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Avatar n tn I'm hoping this will go away soon I have to work as well and I'm losing my mind the eye and yeast infection esp have me concerned BC who knows how long may take to clear up.. I've had a seriously bad type of pink eye in past lasted nearly 2 months couldn't see and eye bled!!!
Avatar n tn My 2 year old daughter was diagnosed with pink eye and an ear infection yesterday. Instead of giving her the eye drops they gave her Amoxicillin. Now today she has 2 small yellow pockets on her eyeball is that normal? and how long will she be contagious after she has been on antibiotics?
Avatar n tn Just today, I again woke up with a pink eye, and some of the cold symptoms are slowly returning. As before, the eye is red, feels dry, but only very slightly itchy, and with just a tad of discharge. All four times now it has been my left eye, never any problems with my right eye. I have never had pinkeye before this year. I have two questions about this: First, why does it keep recurring and is it something to worry about?
193609 tn?1292183893 so she was away for some time... and pink eye went around in the baby room as well...5 kids out of the 9 ended up getting it and last week had 2 in the preschool room with it...
Avatar n tn We just got back from the pediatician today (Monday) and he said he was most likely due to the amoxicillin. He took him off all his medication and said to just keep an eye on his fever and give him benadyrl as needed for itching. I honestly hope that the reaction is indeed from the amoxicillin. The doctor did say that he could take a while for an allergic reaction to show up. All I know is I have never been so scared in my life.
Avatar n tn I felt and looked fully recovered as my eyes would not be swollen in the mornings and my vision was excelent once again. I had not been exposed to pink eye and the problem seemed to be viral. Two months later the symptoms have returned. Severe pain when I look left or right, left side of head aches, and the area all around my eye is swollen. No unusual discharge or tearing though. By the end of the day and 3-5 200mg ibuprofin later the swelling goes away a little.
228686 tn?1211558307 I'd like to support what Savas is saying about amoxicillin - it is the same thing that pediatricians use for small children. (Not-so-affectionately called 'the pink stuff'.) The only difference between amoxicillin tablets and the liquid form is that the liquid is a suspension of the ground-up tablet in liquid or syrup. (Something you can easily do yourself with the liquid in wet food or tuna cans.
Avatar n tn It would gum up really easily at night and be red and sticky in the morning like pink eye. I noticed a bump, and put warm compresses on it and put pressure on it to push the stuff out and it went away. But the other symptoms did not go away. Eventually in March I found a much bigger lump on the inside of the other end of the lid. I saw an ophthalmologist and he cut it open. He said it was particularly nasty to pop. I was put on bacitracin ointment and it healed up.
Avatar m tn Within 2 days my son who also works on the vessel became ill with the same type symptoms minus the vomiting but with pink eye. I also developed the same symptoms with pink eye. On leaving the vessel for our 2 weeks off we both went to the Dr. For treatment. His Dr. Prescribed amoxicillin and mine prescribed only an antibiotic eye drop.
Avatar f tn Antibiotics like penicillin and amoxicillin are ok During pregnancy.
Avatar m tn a week later I got sick(4wks after). white spots on my tonsils,pink eye, mild fever off and on, cough, swollen glands and lymph nodes in my neck, and one behind my ear and diarrah. also I started having pain in testies and after getting off. I had a negitive strep and mono spot test, but too ammox just in case. it went away in about 3 days,but have had a sore throat for 3 months and swollen tonsils and glands and SOB or at least pressure in chest area that comes and goes.
2020005 tn?1476662562 So Chloes vagina isn't red anymore, but she was still super cranky yesterday so I took her back to the dr, she said she doesn't see evidence of a bladder infection, and Chloe has an ear inffection, she's on amoxicillin for ten days. Today I'm changing chloes diaper and open her vaginal area to put on her premarin, and inside the labia minora, like inside the pee hole, is purple, light purple, and it almost looks puffier.
Avatar f tn I've seen 2 doctors and 1 specialist, none have really told me anything and all tests always come back negative (I was tested for herpes as well.) Even the yeast cultures come back negative. I've been going to acupuncture for the last 2 months and the symptoms are decreasing, but at a very slow rate. I have taken Monistat, flagyl, cortizone (steroid) pills and cream and nothing has worked.
Avatar f tn I'm 28 weeks and juat getting over a viral infection, sinus infection, laryngitis and pink eye, I was givin amoxicillin and was able to take tylonol, unfortunately that all...
Avatar f tn I also felt like I had the flue and a sore throat and pink eye. I saw 3 little pimples under my scrotum but they were gone the next day I went to the doctors and he didn't think it was herpes. Now it's 6 weeks later I been sick on and off with sore throat and eye problems. My genitals were burning on the left side of my scrotum and I saw a red rash that was there only a couple of days. I have had lower back pain and burning off and on for the past 6 weeks and I have felt ill.
496771 tn?1209698358 I woke up the next morning with my eye half swollen shut and the rash was itchy. Day 5 I woke up with my entire eye swollen and most of my face. I went to the ER where I was given a 5-day prenidsone prescription that helped with the swelling.The swelling went away only to return after I stopped the prenidsone and this time it was my right ear. Let's not even mention the withdrawals I had from the steriod, really don't want to go through that again either.
Avatar m tn I was back to the doctor and he prescribed a greater dose of amoxicillin and advised me to finish it, which I did this time. Great, no symptoms for the last week. A couple of days ago however, the symptoms started again, and yet again, only at night. I went to bed with the annoying banging and awoke to it, only for it to go away during the day.
Avatar n tn Having been in almost perfect health until then, I stared getting severe allergy symptoms including eye allergies,fatigue, dry cough and wheeze .,esp during spring.Time coincided with my oral surgery.Penicillin, bruofen, and Allegra took a toll on my stomach this time, I believe.Ended up having dyspeptic attacks.My physician disagree that the medicines caused it, and swears it is the stress.She wanted me on antidepressants.
Avatar f tn you need them now for her. Go to the 'human doctor' and get some Amoxicillin which is safe for cats. It's pink and comes in liquid form and very easy give. Every doctor, including vets, carry this type of antibiotic on hand 24/7. But if you cant find any, I can send you a supply. Only problem with that is, it will take awhile to ship it to you I'm sure but it can be done.
Avatar f tn We started taking that his rash did not go. His fever and pink eye was gone in 2 days. Then doctor prescribed 'fucidin' creme for rash and we applied it and rash is also gone. But he still had strawberry tongue and tonsils. So I took him to pediatrician. He asked for blood test with ASOT, Sed rate, plates count, something for inflammation in blood test. And he asked for ECG as well. Same time he asked us to stop all the medications.
Avatar m tn I ask because I still have it through an acne Rx and I have not touched it for a month because of the itching side effect but it has since subsided after taking azithro.. for a couple weeks. I just found out that Conjunctivitis/pink eye is linked to Lyme and that Glucosamine is a huge no-no to Lyme patients. I took it twice in 2010 and 2011 the same time my pink eye recurred and the wasting began. It has immunosuppressive effects.
Avatar n tn We gave her benadryl Friday in the afternoon and at night and she just woke up again and is still covered in the rash. She also said her lip hurt last night and I noticed it is still a bit swollen. She also still has white spots on the back of her throat. A friend of mine said her daughter had strep and it turned to mono and the amoxicillin didn't "agree" with the mono.... Thanks for your help!
Avatar n tn Until last night, when I masturbated before going to bed, then went to the bathroom and passed deepish pink urine and a biggish clot again. I phoned the hospital this morning to check my referral had been passed on, and to find out how long I should be waiting to hear from them. It could be up to 13 weeks before I get an appointment.
174267 tn?1220408828 how are you feeling. How did DH take the news and the family. Is everyone jumping up and down in glory.... I bet! Still so happy for you and still hoping "good things come in 3's" like you said. Audrey, hope you find this. How are you feeling? Is the wait starting to really bug you yet? I know how antsy I got both times towards the end. Almost test time girlie. Deb- My follies are coming along. You're to cute.
Avatar n tn Most of the original pink spots are still visible and I don't think any have disappeared but I realize the skin on the breast area is very delicate and it might take time. This is not an overall rash of pink spots, just here and there and willy nilly over a carpet of white bumps. Condition currently has spread up to nipples recently (not on nipples yet) and outward but not toward midline. And my breasts are very pink with pink veins sort of poping out all over. Inflammation?
Avatar f tn I went back 2 days later, and was diagnosed with pink eye, possible ruptured ear drum, ear infection and sinus infection. Gave me drops for the pink eye, and kept me on the amoxicillin. They told me if my ear didn't clear up in a couple of days to see an ENT. 2 days after that, I went to the ENT, who confirmed the previous diag. saying that the strep probably irritated everything, and prescribed antibiotic ear drops for my ear.
Avatar m tn I started developing photophobia, dry eyes , floaters (dark spots one in each eye), stinging pain in eye, and pressure in between and behind my eyes. My eyes would tear at night every now and then and the vision in my right eye is less sharper than my left. It is slightly blurrier or feels hazy. I have been to three ent doctors, two general physicians, a pulmonary specialist two optometrists, and I am currently seeing an ophthalmologist.
Avatar n tn I had recurrent ear aches during this time. I even developed pink eye. Additionally, I have had muscle twitches and sometimes tingling in my arms or legs. The whole time I've had a feeling of being hot that won't go away. As many of you can imagine, I was freaking out about ARS. I thought it was only a matter of time before I was diagnosed with HIV. Every day I thought about how I would tell my family and how my life was over.
255722 tn?1452550141 The whole, do you have cats question never came up though, so I never thought about it...but we definitely fought with the pink eye around the farm last summer--and in July-BOOM I get hit. Totally glad Bart was in the mix now that I read up. What a wild ride this is.