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Avatar f tn i was diagnosed H Pylori. the doctor told me to take Klacid -clarithromycin-(250mg) and Ospamox-amoxicillin-(500mg), twice a day, and with it, Losec-omeprazole for 2 weeks. I would like to know what is the rate of success of erradicate the bacteria. Or is it very often to be necessary to repeat this treatments. Because i read the side effects and they are quit a lot. Is it often to have it or not, the side effects. Also, i am trying to get pregnant, does this treatment affects in any way?
Avatar f tn After 17 days of sickness, one trip to the ER, and one dr visit I come to find out today that I am positive for h pylori. Started Biaxin, amoxicillin, prilosec, and probiotics today. How long before I start getting some relief? My main symptom is constantly hunger pains. I have to dissolve the biaxin because it is to big to swallow. It's soooo bitter. I am hoping it doesn't make my stomach any worse than it is already.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with H-Pylori a month ago. I took Biaxin, Amoxicillin and now Carafate, I feel no relief at all. How long does this last?
1747349 tn?1332687280 So if your symtoms do not resolve in the time frame that your doctor suggests it should and you are still positive for H. pylori, you may need an additional round of antibiotics. I would keep this in mind. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. mkh9 An increasing number of infected individuals are found to harbour antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
Avatar f tn '( my mother has been calling her friends and tell them about my father situations whatever i heard is make me really worried and scared. does your father look skinny when he had H. pylori ? what are his symptoms ?
Avatar m tn My son became very ill to a prescribed course of amoxicillin and came out in a severe rash. We are all different, so what suits someone, may not necessarily suit you. Do bear in mind that antibiotics do destroy the good as well as the bad bacteria and can bring on Thrush. This can happen in the genital area, as well as in your mouth.
Avatar n tn The biospy came back which said moderate to severe gastristis and h pylori. Also, my doctor gave me a steriod shot in the hip because of the bursa. I am on nexium for eight weeks this is week 5 and i am better but still feel nauesa on and off. She wanted me to start the prev pak but I am afraid of the side effects and I hve read about hh pylori . Some think treating h pylori without uclers might not be warranted.
Avatar f tn I have been reading for hours online and seen that 80% of doctors prescribe 500 mg biaxin, 500 mg amoxicillin and 20 mg of prilosec to be taken twice a day for 14 days. Is this correct? I'm taking everything the same excel 1000 mg amoxicillin twice a day. That seems as fully high. That 48,000 mgs in 14 days. My stomach is a wreck. What should I do?
Avatar f tn is any one can remond any good treatment of H Pylori which is resissnt to amoxicillin and clarithromycin This discussion is related to <a href=''>How long to cure H.Pylori ?</a>.
Avatar m tn now it is about 10 days since i finished the course of the antibiotecs and still using the PANTAZOL40mg, I DID THE H. PYLORI AG STOOL TEST AND THE RESULT WAS POSITIVE. does this means: - the antibiotecs didnot work? -Is the H.PYLORI cureable? - Do you have any advice for me to get rid of the H.PYLORI.
Avatar m tn now it is about 10 days since i finished the course of the antibiotecs and still using the PANTAZOL40mg, I DID THE H. PYLORI AG STOOL TEST AND THE RESULT WAS POSITIVE. does this means: - the antibiotecs didnot work? -Is the H.PYLORI cureable? - Do you have any advice for me to get rid of the H.PYLORI.
Avatar m tn The doctors advice is take the full course,and go back to see her in 7 days after finishing course, if symptons persist. I have been suffering with this off and on for 6 months. And was started to think i should go for a second opinion. If any one can help i would be more than grateful.
Avatar f tn So 1 week ago a have been dignosed with ucler and h pylori. Had symtoms for a month till they were able to figure out what it was... Bloading ,stomach pain ,loud stomach , constipation, nausea. Anyway I been taking meds for 6 days now ( 3 different types of antibiotics) the first 4days I felt much better but the pain came back again specialy under rib cage and loud stomach I have 8 days more left of treatment.
Avatar n tn I am not aware of IV antibiotics that have been shown in studies that can treat H Pylori. The recommendations and studies looking at H Pylori treatment have used oral antibiotics. If there is a reason why you can't take oral medications (since the IV antibiotics need to be administered in a hospital setting), perhaps that problem needs to be addressed first. If it is problem with tolerance, there are multiple medication regimens that can be tailored to your side effect profile.
Avatar f tn So this is day nine on the prilosec and day seven on the antibiotics (Ammoxicillin and clarithromycin)for the H pylori. My symptoms are still there SOMETIMES after eating. For the most part it has been a bland diet, except for the exception of a hamburger yesterday which caused extreme discomfort. Could this be a side effect of the medicine or my stomach trying to heal still? Please let me know if I should tough it out with the antibiotics or could this be something else?
Avatar n tn pylori is less valuable. 4) Should she just assume --- if no breath test is given --- that H. pylori is present and ask for amoxicillin/prilosec therapy? Problem is that after such treatment antibodies stay in the blood stream so you never know if the H. pylori has been eradicated, right? If possible I would like a GI doctor to answer this one. Thank you.
