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99052 tn?1270987120 but one might suppose that drinking alcohol when one has HCV could be a bad idea. Yes; the alcohol content are low. If one did not know one was drinking alcohol though one might go back for refills and thereby could inadvertently be "partaking" without knowing it.
Avatar f tn My doctor prescribed this to me to stop the cravings for narcotics and it works for alcohol too!!!! My drug counselro was really excited when I told her about this, so I'm definately interested in it-maybe some of you can mention it to your doctors if staying clean is a challenge.....Naltrexone is the name! Worth a try! I'm back and forth on whether I want to get on it...I feel I'm handling at the moment, but that's just today...tomorrow could kill me! :) ARGH!!!!!!
Avatar f tn ) The inventor had the exquisite name of Royal Raymond Rife. There is a wikipedia article on Rife, suitably skeptical and with tales of people convicted for convincing cancer patients they could be cured, and who weren't. Yeah, I'm dubious, but willing to learn and evaluate. Antibiotics have their own issues, after all. Any advice welcome. Thanks!
Avatar m tn Strong spirits? Spare me. Alcohol is alcohol. Whether gulping 3 martinis or chugging 12 beers in an hour, it is the alcohol in whatever form you take it that works the "magic." So, to put another arrow in your quivver, consider going to some AA meetings and getting on a program. I appreciate all the work you have put into your messages and wish you the very best.
Avatar n tn ) Sex is so much more than just the bare physical act, and the sex tips from akashc may actually get at an actual remedy. Good luck to all, and I'm still surprised this isn't more widely referenced. I've been looking for years.
1932256 tn?1327949940 The vodka is the worst thing he could be drinking right now. My husband tried the same alcohol route to get through detox and it nearly killed him. They always think there is some magic chemical out there that will allow them to sleep through withdrawal and it never happens. If you can get him out of bed, have him soak in hot baths with Epsom salts as much as possible. It really does help; it's temporary but worth the effort.
Avatar f tn at these sites, but which has the opposite effect (an ANTagonist) is naloxone, or naltrexone, which blocks the absorption and processing of opioid agonists, and is an antidote for opioid poisoning. Like any drug, however useful and beneficial, this drug is also widely abused.
Avatar n tn garlic (except for those of you who suspect it acerbates the situation, I would guess) black pepper ginger cayenne pepper ginseng cinnamon horseradish dill seed pau d'arco astragalus In addition, I am taking a digestive enzyme, avoiding alcohol, caffeine, dairy and acidic foods and drinking a vitamin/energy shake at least 3 mornings a week. I'll let you know how it goes.
Avatar n tn Well, I did some research on pernicious anemia, on Wikipedia. Pernicious anemia is a type of megaloblastic (MB) anemia. MB anemia occurs as follows: 1) B12 deficiency causes folate deficiency; 2) folate deficiency causes MB anemia. Different types of MB anemia correspond to different causes of the B12 deficiency.
Avatar n tn Also, Denatonium Benzoate is present in skincare products that contain alcohol. This compound appears to be safe. It is added to the alcohol in such products in order to deter people from consuming them to get drunk.
Avatar n tn The itching was gone and I went back to bed. I thought maybe I had food poisoning. The next morning, I was so sore from the violent vomiting that I could barely move. I took an Advil for the soreness. Five minutes after I took the Advil the palms of my hands and soles of my feet started again and I was sick. I panicked and called 911 as my heart was racing so fast I thought I was going to have a heart attack. After getting to the hospital, it stopped and they told me I had the flu.
Avatar f tn occasional flip-flopping feeling which knocked the wind out of me but only happened maybe a few times a year, and a sort of flip-flopping or difficulty beating when lying down on my left side (sometimes, not every time I lay this way - started around age 13).
472570 tn?1274689487 Things like rubbing alcohol, Nail polish remover, vicks, tiger balm, raid and other flea n tick etc. killers. Basically if you notice them biting you fiercely shortly after using them then that's something you ought not be using. I will tell you that I'm absolutely convinced that these things are not mites as most people believe. I am convinced that they are some sort of mutated flea. Fleas do mutate rather easily when bombarded with flea killing chemicals.
