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Avatar f tn Ease up on yourself! You're not faking, because if you were, you'd have a much more enjoyable and creative ailment, I'm sure. Lyme is just ... a hassle. Nobody would make this garbage up. :) Docs (other than LLMDs) really don't understand Lyme because they go by what the infectious disease docs say, which is that Lyme is hard to get and easy to cure and only happens in New England. Blah blah blah. So that your ortho(pedist?) brushes you off just means go at it from another angle.
Avatar m tn between my toes, in my butt, on my skin; on my face........ Lordie! I moved into a city officials house here, in Saratoga Springs, NY, and the women before me was trying to tell me that she had been attacked by bugs, but the landlord was standing right there, and she refrained...well, since then, I was told. This is a 200 yr old house, and it has bug major infestation in the walls in this upstairs apt. I am going nuts....