Avatar m tn The report does not describe an ulcer but mentions erosive duodenitis which is just an initial lesion and if left untreated can lead to ulcer formation. Yes, H. Pylori is curable and the medications prescribed are apt. The medications need to be taken as prescribed by your treating doctor. Aside the total dosage, the time interval between the doses is also important.
Avatar f tn After years of ulcer pain I was treated for h pylori in the mid 1990's and was symptom free for several years. Last year I recieved chemotherapy for breast cancer (4 doses AC and 4 doses Taxol) ending in May 2009. Last fall I began having terrible stomach pain and nausea which felt like the pain I had with the h pylori.
1428921 tn?1317723216 Hi, I am wondering if there are any specialist within Gastroenterology that can help me with some thoughts and advice. I have just been diagnosed with h pylori. My symptoms at the moment are pain in my throat around the larynx and on each side of my throat and my ears, stomach and back pain between the shoulder blades, extreme hunger pains which comes on 1-3h after I’ve eaten, tired and dizziness, nauseas and low appetite, dry mouth when I chew or at night.
311086 tn?1224732518 My doctor confirmed h pylori with the blood test, and backed it up with a blood culture. They gave me the triple drug treatment: Amoxiclian, Omeprozale and clarythromycine, backed with bismuth as well. Took that for about 4 weeks. It didn't help, my doctor said to wait another few months. I did, and after 3 months after the end of treatment, i was back to normal. Now, 4 days ago, the symptoms came back even worse.
Avatar n tn I am working with a cardiologist who is looking at a recent study from Milan that found a link between H. pylori and atrial fibrilation. I have tried various heart meds and my only other option at this point is a very expensive operation which I cannot afford due to no health insurance. We have decided that it is worth a try with erradicating the H. pylori to see if this alters the Afib.
Avatar f tn I recently started antibiotic treatment for my 3rd bout with h pylori . My old gp never tested for eradication after my previous treatment !?!? I am now taking amoxicillin and biaxin along with a ppi . I honestly would like to know the chances of getting rid of it this time ? I desperately need some relief , the aniexty of fearing stomach problems and fatique . Is really old , I want to feel good again !
Avatar n tn After studies, she had an endoscopy done where they took a biopsy of her stomach. They found the H. Pylori bacteria and said she has gastritis along with an infection/bacteria of H. Pylori. They also said that she had lost the lining in her stomach, that it is raw. They placed her on PrevPac. She could not finish this medication. She was always asleep while on it and felt very fatigued. Her heart rate increased while taking it as well. She just felt awful.
Avatar n tn Then one day I decided I would try an antacid (ranitidine), and I felt so much better, at the cost of extreme nose allergies (non stop sneezing, watery eyes, etc.). I went back to the doctor, with my complaints, and he said to check for H. Pylori -- the blood test came back positive. He put me on triple therapy (clarithomycin, amoxicillin, and omneprazole) for 1 week, and toldme to come back 5 weeks later. I have yet to go back and see him.
Avatar f tn As of right now there are still times when I feel nauseous and my GI tract has never been the same, but I am not experiencing the severe every day nausea, headaches, burning abdominal pain, dizziness, and weight loss. Also, did any of you ever have chronic hiccuping with your H-pylori? I did, and I thought it was so weird. I learned in my microbiology class that I had to take for nursing that the bacteria produces CO2 which is why there is excessive burping and hiccuping, interesting huh?
Avatar f tn pylori upregulates your acid pumps, so it's possible what you may be contending with is acid reflux as a result of the H. pylori infection. So you may need to be following a GERD diet and remain on a course of either H2 blockers or PPIs to try to depress the production of acid in your system. Also check out the articles on the use of certain probiotic products and their helpfulness in eradicating H. pylori.
Avatar n tn So I'm currently on treatment for H. Pylori and taking Lanzoprazole 30mg+Amoxicillin 1g+Claritromicin 500mg, and I want to take a vitamin and mineral supplementation, my question is, will there be any interaction between this treatment and the supplementation?
Avatar f tn What is Prevpac? Drug Name: LANSOP/AMOX/CLARITHRO ORAL Other Brand Names: Prevpac Uses: This product is used to treat stomach/intestinal ulcers caused by the bacteria H. pylori and to prevent the ulcers from returning. Treating an ulcer reduces the risk of serious damage to the lining of the stomach/intestines (such as bleeding, tearing, blockage). Lansoprazole is known as a proton pump inhibitor (PPI).
Avatar f tn Is there any relation between the H. Pylori and my skin problems? (My skin looks red in the cheeks and around the nose... also looks dry ad sometimes with acne) 3. Is there any relation between the H. Pylori and my eyes discomfort? 4. What kind of serious secondary effects I could have after taking the medicaments, could this affect any other organ? 5. How fast grow the polyps? 6. Can the polyps disappear by themselves? 7. Should I accept to remove my gallbladder in case that the polyp is 1cm?
Avatar m tn Someone on here recommended I get tested for H. Pylori. I did and after blood and stool test I have it. So I was prescribed 2 capsules of Amoxicillin 500g twice daily and one 500mg tablet of Clarithromyc. I was already on Omeprazole for stomach acid reduction. Been taking meds for like 2 days now. My guess is this bacteria has led to possible gastritis as the symptoms of both the H. pylori and gastritis are similar.