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Avatar m tn and went from 223 to 158, waist size 40 down to a 32 (haven't been 32 since teen ager). In addition I take Requip for restless leg syndrome and AndroGel for hormone replacement (very low testosterone). I think that those 3 meds have contributed to the weight loss. I am not complaining, but when ppl ask me if I am well they say that I am lying as I look very thin, from what I used to be. That is a slap in the face.
Avatar n tn Hi, Although I've been avidly researching obesity, fat loss, etc. for years and have heard of HCG for weight/fat loss, last week was the first time that I researched it in detail, and what I've researched, including responses from medical professional (i.e. Dr. Simeons), as well as feedback on several message boards, is nothing short of amazing.
1005897 tn?1252924650 Due to the complexity, surgery isn't an option it seems and the medical team has decided to carry on with IMRT radiation for 6 weeks ( 30 sittings )... Having lost most of my eye sight ( left ) after the surgery, I am very worried what might happen this time and the right eye... How good is IMRT and what are the adverse effects? Why surgeries are not an option 2nd time?
Avatar m tn A few months ago my dermatologist put me on finasteride (Propecia) for hair loss. This drug blocks DHT which causes hair loss in men. DHT however is responsible for libido, erections and other sexual characteristics. I've noticed since I've started the finasteride that my ED is somewhat returning so I've decided to stop taking it. I'd rather have some hair loss than have ED.
Avatar n tn Hi, I was diagnosed with low testosterone last year (233 total free) and put on the Androgel packets. At that time, all of my liver panel numbers were normal. My AST/SGOT was at 19. I recently had blood work and everything is within normal range, however my AST/SGOT is now at 48. I have become a bit concerned. I do not drink alcohol at all and do not take any other medications. Would you please provide some insight in to these numbers? Thanks!
Avatar m tn I am currently on 88mcg of Synthroid and 10 mcg of Cytomel. My symptoms of fatigue, hair loss, weight gain (more fat than weight), tinnitus, and muscle cramps are still with me. I am just over 5'9" and weigh 170.
Avatar n tn Google AACE Guidelines for Male Hypogonadism for a very technical document on the current thinking of how its treated. Age plays a part you should maybe print out a copy of an Age vs Average Testosterone levels chart. There is one in the Files section of Support ED Partners. A good book (Although a tad dated) is Dr E. Shrippen's "The Testosterone Syndrome" I highly recommend this if you want to understand this issue.
Avatar n tn I can't answer your questions but for me it is good to find someone else who had issues with testim. I had been on androgel for almost a year increasing doses every 4 months. The switch to testim in Dec was painfully bad. However the androgel doesn't do it for me either. I see an endocrinologist on the 14th of Feb. In the mean time my Primary (a woman who is awesome!) is checking for pituitary issues. I want them to check SHBG as well.
Avatar n tn He has had chronic diarrhea for years. No weight loss. A couple of years ago he had an experience of what we thought was torsion of the Appendis. We have since found out a few months ago he has an extremely painful (to the point he wishes he could just cut it off) varicole on his right testicle. He also has severe pain in his right lower abdominal area. Swollen prostate and loss of testosterone. High blood pressure controlled with quite a few rx's.
Avatar n tn Prolactin, Serum 9.5 ng/mL (2.0-18.0) Testosterone Total 278 ng/dl (250-1100) Testosterone Free 2.88% (1.50-2.20) Testosterone Free 80.1 pg/mL (35.0-155.) 40 years old Male 260lbs 6'2" Exercise 4x week with 30 minutes of intense cardio, 30 minutes weight training Consume 2,000 calories/day. 3,000/weekends Good Health. No diseases.
Avatar m tn I'm getting a blood test next month and I'm wondering if all blood tests check for testosterone levels? And if most blood tests don't check for testosterone levels, what can I do or what do I have to do in order to make sure that my testosterone levels are found out?
Avatar m tn It's persistent during the week and on weekends. Doctors have run all kinds of tests. I have been on Androgel for low T for the past year and also began using a CPAP for sleep apnea about a year ago. These did not help. T is up to 700 and I seem be sleeping better but still have symptoms. I started taking a lot of vitamins but that did not help. My doctor has run all kinds of blood work, urine analysis, CT scan of abdomen and nuclear stress test with no indications.
Avatar n tn have you ever been tested for hypothyroidism. I know that can cause the eyebrow hair loss. i dont know if an u/s of thyroid detects that though. It definately sounds like a glandular related disorder. Quite frankly it sounds similar to it may be hormone related. Have you had LH or prolactin lvls checked?
Avatar n tn Dear all, For about a week now Ive been feeling dizzy, and are experiencing cold sweats, and fatigue. The dizziness can perhaps better be explained at a fog on my brain. When walking i feel sometimes out of balance and rather want to sit down. Im also tired and my body and mind feels tired. My body also feels really warm, but when i went to the doctor the other day, I didnt have a temperature. The trigger was when I did a run/sprint for about 10 minutes.
