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144586 tn?1284669764 This is something to be checked on. Many aides are extremely careless regarding both bleach and ammonia. If bleach is mixed with ammonia a deadly gas develops. Many aides have problems with english and do not understand this. Aides and cleaning ladies should not be permitted to use either of these fluids without supervision in the room of an elderly debilitated immobile patient.
Avatar m tn It's not a condition, it's a bug. My best advice is to start on MMS right now, Miracle Mineral Solution. You can get some on Amazon. However, this is only part of the protocol and required months of use to get the job done. I've been taking it 1 week, crawling like crazy right now as I type this (sitting in my bed). Once you get the MMS you need to: 1. Take it as instructed, start with 1 drop and increase slowly, I add a drop every 2 days. 2.