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Avatar n tn My kittens eyes started with yellow drainage. Now she sounds like she has nasal congestion and her eye is bleeding. She wont eat or drink Im trying to feed her with a syringe but not much luck. Now today I have another kitty with a bleeding eye but no congestion and she ate and drank. These are outside kittens. I have them inside right now. The first kitty also has a temp. What could it be? I have spent to much time looking this problem up on the internet with no answers.
Avatar m tn I have 2 litters of kittens, 11 total and 8 of them are showing SERIOUS signs of upper respiratory infection. I called the vet she said this was definitely what they have. I have been giving them amoxicillin through their moms because they are too young to eat it through food. I cant afford to go to the vet and get the amoxicillin through them its about 10 times the price. Can someone please give me any advice? someone who maybe has dealt with this before? is there an eye drop I can buy?
Avatar f tn I recently acquired 2 sphynx kittens from a breeder. When I first got the kittens the breeder had stated that they both had started sneezing, so she took them to a vet and gave me Amoxixillin to give to them. (0.25ml two times a day.) I quickly noticed that one of the kittens was very underweight and the breeder assured me that he was the runt of the litter, had no issues with eating food, and would fatten up over time.
Avatar n tn has your kitten been tested for Feline Leukemia and K-AIDS? If not, she should be. Kittens around 8 weeks almost always develop eye problems, and much of the time it's an indicator of these illnesses (not always, though!) Generally you're seeing the first stages of an oncoming infection. There's an ointment, and more importantly an antibiotic (it's actually children's amoxicillin).
Avatar f tn my cats had kittens about 3 weeks ago and they now have their eyes open. but i have this one kitten and his/her eyes puss so much that it hardens and pervents him/her by seeing because it closes her eyes shut. i think he/she is too young to use medicine on but im not sure what to use even if i could. any advice??
72351 tn?1281996142 Last week I wrote in wondering about one of my three week old kittens possibly having an umbilical hernia that developed quite quickly. I did consult with several vets via phone who all told me not to worry and to have it repaired at the same time I have the kitty spayed//neutered.
Avatar n tn I also have a yellow tongue! And i also had taken amoxicillin. I took it for a strep infection. I was taking 3 a day for 7 days. I brush my teeth everyday/night and at night i brush my tongue extra well. But every night its yellow again. Its yellow on the mid and back of my tongue. Also the glands in my neck are still swollen from when i had strep. That was over a month ago. I had taken prednisone because of the swelling and weakness, but they never went back to normal. But they dont hurt.
1566633 tn?1295344869 Dehydration results from vomiting and anemia may result from worms.
Avatar n tn Okay, so I have 2 3 week old kittens. One is quite a bit smaller. They have to be bottlefed, but for the first week and a half or so of their life they had Mom. Anyway, on Thursday one was drinking but I accidentally pushed on the bottle and some came out of it's nose. I cleaned it up and 'cleared' the lungs as much as possible. Now her breathing sounds fine, but I'm just wondering if it's possible she might have aspiration pneumonia?
228686 tn?1211558307 This can happen over as little as two to three days. Kittens are especially susceptible to this. Especially strays, which tend to have kitty leukimia or kitty "aids". For those who can't afford an emergency vet visit; The medication (antibiotic) they give cats with infections is the same as amoxicillin for children. The exact same.
Avatar n tn Usually the antibiotic I use (from vet) is essentially children's amoxicillin, when you dose him, it should be three times a day, for three-four days or until it clears up. It sounds like you under dosed him the next day and the medication was insufficient. I believe the ratio is about 1 mg per 1 pd, but i can't remember offhand so be wary of this information. It's best to deliver it orally as well (I'm not sure if you meant oral or intravenous syringe).
1570011 tn?1295594756 This reaction is mediated by IgE antibodies. The culprits can be Drugs like amoxicillin and certain food (peanuts, butter, sea food, soy etc.) can cause such reaction. This is an emergency condition because there will be associated laryngeal edema leading to breathing problems. Also swollen eyelids or face can be seen in kidney disorder. The renal disease (kidney) like nephrotic syndrome, glomerulonephritis, and renal failure can cause such symptoms.
