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Avatar f tn Unlike the BS alien movie, if you had HF acid in you, you would have been dead. The difference between a liquid and gas is that each liquid molecule is energized that it gets airborne as a gas molecule. For instance, we boil liquid water and the H20 molecules starts floating randomly in the air at 100 degrees Celsius but it’s basically the same compound as it was in liquid form or solid(ice). Everything that comes out of your sweat, urination, breath was in the blood?
144586 tn?1284669764 In the collision with the parked train a single tank car containing 90 tons of chlorine gas was punctured, releasing a deadly plume of gas 2,500 to the North, 1,000 to the east, 900 to the south, and 1,000 to the west. The town was lucky because there were several tanks of chlorine, as well as sodium hydroxide in the consist. Nine people died. The engineer and eight town residents. 5,400 people were evacuated within a one mile radious.
4043517 tn?1374010173 First get my bowels working and my ammonia down. I'm out for a few weeks right before Xmas, that figures.
Avatar n tn Hey guys, whats going on. Hope all is well. Few developments. First off, I've noted a handful of people I've come into close contact with becoming very ill. Or persistently coughing. Recently, I visited my roommates house, his mother sneezed and coughed in my presence. (In arkward moments like these I've learned to psychologically divert the attention away quickly). A few days later, he informed me that his mom was sick and that she contracted a fever and a flu...... It gets better.
Avatar n tn I dont have anything and my grandaughter is having a hard time just buying books and gas for school. I just want to be here long enough to do what I can to see her go to college. I cant do much, but just gas money helps. Lets all pray for us. We all need help somewhere in our lives. Love and best wishes to all of you.
Avatar m tn I prefer Dove unscented bar soap - compared to their liquid version !!! ( to me it appears that the unscented liquid - has a fragrance ????) I have never tried unscented coconut oil soap bar or liquid - it sounds great though ! Do you use it ? What brand and can I get it on Amazon ?
Avatar m tn From my observations, I believe the cause is overheating in our body. We tend to get nervous or heat in our body which produces and exhadles some gas from our body which is allergic to humans. This gas attracts mosquitos and I'm sure most of you have seen that mosquitos like to be near you when you're outdoors. I believe keeping your posture straight is very important as it keeps your stomach and disgestive system in good posture. If you slouch when you sit, please stop right away.
Avatar m tn I am having acidity problem. I have to cough severely and there is accumulation of sticky liquid in the throat and i have to remove it severely. However there is also burning sensation in my left nostril which is swollen from inside.
Avatar m tn OOOOK. Thought I've heard of everything but hey you never know. I know in the very old days even before my youth, people used to use bleach for soaking feet, like atheletes (sic) feet. I heard that it used to be in writing on the old Clorox bottles, I don't know for sure but I have done that and it works very well. I haven't treated my HepC yet but if I get the attack of the "itch bug", I'd be open to it.
Avatar m tn There is a possibility that the infection could go into your ear, which happened to me once, but I found a way to avoid it. You could also accidentally rub infected snot into your eye and get an eye infection, if you are careless. The physiology of your head may be different from my head and you could experience a problem that I would not have, so it’s another risk you must assume. This technique will work for almost any infection of the nose, if you‘re willing to take the risk.
1396846 tn?1332463110 I have pushed until my hemmoroids are starting to act up. I am in a real need here. I am about to go get an enema to help me but if there is anything I can do to not have to do that I would like to try it, if I don't go soon I am going to explode. LOL thanks for reading and hopefully i can get some relief soon.
1388445 tn?1289270988 This has something to do with gushing. This liquid, I find, is almost identical to the liquid from a gushing orgasm. I find this liquid builds up over time, and increases when you're stimulated. Perhaps when you're 'too full', your body releases it, itself. This makes sense as a lot of ladies have mentioned they experience this after sex or masturbation without gushing.
Avatar m tn Patients can smell semen in the face of the smell, and men with long used towels soaked in hot water will become very slippery, smell the stench and towel. In severe cases, male patients begin to overflow the liquid from the mouth. This liquid is slippery and salty. At this point, the patient exhaled breath of semen smell. The spilled liquid is tentatively judged to be male semen.
Avatar f tn The ammonia goes to the brain and causes altered brain function. Lactulose comes as liquid to take by mouth. It usually is taken three or four times a day for liver disease. It should be taken so the patient has 3-4 bowel movements per day. To manage high blood pressure Portal Hypertension Medications such as propranolol and isosorbide may be prescribed to lower the pressure in the portal vein and reduce the risk of recurrent bleeding.
Avatar n tn and something i havent dont yet but really want to is lick wer cement i dont know when it rains and the smell of the cement and the rain just does domething to me and gas omg i loveeee it so much old car gas new caw gas big truck gas i go to the gas station and pump the gas my self i even get a little on my hand or mostly my feet so i can smell it while im driving.
192055 tn?1263559137 Basically, we all have spinal fluid and our head serves sort of retainer of the overflow of this liquid. The liquid constantly flowing from the spine to the head, basically, working circle. The spinal fluid liquid in the head located on the left side in the cerebellum area, and sometime the tissue which covers the brains and holds this liquid in place (Dura), can begin leaking, and very often down the throat. In most cases treatment is rather simple.
