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1008841 tn?1293602560 What is your MELD score from your last blood test? Are you compensated or decompensated? If you are compensated, have you talked to your doc about hepatitis C treatment? Cramps in the legs and feet are very common with cirrhosis. You might want to try "Leg Cramps" you can find it at any Walgreens. It seems to work for me. You should ask the hepatologist for Xifaxan. For many people it is more effective in stopping HE flare-ups and has no nasty side-effects like Lactulose.
Avatar n tn When ammonia levels go too high in liver patients, they are given "Lactulose" (also called "Enulose"). Lactulose is a liquid laxative that binds with Ammonia to remove it from a person's system. High ammonia levels can cause everything from dementia, drunkenness, slurred coma, and even death. Ask your doctor about LACTULOSE or ENULOSE for your mother!
Avatar n tn My husband's ammonia level is @ 68; 2 weeks ago was @ 60. He is currently taking Lactulose 15 ml twice a day; 2 weeks ago he was lethargic, confused and had extremely poor coordination, was diagnosed with hepatic encephalopathy. He has dramatically improved but his ammonia level continues to rise. He was advised to increase the lactulose to 30 ml twice a day for 5 days and then resume back to 15 ml twice a day. Is there any other medication for elevated ammonia?
795215 tn?1237230577 o. About one week ago he enrolled on methodone program. He has cirrhois and a very high level ammonia. On regular base he is taken some medication for liver, actually enulose liquid and antidepressants, for many years he was diagnozed with clinical depression. As I told you he is taken now methodone and I can not recognize him at all. He does not sleep at all in during last week when he srarted to take methodone. Obviously he had a problem with sleeping before. But now it became worse.
1391695 tn?1298143389 I colored my hair 1x during 13 week treatment, Not sure if it would have been better or worse. It was falling out plenty before, not much more after. Are their studies to show hair falls out more if colored? Or is it an assumption? I didn't do highlights, just covered my gray with brown.
14315163 tn?1433901017 None of us likes taking, I took it for 6 years myself, it has a nasty taste, it but if we don't then the HE can not be managed and high ammonia and the resulting brain symptoms will occur which can be fatal if a person goes into a coma. Lactulose is a liquid laxative that binds with ammonia and removes it from the body via stool. Lactulose draws fluid into the bowel (so both cause loose stools.) Generally speaking--- the goal while taking lactulose is to have 2 - 4 bowel movements per day.
Avatar f tn This as you have likely been told is progressive. The ammonia levels are usually partially controlled with lactulose which is a liquid laxative that helps to asorbs ammonia in the GI system and aids with keeping the bowel cleaned out. It is generally given three times per day and dose is adjusted according to individual response. The lack of energy and decreased awake times can be attributed to several factors. One hemoglobin is very low this carries oxygen to all the organs.
Monster my question is simply.. what the heck would make you smell like ammonia.. like a real strong smell of ammonia ..
Avatar m tn There are other toxins also that can not be filtered from the blood by a very damaged liver that stay in the blood besides ammonia that can affect the brain. Lactulose is a liquid laxative that binds with ammonia and removes it from the body via stools. Kristalose is lactulose in a powder form. (The only difference in lactulose and kristalose is the form--- one is a liquid, the other is a powder.
Avatar m tn I’m sorry to hear of your husband’s troubles. Is he currently taking Lactulose or anything to manage ammonia production? The Lactulose will be the sticky-sweet liquid that gives him the runs? He may need to have that adjusted, or possibly have another drug added to that regimen.
Avatar n tn It's usually treated with Lactulose or Enulose (a liquid laxative that binds with ammonia molecules and removes them from the body). Jaundice means that your husband's bilirubin levels are too high. Alcohol will make all of this worse. There's a Liver Failure messageboard at There's alot of information there on encephalopathy and other complications of liver failure.
4043517 tn?1374010173 First get my bowels working and my ammonia down. I'm out for a few weeks right before Xmas, that figures.
Avatar f tn When I got out of bed this morning I had a gush of clear liquid..that made me feel like I wet my pants .. I have not noticed a mucus plug falling out or anything ..
Avatar n tn Lactulose is taken to lower your mom's ammonia level in her blood. The high ammonia level in the brain is what is causing her confusion. The worst side effect that I recall from the lactulose was "loose stools." Discuss it with your mom's doctor as something else might be going on that would explain her symptoms. If she wants to remember what she is doing in a room or can't find her keys, that is a symptom of encepholopathy caused by a high ammonia level.
