Ammonia hydroxide solution

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Avatar m tn After coming in contact with water in the meat, the gaseous ammonia forms into ammonium hydroxide. When this “meat” is consumed the ammonia can enter the bloodstream elevating levels. PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS OF AMMONIA TOXICITY Since there is no current medical belief in slight ammonia toxicity, we can get a handle on what the symptoms might look like by seeing extreme examples of the ingestion of massive doses of ammonium chloride by humans and experimental animals.
144586 tn?1284669764 The town was lucky because there were several tanks of chlorine, as well as sodium hydroxide in the consist. Nine people died. The engineer and eight town residents. 5,400 people were evacuated within a one mile radious. 500 people sought medical treatment and 75 were hospitalized. Autopsies revealed all the dead died from asphyxiation. Railroads move over 76,000 carloads of toxic inhalation gases annually throughout the United States, consisting mainly of chlorine and anhydrous ammonia.
Avatar n tn Hi, from what I know, although I'm not a doc, a strong fishy odor coming from the vagina is bacterial vaginosis, which usually is treated with antibiotics. I was diagnosed with this when I was pregnant with my 3rd child. You can clean and bathe all you want and the smell is going to keep coming back. Maybe you should find a new doc because I was told it's a bacterial infection, not sexually transmitted, and as a bacterial infection needs to be treated with an antibiotic.
Avatar f tn We keep her comfortabel with sub-q infusions daily, Calcitriol, Aluminum hydroxide and novox. One day she seems bad and then the next day she is up and climbing a full flight of stairs and getting on the sofa by herself! Other days she can barely stand. She sleep most of the time but today she has been shivering almost uncontrollably. I finally wrapped her in a warm blanket and held her for a while and she stopped shivering...she is asleep now. This is GUT WRENCHING.