Avatar n tn ok guys 1st of all . i wnt to tel you guys this is nothing related to bad odor , gas or some kind of fungus thing. i had this condition and i really know how hard it is for you guys. well but through research and stuff somehow i got rid of this. well this is a disorder that is a combination of both physical and psychological health . if you notice well, most of the people who has this disorder has gone through some sort of infection related to the respiration.
Avatar n tn :It don't matter but try to get him active . IT WILL HELP!!
Avatar f tn I had a similar experience in my early twenties when I was exposed to raw gas fumes every day for a week or more, but got better after four weeks and went back to work. I have had the headaches to deal with every day since. To describe the condition, I would say it feels like a raw area or nerve in the top of my nasal cavity that experiences pain immediately upon contact with a stimulus. The pain radiates forwards behind my eyes and backward under my skull.
661200 tn?1225486613 I brought him to the ER and they said he was in congestive heart failure and a liquid lasix, nitro was given to him to stabilize the condition. They also kept him in an oxygen box for the remainder of the night until he was transported ,again with oxygen, to the cardiologist where a heavier dose of lasix and continued oxygen treatment was administered. After another overnight stay, the next day Fei was taken off oxygen and monitored before I was able to bring him home yesterday.
Avatar n tn For the past 3 months or so I have noticed that I have gnats flying around me at home. Just a couple,but they follow me from room to room, wherever I go. They also follow me to work,and I have them in my office too. Then when I go to another person's office, they follow me in there too. So essentially it's me they are after. There is no food or fruit anywhere,and I do not wear cologne. I have not done anything different from when they were not constantly around me.
Avatar f tn It was raw sewage smell or strange ammonia odor(not women's odor, pure ammonia smell), sometimes dirty clothe smell sometimes just undescribable something. but time passes by I realized it was me. Because it followed me and when I bent down I could smell it coming from my body. Then I thought I had rectal problem so intestinal gas leaking, but it was not.
233616 tn?1312790796 Well I may not be the brightest kid on the block but was raised to use logic and finding out I had IR made all the difference in my approach to treatment for HCV I listened to CoWriter CS and HR all three said the same thing need to treat the IR First Once you are diabetic it is a steady downhill road no cure for Diabetes but there is a definate program to treat Type 2 diabetes with out having to take injections the rest of your life So finding out IR sooner rather than too late, was a b
604197 tn?1292308636 I also have a herniated disc located in my lower back which has pinched my sciatic nerve running to my left leg. Since the fall I have experienced several changes. The main concern I have months later is my senses. I understand the brain is complex but I feel as though I haven't recieved satisfying answers from my doctors. My doctor gave me a 3-4 month time frame to see improvements with my senses. He said I could get my taste back slightly, fully or not at all, same goes for my smell.
Avatar f tn I just have what I described above...side cramps, gas, hard to pass stool, hard to pass gas, gurgling and occassional upset stomach. All that almost always after I eat, but mostly when I'm stressed and worried. But the symptoms have changed over the last 3 months. I'll leave you with this you can related too: I was watching Ray Romano doing a stand-up routine on tv. He said when you reach a certain age you start worrying about every little bump you find.
Avatar m tn Mine seems to worsted when I smoke pot. But taking childrens liquid benadryl before and eating bananas and milk directly after seem to help tremendously... also I believe the "good vibes" theory is true. Maybe it is in our sweat as in our breathe so coat your stomach with good food and don't sweat the small stuff...
Avatar n tn The stomach cramps got worse until I had extreme liquid diarrhea at the hospital. After this event, I went to several doctors to try to figure out what had happened, and one concluded that I must have just had some virus, and another found nothing wrong after numerous tests. However, I do have pretty frequent stomach aches for no apparent reason, and they seem to happen most when I am stressed or anxious, so now I am considering the possibility that it could have been an anxiety attack.
Avatar n tn Why do I have the constant smell of smoke in my nose. It used to be just an occasional thing, but lately it seems to be all the time. I am concerned that this is a symptom of something I don't know about. The smell is strong. I used to notice it about a half hour after taking my Allegra-D 12 hr. tablets, but now I smell it much more often. Am I going crazy or is there something to this I'm not aware of. Has anyone else experienced this? Please help?
Avatar m tn It take to long for drown them. I am using food spices and liquid smoke to drive them out of the ears. I can feel them crawl through the ear drum. When the ear drum pop I can feel them pour out of the ear like I won a slot machine. I am talking small and still feel them. The Indians and pioneer use to wet straw to smoke out the mites of homes. If had access to a smoke hut where they smoke food,I would be sleeping in it. The peroxide ear cleaning don't kill them and don't last.
Avatar f tn This offers some immediate relief. Spray directly to the bottom if you have an itch at night. The ammonia turns them away from coming out. I'm contemplating dip used for animals to kill the eggs. This worked for crabs once - that I got from an on-base bunk back in the Marines. This would be highly toxic and nothing a pregnant woman or woman wanting to get pregnant should consider. Yes - please keep adding to this forum. The problem's not going away soon mostly likely...