172023 tn?1334675884 Yep, it can be a mess...did he give pup amoxicillin? Thats seems to work the best for my Chi's when we go thru the gardia or have intestinal issues.. Then I pull up food, and bowl rice, drain, and give rice water alternated w/mild )not red) gatorade, feed some real quality soft dog food, give "pectin" vet can prescribe, and a little bite of cottage cheese, as soon as I see a good stool, we start blending the soft w/hard and switch over completely to hard...
Avatar m tn but alot of care must be taken when using meds for it amoxicillin you have? just incase I am sending you the site and the recommended dosage for cats, if you don't have enough to use for the recommended time week-10days than it will just cause a suspected infection to grow even stronger and possibly antibiotic resistant. so if you are going to do this you must have a good supply. or please take this kitty in where it can be cared for and not suffer. http://www.drugs.
550796 tn?1214946191 I took him home with a bottle of amoxicillin (sp?) to give him morning and night. He had a dose last night and once this morning. The emergency vet told me that the only cure for this is time and antibiotics. He's got the antibiotics, but I'm wondering about the time. How long does it take to heal from this? He is lethargic and still wheezes. His gums and tongue are pink and he is eating a little. I guess I'm posting because I want to know if there is anything I can do to speed up the healing.
3060449 tn?1479435664 over the last week - cleaning like crazy, overly excited about plants growing, very motherly over a recent addition of three kittens. Only other thing that's different is that I had a 10-day course of Amoxicillin for strep throat last week and the last dose of that was taken Saturday. Am I just having some sort of pre-cycle condition, or is my anxiety about being pregnant justified?
Avatar f tn I'm SURE he needs antibiotics. I can not afford a vet. I have some Augmentin, Is that ok to give a cat? I know amoxicillin is, but augmentin is a combination of amox. & something else. I really want to help this cat; i'm afraid he'll die if i don't. What should i do?
72351 tn?1281996142 I do my utmost best to separate sick ones from healthy ones and my goodness I disinfect daily all day long it seems to no avail! This URI will start in kittens as young as just 3-4 days old! Does not appear they receive any kind of immunity from their mothers milk no matter how healthy the mamas appear to be!
5591135 tn?1380171656 Work called me and one of my patients has a barn full of brand new kittens 3 litters!! They need homes or they were going to dispose of them (God I cant dwell on that my heart breaks ) so I may be adding a new addition next week. A little black and white kitten-they sent me a pic about 4 weeks old. I already have a name picked out if my hubby says yes....Sylvester. I guess we will see what happens. Thank You all so very much!
Avatar f tn Last week I found a baby kitten at work. There were no other cats/kittens anywhere around. He was in very rough shape, very thin, covered in fleas & ticks. He came right to me and wouldn't leave my side. (I work in an office. I had to stay outside for an hour, he kept trying to follow me back inside. So cute.) I took the kitten to the vet right away. (the closest one to my work) They estimated him to be 6-8 weeks old. He weighed 15.2 ounces. They bathed him and gave him a bit of flea meds.
Avatar n tn My kittens anus is swollen, red, and sometimes she leaks poop. She acts perfectly normal - she plays, eats, drinks, and sleeps just like she always has. Can anyone help me?
1358341 tn?1282213443 At this present moment my cat has started back drinking excessively, this started again two days ago, 6 days after a 20 day course of Amoxicillin..She was retested after the last round of 10 more days and everything was back to normal (White blood cell , etc..) of course not her bun or creatine levels..
Avatar n tn I just finished the antibiotics and I still feel the same as I did when I first went to him in July. He had me on amoxicillin plus Astelin. I have tried Nasacort, Zyrtec, Claritin, Alavert, etc.... no relief. I am a computer programmer and I can't function like this anymore. Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks.