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598912 tn?1219552112 I have hpv,and i had a reoccurence of gw so m doc 0rescribed aldara. ******* hell hole in a packet. after only s couple days of using it, yesterday my vagina lips swoll up along with the middle portion too. i began to walk funny because it would hurt to bump them together. i was at work still and needed to home asap.
Avatar n tn it seems i have some other areas on the shaft of my penis also that may be developing the samr type of spots....i am applying aldara cream every other day per instructions and am on day 4 of it normal for more to show up while on this cream ? should i be worried and re-visit the dermotologist ? starting to get concerned as i saw some pretty scary pictures online of out of control growths......
Avatar m tn Aldara will only clear up small MC bumps, not large MC bumps, which will have to be treated with freezing and/or other removal methods. Although I do intend to keep freezing them, I reached an agreement with the dermatologist that I would use Aldara in between appointments as discussed. He gave me a prescription and I now have Aldara. When i was talking to him about what you had said in regards to MC in general, He said the following.
Avatar m tn I had a lot better luck with the Aldara when I first burned the warts off with salicylic acid. The Aldara wasn't helping as well before using the acid, especially in certain areas. Yes, it's a bit more pain but it helped me. You could also add Low Dose Naltrexone to your medication. It helps boost the immune system. In your case, I really don't think it would be enough of a benefit on it's own. I tried it with a lot of herbal immune boosters alone and I didn't get any results.
Avatar n tn The instructions recommended applying it twice a day but i was lazy/busy and only applied it a couple times a week. It worked!!! it took about a month and made my skin dry and peal a bit but i am completely free of those horrible things now!! Tazorac Gel!!
Avatar n tn My last one showed me as having VIN2 which my oncologist/gyno wanted me to use ALDARA Cream for 3 months, I tried it but i couldnt function with all the side effects, So after much reading as much as i could find on HPV and VIN i started taking the supplement DIM, thought it was helping some but now I have the burning back again and am afraid I will have to go in and have another biopsy again. I hate this. How come so many of us never heard of this before.