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Avatar m tn I recently had sexual relations with a prostitute in Thailand, condom was used, no kissing or oral was involved, however there was blood found on the sheets afterwards, i have been checked and been given the all clear but am on anti viral drugs to be sure (combin 300) What are the the chances that this can be transferred to another partner with such a low chance of contracting the virus? Is there a a possibility that this could happen.
Avatar m tn Ive heard that the bar girls in thailand check themself for STD(hiv, aids etc) every month or so and if they have an STD they dont get a job or get fired from the bar coz its bad business and bad reputation for the bar, is this true? I`ve also read that the chances for a healthy 22 year old male having one time sex with a person with aids-hiv getting hiv is very slim?
Avatar n tn BANGKOK – For the first time, an experimental vaccine has prevented infection with the AIDS virus, a watershed event in the deadly epidemic and a surprising result. Recent failures led many scientists to think such a vaccine might never be possible. The World Health Organization and the U.N. agency UNAIDS said the results "instilled new hope" in the field of HIV vaccine research.
Avatar m tn I have spent days on the internet trying to find out info on the statistics of HIV in the Thailand bars. There are plenty of statistics for thailand as a whole but it needs to be broken down. There a a lot of small local brothels which locals go to where condoms are not used which would affect the statistics of the HIV in the GO GO bars where the girls are supposed to be tested monthly/quarterly. They are also having sex with tourists where condoms are being used on most occasions.
Avatar n tn However, my understanding that any increased propensity to heterosexual transmission is in the lower range of the possibilities you quote from some websites. From my understanding of the epidemiology of HIV/AIDS in Thailand, it is not plausible that the vaginal sex transmission risk is anything like the higher rates you cite. That said, there are no data. The transmission risk data in the US, published by CDC (e.g.
Avatar f tn I went to Thailand for tourism and when I entered the shop massage women suck my penis for money Is AIDS is transmitted by sucking my penis please, I'm afraid
Avatar m tn m posting this because it relates to me and many, many others on this forum, and perhaps it will make others think twice before engaging in sex with a CSW, unprotected in Thailand or any other SEA country. It is well documented that the South East Asian countries Have a different strain of HIV-1 to Western countries. It is a subtype that is peculiar to this region called HIV Subtype-E.
Avatar m tn I Had a sex with a thailand gay massagist on Jun 25th. At the begining, he use his penis to scrub my anus and try to insert a little bit for 4-5 times. Then he had a deep penetration into my anus for once and I could feel his penis get throught my the anorectal ring. After that penetration, he took a condom on his penis and had a anal sex with me. I checked the condom when we finished our sex.It should be no big break, but I'm not sure that maybe a minor break on it.
Avatar m tn However very recently i was VERY foolish and engaged in vaginal sexual intercourse (as male) with a CSW in Thailand!! I did where a condom however it splt and i didnt realise until the end.. She seemed just as concerned as mysekf when seeing that it had split and insisted she was clea (i assume they all say the same).. I was unable to afford the PEP treatment as im out of my home country which is making me worry even more as i am now past the 72 hr mark!!..
Avatar f tn No iam in uae is here any aids person available she is from Thailand but she didn't allow to kiss me and touch her vagnal. But she too tired thats y iam scared may be she affected by hiv.
Avatar m tn Well, I had protected sex with a prostitute in (Bangkok) Thailand 16 months ago, the condom tore during intercourse.I realized at last moment.I ejaculated outside the vagina.I asked the girl,She said she did not have AIDS. I never got any symptoms till date(after 16 months).I mean I never had fever,cough cold or any illness after the intercourse till today.What is probability of me being infected.I never checked myself.
Avatar n tn Hi, about a month ago, I had protected sex (using condom) with a prostitute in Pattaya, Thailand. We kissed as well. I was quite drunk them but I remembered her biting the inside of my lower lips. At first, it did not felt anything. We had sex for about 4 hours. Then, I got back to my room and slept. When I woke up, i realized that i had a bleeding gum at the inside of my mouth the the lower lip. I don't think there is sign of blood (not sure).
