... Thanks in advance!
Avatar n tn At the very end of the exam and discussion the cardio told us that my husband had the option of having a traditional cath which goes from the femoral artery in the groin up to the heart or a newer version starting in the arterial artery in the wrist. He suggested that this method involves less time to stop bleeding than the groin puncture which requires 4 - 6 hours lying flat.
Avatar f tn Also my cardiologist says he is going to do the stents through my wrist ,I had the angiogram through the groin .I was hoping they would put the stents in that way as well.
Avatar m tn The cardiologist was on a computer and another was working through my wrist,and monitering everything on a screen.They no sooner started to raise my heart level,when the one at the wrist told the cardiologist that my heart was starting to stress,he was told to carry on.He then told the cardiologist for a second time,then a third time,by now i was getting severe chest pain.
Avatar f tn That blockage isn't total, so no damage should occur. They will thread a catheter through your wrist or thigh to your heart and examine the blood vessels in detail. If possible, they will stent the blockage.
19887518 tn?1486052247 If you are going for an angiogram (catherization) they will have a clearer picture of the blood flow and if possible they will do what they can to clear it at that time. Make sure to ask if they are going through the wrist or groin, the wrist is easier on you! DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a doctor. You should only accept medical advise from a licensed professional.
Avatar m tn To do this a stent is placed . It is threaded through a cathether from the wrist or from the groin area. The stent is put in during angiography, so the cardiologist can see on screen whats happening in the artery and allowing them to see the blockage and then the increased blood flow result after the stent goes in ! This generally sorts out that particular blockage. So it seems your Dad has had a stenting procedure previously?
Avatar n tn I don't mind the procedure, but I really don't need any heavy rad doses if there are alternatives. The only (last) angiogram was done through the wrist, not the thigh, and the doctor stated all looked clean. Thanks for any help or responses about the rad doses...
Avatar n tn Pain is in wrist and hand veins and you can trace pain along them where it runs into my neck and feels like somebody is pressing a finger onto my neck behind my ear.I get dizzy and feel very poorly at same time. Does this sound cardiac in nature? Most of the time my heart feels what i can only describe as unstable...when i go upstairs i feel a sensation in my gut which increases my heartrate and give me this pain.
Avatar n tn I had a echo stress test a few months ago and I was so nervous that my heart rate was 120 before I ever stepped onto the treadmill. The tech was sort of annoyed with me and kept telling me to calm down because she couldn't get a true "resting" echo image. Obviously, she didn't have much experience with anxious people because telling me I needed to "calm down" only made me more anxious.
Avatar f tn The test is expensive and invasive, but often done through the radial in your wrist. You will be able to see the screens too if you want, and you can see the contrast dye going through the arteries.
976897 tn?1379171202 Hey Ed, looks like I'll be going through a possible brachial artery angiogram, they say if they can't go through the femoral, they go through the arm now. I'm new to this and scared to death. Good Luck to you with yours and keep your fingers crossed for me.
506846 tn?1217269561 Anulom Vilom - Close your right nostril with thumb and deep breath-in through left nostril then – close left nostril with two fingers and breath-out through right nostril then -keeping the left nostril closed deep breath-in through right nostril then - close your right nostril with thumb and breath-out through left nostril. This is one cycle of anulom vilom. Repeat this cycle for 20 to 30 minutes twice a day(maximum 60 minutes in one day).
219704 tn?1338612705 Around month 6, I quite talking to my family and close friends about my heart, nobody understood the aweful feeling and fear or what I was going through... The only ones that understood what I was going through with my PVC's were my friends here...those fighting the same unseen "benign" demons... but demons non the less. I lived in constant fear, mixed with a kind of unsettled anger and dismay. I lost hope, faith, and felt sorry for myself at times.
Avatar n tn I have mild narrowing at the top of my conduit, mild pulmonary artery stenosis. I have severely increased velocity through the conduit with exercise. I have mild aortic stenosis. (My mechanical valve is 20 years old). I have trivial aortic regurgitation. I also have diastolic dysfunction and right volume overload. The last echo indicated increased mitral valve velocity, and possibly trace regurgitation.
Avatar f tn I have had most of them through the groin, but one through my wrist. I have no ill effects to talk about. It's easy. You make your appointment for early morning and without intervention you are home that afternoon. With intervention and no problems the next day. The biggest inconvenience is not being able to sit up for a period. I always ask for a foley catheter because I can't go otherwise. If you have a blockage, I would certainly have the procedure.
Avatar m tn I feel like my breathing is abit raspy, I am a smoker, but I have cut down recently, and I am going to pack them in totally. I also get the same feeling in my right arm and wrist. What is wrong with me. I am the only carer of my beautiful 8yr old son. I dont want the doctor to get it so wrong and things to become too late to do anything about.
Avatar m tn My heart rate stays the same before and after the thudding, but during the thudding i cannot get a pulse in my wrist for that second or two. I know this because i felt my pulse for 10 minutes or so until it happened. Felt like it skipped a beat? I get health insurance in one month and am planning to see a doctor. I would have gone by now if i had insurance. I guess i just want piece of mind its been bothering me for over a year.
Avatar n tn It is worst in my upper arm region and left breast, sometimes radiating to my shoulder, underarm and wrist. I was told by health services at school that it may have been related to computer use, but the amount of use doesn't seem to affect it - I am currently experiencing the ache more persistently and painfully than before, and my computer use has decreased somewhat. I have never had pain in the center of my chest, but I have occasionally experienced fluctuations in my heartrate.
Avatar f tn A month ago the veins on my left arm became very visible from the wrist to the elbow. The vein on the my left side, just below my shoulder, is also visible, it goes down to the heart area. I asked the doctor and he said its thin skin because of ageing. I'm a bit stumped. Why only on the left arm and chest area, and why all of a sudden. It seemed to appear after a blood test. My gut says its not thin skin or aging. Does anyone else know about or have this symptom?
1210142 tn?1266080631 Last procedure I had 2 days ago was endoscopy- everything was normal so the non-cardiac symptoms were eliminated. In a week or two I will have another angiogram- through my wrist which is much less invasive and the recovery time is faster. Will keep you posted if you are interested.
10374 tn?1242244878 I have pain mainly down the middle of my sternum that goes straight through to the back. Sometimes radiates across my upper chest. Also have some pain and burning in my neck. It hurts mainly durning the day and it takes me awhile to get comfortable and go to sleep. It does not wake me up at night. How long can this last and is there anything I can do to make myself more comfortable where the pain is concerned? The doc gave me Celebrex to see if it helps. Thanks!