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666921 tn?1254994218 in my arms - had an episode of 'all over itching' last night - even in my eyes!! - wierd - like my eyeballs were itchy!! - has anyone else had this? well - I will stop complaining - for now anyway!!
Avatar f tn My doctor put me on amoxicillin for 7 days because of small infection. Is it okay to be taking this while I'm pregnant.?
Avatar n tn Hi, The rash appeared prior to intake of amoxicillin? Is this correct? And the hives developed after amoxicillin use? Have you stopped giving her amoxicillin?
Avatar m tn If I suspect Mono, and took a 3 day course of Amoxicillin (10 pills) and developed no rash, can I pretty much rule out mono? Some sources state 80-90% of those taking Amoxicillin with Mono develop the rash, while I've even seen 99% as a percentage. I actually want it to be Mono, instead of something worse, but I'm starting to fear the worst. Have any of you had Mono, been misdiagnosed with Strep and took Amoxicillin, and NOT get the rash?
Avatar f tn Hi, It would be difficult to say anything without having a look at the lesions and a proper clinical examination. You could be having reaction to the drug. the chances that it is because of missing the medication are minimal. Other than that, it could be due to some unrelated cause. You need to consult a dermatoloist or skin specialist for a confirmed diagnosis. Only then can appropriate mediications be prescribed. Till you get an appointment - keep the area clean, wear lose clothes.
Avatar n tn The doctor had given me amoxicillin which is the reason I had to change doctors. Not only did the amoxicillin make my throat close up to the point where I could barely breath, I broke out in "the rash from hell" from head to toe. I am currently on steroids and benadryl but both seem to not be doing anything because my rash gets worse every day. I have tried all sorts of anti-itch creams and none of them work either.
Avatar f tn It is now Oct. 12 (2 months now!!) and I'm still itching!!! Will the itching go away sometime?? How long does the itching lasts??? She said it takes a while!! Is this true?? Any experiences?? Help!!!
Avatar n tn 1. Amoxicillin 2. 2cc Steroid Injection (cellestone?) given 3 days ago now. 3. Promethazine w/cod. Symptoms: Day 1: 1. Shortly after the steroid injection(day 1) I felt a bit dizzy, and had lower blood pressure. But nothing severe 2. Took first dose of Amoxicillin that night , as well as 1tsp of Promethazine 3. My legs felt achy/heavy that night Day 2: 1. Felt dizzy/foggy (not vertigo) all day. 2. my skin seemed to be feeling very hot on the surface (felt like I had a sunburn). 3.
Avatar n tn He took him off all his medication and said to just keep an eye on his fever and give him benadyrl as needed for itching. I honestly hope that the reaction is indeed from the amoxicillin. The doctor did say that he could take a while for an allergic reaction to show up. All I know is I have never been so scared in my life. All I can say as a parent is watch your little baby and if you NOTICE ANYTHING different call the doctor and dont feel bad or feel like your a pest.
Avatar n tn I took amoxicillin 500mg capsule and here's what happened so far.. Sunday (night) - i took the amox 500 mg capsule for my tonsilitis. it was just Over the counter and not prescribed. because i'm used to using it but only up to 250 mg before this time Monday (afternoon) - i started having these rashes under my thighs which spread to my upper torso last night. Tuesday - i woke up with my neck, shoulders and back area with very very itchy and pink rashes.
Avatar m tn The Doc prescribed me with Amoxicillin last week and Im on my 6th day of it but its showing no sign of getting better. I get the popping sound when I touch the ear so there is definately fluid there. My hearing on that ear is also muffled. IT seemed to get a lot worse on Monday after having some cigarettes on sunday eveing. I know I should not smoke, I am defo giving up now. The trouble is now Im also getting a intching sensation from around the inside of the ear.
Avatar n tn I had 'all over' itching/crawling sensation - I was also on Amoxicillin - it happened several times - it might of been coincidence but when I tried really hard to ignore it and resist the urge to scratch or rub my skin, it would disappear alot quicker! It would start suddenly and end suddenly. Amox. was the only meds. I was taking at that time.
Avatar n tn Hi, ive been having a problem for a few months now, i have been to 5 different obgyn's to find out why this is happening. I have severe vaginal itching, I have been tested for all STD's, and for a yeast infection. all negitive. then i changed all my undies and clothes to loose fitting and 100% cotton undies ( or none at all on) and i still cant stop itching, i stopped haveing sex, use cetafil to clease or just water at times.
Avatar n tn i always get yeast infections while taking amoxicillin. try eating a yogurt everyday. the live clutures in the yogurt replace the good ones that the amoxicillin is killing off.