Avatar n tn I have been very frustrated with the same problems. We adopted our daughter who will be 3 next month. She was exposed to opiates, meth, alcohol, marijuana & cigs. in utero. She was born 7 weeks premature, through emergency c-section (the umbilical cord :prolapsedcausing decreased oxygen) she had a seizure at birth. She is very bright. The doctor just diagnosed her as IED. Interm. Explosive Disorder. She to was tested for Autism/Aspergers.
Avatar n tn Hey, I had similar symptoms relating to both caffeine and small amounts of alcohol. I'm a nurse, so naturally I looked up what might be the issue. It seems some people are more likely to become intolerant to both caffeine and alcohol due to differences in the way their liver metabolizes them.
Avatar m tn -alcohol; - analgesics and some antibiotics; -coffein; -chocolate; -smoking; - progesterone (for women); -stress -and others factors. Probably everyone in this forum noticed that these factors leads to an increase of PATM, is not it? Some people on this forum wrote that they had begun PATM after they had taken antibiotics or analgesics.
Avatar n tn ), from my throat into a burp in days leading up to this morning. I eat alot of spicy foods, drink coffee, and consume alcohol regularly, so i think it might have to do with these foods that trigger my stomach to want to throw it up but instead end up having a hard stool followed by liquidy diarrhea along with POURING sweat... does everyone here eat the foods and liquids i mentioned as part a a regular diet? just wondering...
Avatar n tn I am not drinking any alcohol either. Please give me some advice because I am tired of missing work and time with my family. Thank you.
Avatar f tn From wikipedia: "Antihelmintic drugs albendazole (Albenza), mebendazole (Vermox, OVEX), Piperazine and pyrantel pamoate (Pin-X, Reese's Pinworm Medication) are commonly used to treat pinworms; these medicines kill the pinworms 95% of the time, but do not kill the eggs. The person being treated should receive a second course after two weeks." However sometimes even medication doesn't help, so you should go for the multiple method approach.
192055 tn?1263559137 There can be lot of more reasons of course. There is a case where someone healthed. It is on wikipedia, it is called (grs)genital retraction syndrome. On the bottom there is a link about a jordanian guy or something.
Avatar n tn However, I have done some reading up on the symptoms and many of you seem to have them far worse than me, thus it seems to make perfect sense that many of you may be suffering from 'Giardia lamblia' (you can find useful information on this if you go to Wikipedia as Im sure you will find much helpful information if you google it) - Giardia lamblia seems to be the perfect solution especially where its re-occuring so take a look at the environment you work in, especially where you work with childr
Avatar n tn I unenthusiastically carried on nevertheless, and was drawn to the Wikipedia link for their definition of RSI, of which I had avoided all this time. Little did I know that this would be the turning point of my ordeal. Just as I finished reading the 'ever-so familiar' Wikipedia definition, I was drawn to an external link at the foot of the page (no longer there) called 'Rachel RSI' .My girlfriend is called Rachel which is what drew me to it.
Avatar n tn I am a little overweight. I never drink soda and I've never wore contacts. I stopped drinking alcohol hoping that would help, but it didn't. I rarely get head aches, but like one person said sometimes I feel the bubbles somewhere else in my skull. I did get acid reflux for the first time ever recently so maybe they are connected, but who knows. I recently can hear a grinding sound when I turn my head too so I thought it could be linked to neck aging.
Avatar n tn Sufficient protein intake is important as is resting, drinking plenty of water, eliminating caffeine and alcohol, keeping workouts low-key. Here's one link out of thousands..
Avatar n tn The fatigue that I have been experiencing for the past several months has started to lift now that I've stopped taking the medication, but it is still profound...another hallmark symptom of b6 poisoning. This is a serious toxic situation and one that is not understood by the medical community. I am waiting to find out how much of my life I will get back. I am rebuilding my stamina & neuropathways with an optimistic outlook. And getting the word out. MD's don't know about vitamins.