Ammonia refrigeration absorption

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Avatar m tn Patients were followed monthly for signs of overt hepatic encephalopathy or death (mean follow-up time, 38 to 40 weeks). Every 3 months, they underwent psychometric, arterial ammonia level, critical flicker frequency, glucose hydrogen, and lactulose hydrogen breath tests. Six probiotic patients and 5 control subjects were lost to follow-up. More patients in the probiotic group than in the control group developed overt hepatic encephalopathy (8.8% vs 20.3%).
Avatar m tn Most people do not do well with oral iron supplements and the absorption rate is low. I would have all of the above investigated thoroughly, before looking into other areas, with the exception of checking vitamin D levels and if low to rule out vitamin D resistance (beware of LOW FAT diets, which may contribute to hormonal deficiencies-Vitamin D is a hormone, fat soluble and synthesized from cholesterol) and finally low gastric acid levels, which would explain the bacterial overgrowth.