Avatar m tn After taking the third dose, I then had the thought that the amoxicillin might alter the results of the upcoming STD test, so I stopped the amoxicillin. (My throat is not that bad anyway). My question is: would 1 dose of 500mg amoxicillin taken every 8 hours (3 doses total - 1500mg) be enough to clear a bacterial STD?? I ask this because I am getting tested within the next few days, not only to make sure than I am not infected, but to also make sure I did not then pass it on 10 days later.
Avatar n tn I've been taking antibiotics (Amoxicillin 500mg) for the flu for 1 week. I've had intercourse during the last three days and begun to have severe vaginal itching. I don't have any discharge and i've discontinued the Amox 2days ago. I began using Vagisil (maximum strength) cream but I'm still itchy. Is there anything that I can do or use that will stop it? Please help!
Avatar n tn I believe that she gave oral sex to my room mate before me.Now I am itching all over and am very confused.I also have 2 bumps on my penis but tested negative for all stds.What is wrong with me,do I have HIV?
Avatar m tn Hello, In December I had protected sex with a guy that I was seeing and a week later experienced very severe itching and an odor. I went to both urgent care and my obgyn where they tested me for STDs and infections. Both tests came back positive for BV and yeast, but nothing else. I was prescribed diflucan and flagyl and although they initially worked, my symptoms came back a week later.
Avatar f tn Now I have been finished my month of antibiotic for over 10 days and am still occasionally itchy. The itching usually accompanies fatigue and now a sense of frustration. Can anyone give me some direction as to where to go next? Have seen some things about morgellons. Thank you in advance for your time.
Avatar f tn Dear Dr. Rockoff I have distracting genital and rectal itching accompanied by increased urinary urgency and frequency and mild but distracting “shooting/stinging” pains at the tip of my penis. I have been experiencing these for about a year and they became noticeable after I received oral sex from a friend.
Avatar m tn There is burning and itching sensation in the skins of testicles and in between the thighs. Small rashes of reddish dark colour is also appearing in between the thighs. However, there is no rashes seen with the naked eye in the skin of testicles, only burning and itching. Kindly advice for treatment.
Avatar n tn I did my research, and found that the itching is a side effect of the amoxicillin. Does anyone know how to relieve my situation?? My last resort is my gyno, but i'm sure i'll be given antibiotics and taking it for another week. Can anyone please help me??? Please!
Avatar m tn A week and a half ago my urethra started itching, then a few days later it started burning when I was urinating. I went to a lab and had an std test done for chlamydia and gonorrhea only. It came back negative. It was a urine test. Then I called a doctor and he prescribed me 500mg Amoxicillin 3 times a day for 10 days. I went in again to get tested for all stds a day later but I had already taken 1 pill of amoxicillin.
Avatar f tn hi im joan a got a 10 1/2 old baby and she has a ear infectio and shes been taken a amoxicillin since friday and now she got some rash all over her body its not itching and she dont have a fever,what should i do?do i need to be worried?what should i do to help her ? any answer would be helpfull thank you.
Avatar n tn Why do i suffer very severe vaginal itching during the time i ovulate? No yeast infection and no odd discharge, just itching to the point i feel i could claw myself to death.
Avatar n tn he gave me this drug first dose it was OK, but second dose onward same itching problem throughout my body but this time without any rashes, Itching is light but spread throughout my body & i am unable to sleep in night. Could you please help me on this.
Avatar f tn My 4 year old daughter finished 10 days of Amoxicillin for an ear infection. The following evening she started intensely itching her vaginal area (which is red but she doesn't have any discharge or odor). I assumed it was a yeast infection due to the antibiotics. So, the following morning (Saturday) I called the pediatrician. To my surprise, they told me to use bacitracin topically and to call back on Monday if it hadn't stopped.
Avatar m tn Now, my canina tooth started hurting and is extremely sensitive cold. I've taken 20 days worth of amoxicillin with temporary relief, then it comes back afew days later. One more thing, not sure this has anything to do with the rest. My nostrils are dry and when I blow, it has blood speckles in it. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn So about a month ago my 8yo came to me saying it stung when she went pee, I looked at her down there it appeared she wasn't wiping well, I put her in the bath and monitored her bathing/ wiping for several days, as I monitored her wiping I noticed a bright yellow discharge on the baby wipe and shortly after she complained of belly pain , she was awaiting to be seen by her doctor while all this unfolded, finally she's seen at her primary care and they took a urine culture and told us it was a UTI