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Avatar n tn Tons of red algae, some brown hair algae, etc. The nitrates are 220+ ppm, nitrites 0, ammonia 0, ph 8.0, and the tank is at 80 deg. We never overfed or dump chemicals in there w/o testing.
208764 tn?1249433257 Inhalation can produce coughing, wheezing, respiratory distress, and congestion in the lungs [Patnaik 1992]. Irritating effects in humans was intense at concentration levels of 5 ppm. Accidental exposure at 19 ppm of the gas inside a bleach tank resulted in the death of one worker (time of exposure is not specified) [ACGIH 1991]. Workers exposed for 5 years to average chlorine dioxide concentrations below 0.
Avatar n tn Individuals who exhibit a pattern of fast oxidation, as determined by a hair analysis, tend to release excessive amounts of histamine into their tissues principally due to an excessive tissue protein breakdown. High histamine levels, whatever the cause, increase one's proneness to allergies. Cell permeability refers to the ability of substances to enter and exit the permeable membranes of body cells.
Avatar n tn I just saw my endo and described my symptoms he said my nasal passages are enflamed but my thyroid levels are now normal, even though I still have the swollen gland issue in the neck and the burning mouth and sore throat. I found a name for what we all might have and it's dysosmia. It can be attributed to age, viral illness, disorders of the endocrine system and nutritional disorders. There's a little more info at