Avatar m tn I am not sure of my TSH number. I called my endo for it and am still waiting for a return call. I was also wondering if my low thyroid symptoms could be made worse by low cortisol function. I am on full replacement of adrenal function with 20mg of hydrocortisone daily. It looks like most of the side effects are similar for adrenal insufficiency and low thyroid function. I have never been tested to see if I am on the right dosage of hydrocortisone.
Avatar n tn I am able to run again, lift weights without fatiguing too easily, and am losing weight. For anyone who is low on the normal range, I encourage you to look into trying this therapy. Of course you should consult with a proper physician. If you get a 'no' answer, see another. I connected with a urologist after being told I didn't need this by my internal med doctor, and can relate many examples where I had legitimate conditions where doctors swore I had no problem.
Avatar n tn The urologist I saw a month ago gave me Androgel 5mg packets to use once a day bc my T-level was only 356. Low-Normal range but still low for a 21 year old right? My mood has improved substantially since (I don't get depressed/irritable much anymore). However, my penis is still small flaccid, my libido is still low, no morning wood, etc. (all the above symptoms are still occuring). For this reason I thought the diagnosis must have been wrong.
Avatar n tn I have no symptoms at all.. Normal color urine stool, no fatigue, swelling, jaundice, fever, pain, loss of weight except for being off of prilosec my digestion is normal..I always delt with constipation, and bloating being on prilosec..Now i'm regular and normal...I went to see another liver specialist today and he said the same thing autoimmune hepatits... Everything i read about this disease ,my blood tests don't fall into this diagnoses....
Avatar n tn I have no symptoms at all.. Normal color urine stool, no fatigue, swelling, jaundice, fever, pain, loss of weight except for being off of prilosec my digestion is normal..I always delt with constipation, and bloating being on prilosec..Now i'm regular and normal...I went to see another liver specialist today and he said the same thing autoimmune hepatits... Everything i read about this disease ,my blood tests don't fall into this diagnoses....
Avatar m tn I am not asking this in the place of a medical diagnosis. I simply want to prepare for the doctor visits. My husband has had series health problems for the last two years. Two years ago his testosterone levels came back low (ranging from 160-280) His FSH and LH values always come back within the normal range. Despite a year of testosterone replacement therapy using androgel, his levels remained very low. During that time he developed severe depression and eventually began having mood swings.
Avatar n tn I know the feeling. I am 51 and have recently lost about 25 pounds, but have consisently exercised and taken buku supplements. I have noticed my tricep skin puckering at different angles as well as my thighs. You feel like "this is the thanks I get for watching my weight and taking so many supplements that my stomach is screaming!" Forgive me, but at least on a forum, I can be a "crybaby" rather than put up the good front that I do throughout my real day.
Avatar m tn i feel like if i was kicked in the balls it would not hurt like it would have before and i did have pain i n my left testisicl for about 3 years .but after starting the androgel and a cleanse for yeast the pain has gone.8) my scrotom does seem thiner and less seinstive 9) very little libido. i did feel that way sometime back.when i started to have problems.10)pieins does not fell lose at base.11)i have been experincing atropey of the testis.this is what is starting to reely freak me out.
12953 tn?1270757997 thanks for the vine...the pain comes from many years of neck & upper back degeneration..i.e. loss of pads for bones and a small misalignment of the spine...enough to numb one foot.(.right side of the ankle.) ..all or alot is weighted by my job..poor posturing with my laptop-data entering..done in a variety of offices without a choice of chairs or desks..I refuse to have an operation as suggested..becasue I'm stubborn and probably in denial..
Avatar n tn The crazy thing about make hormone treatment is that men can raise their levels naturally through intense bursts during exercise, a healthy diet, and a weight loss plan. It is time for the medical community to wake up to the dangers of this treatment and push back at drug companies.
Avatar f tn A low dose is 3mg or 4.5 mg per day. This should normalize your immune system. More important for you is to get your energy back so can function. Get some Alpha lipoic acid in 300 mg caps or tabs and take 2-3 per day. One in the morning and one in the evening and at mid day. My energy started to return after a week and I had been fatigued for 10 years at that point. You can get it at GNC or online. A good multi vitamin and a good B vitamin will also help.
Avatar n tn This has been going on for 13 years and the latest thing is they put me on Androgel for low testestorone, now it has made my blood to thick, got taken off it going to Bioidenticals for my testestrone. This simple Surgery has ruined my life and they really don't care.
Avatar n tn For about 6 weeks I have been experiencing mid back pain when I wake up in the morning. The pain is so bad, I cannot go back to sleep, and NO position change helps. I must get out of bed and start walking around or sit in a chair for the pain to start going away. After an hour or two, the pain basically disappears. The pain seems to be emanating from my spine, and tensing up the back muscles nearest the spine.
Avatar n tn I go to gym for run and mild weight lift. I do yoga, without crunching my abdomen much. By experimenting a little, I found that the pain is not related to these activities. But, sometimes I apply warm towel to left lower abdomen (not to the balls!) and it seems to help. Anyone can try this and see if it works. And experiment with your physical activities to see if there are any agravating factor in them. If not, keep yourself physically active, it helps a lot.