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Avatar f tn Fenugreek is the name of it
Avatar f tn Really? I've been doing some research on this topic this month and thought it works like this: you get HIV, after few years develop AIDS, no? So if you don't develop AIDS, you don't die early, right? I'm asking because from what I read here, you seem to know this stuff. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Talk to you doctor about a specific medication to try. He/she will have recommendations for you.
Avatar f tn No i have not tried that I know Tylenol pm dont help or most generic over the counter sleep aids dont help. Thanks though will be calling ob or pharmacist and asking my questions with them.
Avatar m tn Yes it means you've developed AIDS. Once you are classified as having AIDS you will always have the classification no matter what your numbers do.
Avatar n tn if that was the case you would have died or very ill by now especially without medication... So its obvious you didnt catch the virus... And its not a concern.
1268578 tn?1274884217 Im scared but I have no other choice as I have major insomnia and anxiety problems without the medication, and have already attempted to stop, causing several withdrawal problems. I am looking for anybody who has shared a similar experience and can relate to me, and help me through my pregnancy. Thank you , I am only 5 weeks.
611606 tn?1315517767 Yes I use a sleeping aid, but I dont use a morphine pump, I just use fentynal patches and oxycodone for pain, the sleeping medication my doctor gave me is Remeron, it works very well, its not an addictive sleeping aid and the bonus side effect is appetite so when your too nauseated or just dont want to eat, it aleviates that. The only problem is that Remeron makes me hungry at night, dont know why but thats the time i usually start getting an appetite.
Avatar n tn thanks a lot that was very helpful. could please answer one more question? would there be a difference between someone taking medication to reduce the viral load to undetectable levels after being diagnosed with aids and someone who has been taking medication to keep viral loads under control all along without progressing to aids at all?
Avatar n tn You may still feel sleepy the morning after taking the medication. In patients with liver disorder, a smaller dose of Ambien is generally prescribed. Ambien addiction is a serious problem requiring treatment. The signs of ambien withdrawal are insomnia, fatigue, sweating, stomach cramps, and panic attacks. If a person is addicted to ambien, a doctor should be consulted to seek appropriate professional treatment (Drug rehab programs).
774805 tn?1235948571 I am on Abilify (Aust) it is not on the list anyone know what the US name is?
Avatar f tn What if the person has aids, not hiv
Avatar m tn Levothyroxine is the generic name; Synthroid is a brand name. Both contain the same medication (active ingredient), but can vary in the fillers (inactive ingredients).
Avatar f tn I have started to have sleep problems since I when on a new medication called zeldox. Gradually I would sleep for less and less. It got to the point that I would take 3-4 hours to fall asleep and only sleep for 4/5 hours a night. I stopped the zeldox and now I can't sleep at all. I have tried melatonin 10mg at night but it didn't work. I tried many over the counter sleep aids but they do not work. Anyone have ideas what can help me sleep?
Avatar f tn I know that it is ill advised to continue taking prescription medication for sleep. I have tried to get off them, but the desire to sleep wins every time after about 4 hours of tossing and turning with pain. What I do not know is the side effects? Could this be causeing nerve damage? What else are the side effects and it is better to not sleep?
519725 tn?1211997846 To heal the gut and get things balanced - consider reading information on acidophillus and digestive enzyme aids to speed the digestive track and to produce more acid along with PH balancing it. Apple cider vinager is a natural aide for that. If you remain "slow" with hypothyroidism , your gut will not heal and could cause many issues down the road. Your liver could be effected as well. I was in sheer pain for 2 years with acid issues.
Avatar f tn hi my name is jamie and i wanted to know if lymph nods are in with having aids i was told they were and i used needles for 6 years and a few dirty ones and i have not been checked out for aids yet and i'm sacared i would like to know your opinion..thanks..
Avatar f tn No one can answer that question. Any one can be killed walking across the street. If he's seeing an ID doctor then the chances of him dieing from AIDS is slim to none.
Avatar n tn Eventually over time all people with HIV will be given an AIDS diagnosis--it's the timeframe of when this occurs is what varies.
Avatar f tn My first question is, if he got the virus, and never took medication, how long would he live, and if he was on medication would he still be alive today? My next question is.......why? I know nobody really knows, but if you know it will make you live longer why wouldnt you take medication?????
10233378 tn?1427161882 Besides medication some other methods can be ....making sure your bedroom is comfortable. Meaning, besides the insomnia preventing you from sleep you don't have any other factors adding to the problem. If it's hot have an ac or fan. Stay hydrated. Sleep in light clothing, have something to drink near by, make sure all things that interrupt your natural sleep are noise and light.
Avatar f tn Amoxicillin is an antibiotic (otherwise known as penicillin). It is not an HIV/AIDS medication. It is used to treat a bacterial infection (HIV is caused by a virus). Hope this answers your question.