Avatar m tn Then when I go to the bathroom the next day it starts all over again. The clear liquid smells alittle like ammonia to me. I told my doctor about it and he just didn't seem concerned. I am tired of putting toilet paper in my underwear to soak up the oozing liquid. Does anyone know what this might be or what might be causing it ? Any help or ideas would be really appreciated.
4862546 tn?1360245303 In patients with decompensated cirrhosis and hepatic encephalopathy (HE) Lactulose/Kristalose is the first line of treatment after the elimination of red meat protein from the diet, which during digestion produces high levels of ammonia and other toxins. Kristalose can be mixed in plain water and has almost no flavor. Mix it in juices and you will never taste it. Kristalose is manufactured by Cumberland Pharmaceuticals Inc., Nashville, TN.
Avatar f tn Dye yes, bleach not so much... they say ammonia free dye and in a well ventilated area.
Avatar f tn at the same time it would itch inside my vagina, I also had an ammonia smell every morning I wake up to pee but doing the day it has a normal smell. Can anyone tell me what could it be?
Avatar n tn I believe the condition of your mother appearing 9 months pregnant is called ascites and from what i have studied and read it can actually be more dangerous to drain the liquid in some more advanced cases maybe this is why they decided against draining. Has she been put on lactulose which may be able to lower the ammonia levels in her blood ?
Avatar m tn any of you tried the one of the liquid hair/body shampoos used by deer hunters to greatly reduce their scent? I have a very old bottle of Tink's Camo Soap. It lists chlorophyll. as the last ingredient. I believe at one time the chlorophyll was identified only as a 'secret ingredient' Here are the ingredients: (Some might be objectionable to people)..
Avatar f tn 2 weeks later, he is acting like a zombie, he was admitted for high level of ammonia in his blood. He was released Sunday and 3 days later he is acting like a zombie again. He is going to the restroom somewhat normal. And drinking and eatting when forced. He is stuggling to take his meds., sometimes taking 45 min just to take the liquid meds. I am 13 hours away from my dad. Why is this happening?
Avatar f tn But when I look at my panties, its just a clear yellowish liquid. Is this normal or supposed to happen? I'm kinda worried...
Avatar m tn Also I didn't clean out, at all, beforehand. Now fast forward to now, I'm constipated, had this yellow, ammonia-smelling liquid come out of my butt and am having some urinary and ejaculatory problems. I also have some numbness in my anus for a little, though I think it's starting to come back. I'm going to the doctors Monday where hopefully this is just an infection. I did get tested for STD's and apparently didn't have any. Someone, help?
Avatar f tn The condition that happens when ammonia levels get too high. His doctor prescribed Lactulose. The liquid medication that does indeed increase the need for the bathroom. He is taking 3T. three times a day. In the beginning he would find himself rushing off the bathroom pretty frequently. Once the meds became established in his system (a month or so seems to be my recollection of how long it took) he now has 3-4 soft BM's a day and no longer feels chained to the bathroom.
Avatar f tn Unlike the BS alien movie, if you had HF acid in you, you would have been dead. The difference between a liquid and gas is that each liquid molecule is energized that it gets airborne as a gas molecule. For instance, we boil liquid water and the H20 molecules starts floating randomly in the air at 100 degrees Celsius but it’s basically the same compound as it was in liquid form or solid(ice). Everything that comes out of your sweat, urination, breath was in the blood?
Avatar f tn Amniotic fluid has a sweeter smell, as opposed to urine which smells like ammonia. Amniotic fluid is also a clear liquid and not colored. Some discharge is normal during pregnancy, but It may be an infection, even without the burn or itch, so it's best to call you doctor and maybe you can be seen sooner.
Avatar m tn Find out what is being added to your water and add a shower water filter for either ammonia plus chlorine or just chlorine and filter those out.
Avatar m tn thanks very much!!!! does L glutamine increase ammonia levels though? I've had bad brain fog for years since returning to the US from Indonesia and taking a lot of antibiotics. I also got asthma and severe sleep apnea and echogenic liver. my iron levels are ok. yeah so even oats are out, pizza, any breads, beer what helps my GERD is pantropozole/protonix and probiotic pills and zantac.
Avatar m tn What cleaner did you use ? Does this cleaner have ammonia as one of it's ingredients ? Is this cleaner you use a liquid cleaner or something like Ajax or Comet in powdered form ? You said you could barely breathe which makes me suspect that you breathed in fumes of some kind from the cleaner you used. Also the fact your vision became blurry, your eyes were hurt and your skin was itching.
Avatar f tn I'll be 39 weeks tomorrow. When I bent down to get my dog some liquid came out from down there. when I checked, my underwear and shorts were wet. I know I didn't pee cause I clearly felt it come out from the other area but could it just be discharge or could I be leaking. ?