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Avatar n tn He told me I had asthma and prescribed Singulair and Albuterol. Within days I was having episodes of increased SOB, but no wheezing. Feeling like I would suffocate. Lost about 6 pounds. These episodes were not related to exercise, food, or environment. Over the next month I had CXR, CT scan of chest, 2Decho, 24 hour holter, nuclear TST - all "normal". PFT showed "mild obstructive ventilatory defect". Dr.
Avatar n tn My mom who is 86 was diagnosed with COPD years and years ago. She took singulair and flovent inhaler and walked 3 miles a day. Two years ago she needed to use Duoneb via nebulizer. She was not short of breath at any time but had a few bouts with chronic bronchitis. Since moving to Florida a year ago, her husband died in Dec of 2007 and she is now short of breath. Her pulmonologist in FL took her off all of lung medications and within 3 days she was wheezing like a maniac.
107366 tn?1305683975 He thinks there are probably still pockets of fluid in my chest that may be causing it (but that didn't show up on my last CT). He gave me a prescription for Advair and told me I may eventually get off that if I do show more improvement. Told me to keep an inhaler close by just in case, too. But, I haven't ever had a sudden onset like an asthma patient might have. Anyway, things are looking better, all in all.
Avatar f tn What would be the benefit of taking it twice a day vs. once a day for GAD. Does a higher amount build up in your system to help prevent breakthrough anxiety? Regarding tolerance issue, can this be taken really long term without building up tolerance. I was told I may possibly have to take something the rest of my life and have been scared about taking klonopin that long.
Avatar m tn one person I talked to with asthmatic bronchitis has a supply of prednisone to stop bronchitis from developing. I take singulair for my asthma and also Allegra D now. I want to take advair but the docs always put me on symbicort for some reason?
Avatar n tn I also have terrible allergies - I give myself a shot once a week and take the following medicines - Zyrtec D twice daily, Advair inhaler - twice daily (250/50) - Singulair (at night) - and do breathing treatments with Xopenex or Albuteral along with an albuteral inhaler as necessary. I have been gaining weight over the last 4 years (approximately 30 lbs) and have been unable to lose the slightest bit even though I exercise and eat correctly.
530191 tn?1214166411 I was on that for seven years and finally got a sensitivity to it and it was no longer effective. With autoimmune urticaria vs. chronic idiopathic urticaria (which they said was what i had for eight of the ten years) I couldn't use antihistimines at all with effect, doxepin was the only one! Plaquenil is our next option. However using synthroid (synthetic thyroid) daily has done more for my hives than anything used thus far.
2214462 tn?1339431583 He seemed to focus on the thrush thing and my inhaled steroid use (Advair for asthma). He said those can cause thrush (as I know, I do rinse), and seemed content to have put my question to rest. Did I do this wrong? Do I have reason to suspect immune stuff? We've had to treat me like a mildly immuno-compromised person since I had pneumonia in 1997. I've had multiple doctors ask if I've been tested for HIV. ("You shouldn't have a virus for this long.
Avatar m tn The best treatment for allergic rhinitis (a runny nose) is 10 milligrams of montelukast sodium (Singulair), which is available by prescription, or 240 milligram of pseudoephedrine hydrochloride (Sudafed). According to a study by the University of Chicago, the two drugs are equally effective, even though the prescription drug costs 4 times as much. The study was funded by the makers of the prescription drug.
Avatar n tn I'm 24 now--the first time I ever had an anxiety episode was in college when I was about 19 and I had started taking advair and singulair for the first time for my asthma/allergies. I'm still convinced that that's what has opened the floodgates for me, so to speak. As far as anxiety disorders go, different things can trigger the onset of them if you have a genetic predisposition for it, and for me that's what it was and I've had a problem with it ever since.