Aldara vs imiquimod

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Avatar f tn I always recommend that it never be used for self-testing . 4) I would recommend against imiquimod (Aldara) or any other treatment unless and until the diagnosis of warts is confirmed. Treatment of any kind would risk making future diagnosis much more difficult. A second opinion probably couldn't hurt, either from a gynecologist more familiar with warts than yours appears to be, or a dermatologist. If there still is any doubt, a biopsy would tell for sure.
Avatar m tn i was checking for trl7 agonists and i found there are already 2 and one marketed already and even generic, they are used on viral infections to activate immune response on HPV, herpes viruses, other viruses and even soem types of skin cancers, they are in form of creams Imiquimod ( Aldara ) The genetic control of airway responsiveness and the effect of resiquimod treatment on allergic asthma
Avatar f tn Your doctor can prescribe treatment you can use at home (imiquimod, trade names Aldara and another newer name that I forget), rather than repeated visits to the office or clinic. 5) As noted above, you probably cannot "spread them so easily" to other parts of the body. You can assume you are no longer contagious once a few weeks go by with no new lesions appearing.
Avatar m tn do you have other sides from intf?on aldara+gcmaf i am feeling always very very cold and feel cold hands and feet, ever felt like this?
Avatar f tn Immune inhalers such as Zadaxin But Myrcludex is a sort of same half fix solution as 9620 (Imiquimod) it will for sure will get once chances better to clear HBV.. but the question remains still - how long will one have to take it so liver cells regenerate completely? Will this take 1 year or more?