Advair vs spiriva

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25201 tn?1255584436 What dosage of oral steroids would be equal to the 250/50 Advair Diskus Inhaler used every 12 hours? I am finding the cost of Advair prohibitive and will be switching to oral steroids in the near future. Can't use Albuterol in any form due to adverse reaction. Have tried Spiriva with only fair results. I seem to definitely be a Steroid responder. Thanks so much ....
Avatar f tn I would like to know whether I should use the inhalers they gave me (spiriva and seretide) for my condition, COPD, irrespective of whether I get some relief from them. Can they slow down the lung deterioration process? Should I really go on inhaling for ever?... in other words, if these medicines are only - or mostly - intended to make me feel better (which they don't), can I stop taking them? I perceive them as a nuisance and the result of a pharmaceutically oriented approach.