Avatar m tn the doctor now is looking to see how bad i have it (CD4). i will also go back to thailand where i assume i got HIV and will set up an appointment with a good hospital there to review. my question - how do i begin living with this disease? what forums are there? i want to chat with real people and not statistics provided by Doctors. i know there is still a stigma on HIV. tks.
Avatar m tn I had 2 potential exposures whilst in Thailand. Neither with a sex woker, but both unprotected (well one unprotected and another involved two condoms breaking). At the time I didnt worry about it and didnt even think about it, but since a friend made a joke about 'catching HIV over there' I have become quite paranoid.
Avatar m tn Anyone who knows if i can get the at least the fda approved test in either singapore or thailand. Any neighbouring country please.
Avatar m tn I am now taking xanex just to sleep a couple of hours every night after my recent trip to Thailand because of an insane amount of anxiety. I visited a blowjob bar in Thailand two weeks ago and allowed the woman to perform oral without a condom. I was up for many hours from travel and not thinking correctly. She washed her mouth out with mouthwash which I have read will actually kill the good enzymes in the saliva. Of course I do not know the condition of the inside of her mouth.
Avatar n tn hi doctor 2 and half year back i went to thailand and had protected sex with 2 different girl on different date now i am healthy and hav no medical issue just out of curiosity i just want to know do i hav to test for hiv thanx.
Avatar n tn Browne led the team of researchers in Thailand and Taiwan where the AIDS-like disease made its first appearance. Browne has concluded that the new AIDS causes those infected to produce autoantibodies that block interferon-gamma, a chemical signal that assists the human body in fighting infections. The new AIDS targets this chemical and leaves the victim unable to fight off any infection -- leaving the person vulnerable to developing deadly sicknesses from even the common cold.
Avatar n tn I did a google search on the internet and noticed that their is a huge percentage of aids in thailand... so i went to the doctor and told him about my holiday, and the fact that i was worried about catching some disease by having sex with prostitutes... (he just said wear a condom... and you should be fine... but i didnt think he cared that much because the entire time i was there.... he was talking about how he goes to thailand every 3months...
1123376 tn?1261557699 Hello again everybody, I had a risky exposure 3 weeks ago whereby I had protected sex twice with a SW from thailand who told me she is HIV+.. Oral however was NOT protected... 3 weeks later my body felt weird and this are some of the symptoms im experiencing now. Symptoms I have ? 1) Skin itchiness at various parts of my body. (Legs, hands, chest) 2) Pain under my armpit, redness on the skin.
Avatar m tn s status, i jus assume i had been with even hiv positive partners but protected, as i constantly visit thai massage parlours, clubs, brothels and strret pick ups (Hiv/aids in thailand are serious prob). Any risk of contracting HIV? and if I am to have protected sex hundreds of times more with condom working fine, will I have risk? Am i encouraged to get tested? I usually use durex water to lube my partner's V to prevent condom tear.
1123376 tn?1261557699 Hello again everybody, I had a risky exposure 3 weeks ago whereby I had protected sex twice with a SW from thailand who told me she is HIV+.. Oral however was NOT protected... 3 weeks later my body felt weird and this are some of the symptoms im experiencing now. Symptoms I have ? 1) Skin itchiness at various parts of my body. (Legs, hands, chest) 2) Pain under my armpit, redness on the skin.
Avatar n tn considering incident happened with me I am very much disturbed. I was attacked by people in thailand for money after visiting king palace and they asked money and refused suddenly they pricked me something in my hand. and then took all my money. This was in year 2007. Now almost 7 years passed. i am having stomach pain many times. Pls guide. all my dr are failed to diagonise. I myself got admitted to good hospital but they also not able to digonise. what to do. Pls help me out dr.