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Avatar n tn Hi, I was diagnosed with genital warts and given a prescription of Aldara. After using Aldara for 8 weeks or so the warts went away and my doctor said that they were gone and I could stop using Aldara. About a week ago I noticed that two warts were back and my doctor said to continue use of Aldara. I was wondering how long Aldara takes to get rid of warts and when they do go away, how often may the warts reappear?
Avatar m tn just wondering do i really have to throw away each aldara packet after one usage... i feel like its such a waste since i only use like a fourth of it for each application...???
Avatar n tn When I see the dermatologist again next week, should I try to get him to pursue a different course of treatment as opposed to just extending the Aldara prescription? Also, should I be worried right now that without Aldara in the meantime, I might get new warts popping up?
Avatar f tn i just picked up my prescription of aldara, i got 12 little packet things... and i wanted to know if someone could explain to me how to use it... because my gyno. didnt explain ANYTHING...
Avatar n tn 1 I went for a follow-up appointment because I noticed a small, almost pinpont, growth in the general area of the wart in addition to what I believed to be a small scar from the cryo. The nurse practioner said she wasn't sure it was a reoccurance and gave me an Aldara prescription. She said to use it only if the bumps in question got bigger. Two months passed and the pinpoint size bump seemed the same but the scar-like growth did seem a bit larger.
Avatar n tn Condylox - apparently it is a weaker gel of podophyllin toxin, which burns off the warts. Has anyone used it? Where can I get it online? Aldara - cream that helps your immune system target the warts? Again, has anyone used it? Where can I get it online? TCA - an acid that burns the warts off? Has anyone used it? Where can I get it online? I was thinking of trying to get both condylox and aldara.
Avatar m tn Eventually I had them checked, they were warts and I had them removed and was put on Aldara. I used what my dermatologist gave me but I had no insurance so I never actually filled the prescription. The warts came back months later. I thought about the laser surgery which would be very expensive but the doctor put me back on the Aldara, which I filled this time, hoping it would take care of the problem.
Avatar m tn I live in Canada and our health care is free so I would not be able to help you on pricing out the prescription however, I would just recommend you seek maybe another option, I used this cream and it was very potent and I used the minimal amount suggested. Not only did I have the original issue but i now also had trouble urinating, the cream BURNED my skin very badly and I had almost all of the "possible" side effects.
Avatar m tn I'm using aldara right now too, I am a female but my skin has started burning and bleeding too, I talked to my doctor and he said it's normal.
Avatar n tn About 6 months ago I was diagnosed with genital warts at a public health clinic out of state. I was put on Aldara for about 12 weeks and though it seemed to help a little it did not remove the warts. I noticed that I have a couple more that have appeared on a different area of my shaft. Will a family doctor be able to prescribe a treatment for this or do I need to find a STD specific doctor? Are these warts harmful to me or my partner in any way?
Cat In the office, cryotherapy can be performed, BCA can be applied to cauterize the warts, OR Aldara is a medication that you can apply yourself which will quite often get rid of the warts. Aldara is a prescription medication so you will need to see a doctor. You really should see a doctor any way to have the area checked for any sign of dysplasia due to the hpv virus. A general internist or general surgeon or proctologist would all be good choices. Good luck!
Avatar f tn welll ive been using this cream for my gw and now my skin down there burns like when i touch it is that normal or shud i call my gyn just started been using my prescription for a week now.
Avatar f tn There are creams (prescription) you can apply such as Aldara (imiquimod). Talk to your doctor about it. The Net has many home-made treatments like: Garlic pills, Elderberry pills, Apple Cider Vinegar, duct-tape, etc. Google "wart treatment" and you will find some of these remedies. We all believe that boosting your immune system via vitamins, exercise, stop smoking and drinking, eating healthy will result in less breakouts or faster recovery.
Avatar n tn If so, fill the Aldara prescription and use it as directed. If not, or if she wasn't sure, using Aldara might just confuse things: If the bumps persist, they could still be warts (because Aldara works only 60-70% of the time); and if they go away, they might not be warts. If your doctor is uncertain, consider getting a second opinion, e.g. from your local health department STD clinic or perhaps a family planning clinic like Planned Parenthood.
Avatar n tn I'm also puzzled by her decision to give you a prescription for Aldara if the diagnosis of warts isn't definite; she must believe you have genital warts. Perhaps she is using it as a "test of cure", but that isn't generally recomended. (If the bumps respond, they were warts; if not, they weren't.
Avatar n tn Unfortunately none of that stuff is proven to work. The recommended treatment if you'd like to try something topical is Aldara or Retin-A, with Aldara being used more often. It's true you'd have to get a prescription, but at least you'd be using something proven by the FDA to work and not wasting your money.
Avatar m tn Hi i was diagnosed with Anal warts and was prescribed with Aldara. My doctor didnt really elaborate on how many times i should apply it but i did 2x per week (mon and friday) since its too expensive! this was my before treatment pic and this is my 1st week treatment
Avatar f tn Ask your doctor for Aldara--this is a prescription that can be used at home to clear up the warts. Often, it takes awhile (several weeks) for it to work, but its worth it! Good luck!
Avatar n tn Please don't worry, I used to have warts on my butts, and my doctor gave me Aldara cream 5% (imiquimod) and it went away within two weeks. Please ask you doctor for a prescription.
Avatar f tn Hey Doc, I was diagnosed with Low Risk HPV(Genital Warts back in April, I had them treated with 4 treatments of Trichloric Acid, and just last week my gyno decided to stop the acid treatments and gave me a prescription for Aldara(I still have a couple area's that are not cleared up). During the time that I was getting the Acid Treatments my gyno told me not to have sex. She repeated this before I left at my last visit when she gave me the prescription...
Avatar n tn ) and now have a more cauliflower-like apperance. They are clustered primarily in the perianal region. I recently used the prescription medication Aldara (Imiquimod) as indicated for one month. The clusters of perianal warts disappeared for a while (several weeks at most), but they have since returned and look the same as they did prior to treatment.
Avatar m tn I Was diagnosed about a month ago with genital warts at planned parenthood the lady told me to use aldara because i have 1 small lesion and a bunch of what she says to be tiny warts that are the size of a needle point. They are really small but i have a lot. Just so you know how small they are you wouldn't know they were there unless you stretch out the skin and take a look.
Avatar m tn Supposedly it's available at Walgreens drug stores without a prescription. I bought an identical product for a friend in Mexico for $6. Aldara prescription cream for warts is ridiculously expensive, so unless you can get it at a huge discount try Podofilox first. There are other options like freezing them off, etc., but that requires a doctor visit.
Avatar f tn I asked the nurse on duty today while picking up the Aldara prescription about what I might have. She told the me sores typically look like those that one would get on their mouth. I have been getting cold sores since I was a child and mine typically appear and fully develop within the first 24 hours, and since I've noticed the red painless irritation (doesnt seem to have any fluid inside) for almost 5 days or even more, is it safe to put my mind as ease and almost rule out herpes.
Avatar m tn I've had genital warts burnt off underneath the head of my penis, I've had reactions to the aldara cream but now those are pretty much under control. My concern now is that when I pull my foreskin back to clean myself, it ******* hurts. its like its swollen, somewhat-dry, and it hurts. I've heard horror stories of men having to be circumcized because of complications with the foreskin. Should I be putting on lotion? anyone have any experience with this? Thanks.
Avatar n tn I had them frozen off to only return within a month or two. So I decided to try the prescription drug Aldara on the advice of a dermatologist after he tried applying some similar acting agent product in the office with limited results after 5 weekly visits. Within 1 week of treatment my genitals became extremely sensitive and red, I also experienced herpes like outbreaks on my lips and a general feeling of tiredness and malaise.
Avatar n tn When I saw the gynecologist two months ago she did not express concern with that detail and gave me a prescription for that same birth control pill. I have been taking it for two months now and my periods have been normal. My other question is: Is Aldara the best way to remove them? My gynecologist told me to use it when I insisted I wanted these removed. She gave me instructions to use the cream 3 times a week for 16 weeks. Should these be treated like genital warts if they are not?
Avatar n tn I got a 2nd opinion from a urologist who thought it could be a wart. He prescribed Aldara which I used to no effect EXCEPT that it caused a terrible red & stinging reaction (complete with white/gray discharge) that started a few days ago but has improved thanks to frequent cleaning and Polysporin treatment. This appeared after I had used 11/12 Aldara packets & I skipped the last one.
Avatar m tn I asked for a prescription for Aldara and he said no !! From this site I assumed the following 1, The strains of HPV that cause Warts rarely lead to Cancer. 2, He told me I have this forever and I'm at very high risk for anal cancer.
Avatar m tn Please don't worry, I used to have warts on my butts, and my doctor gave me Aldara cream 5% (imiquimod) and it went away within two weeks. Please ask you doctor for a prescription.