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Avatar m tn html. There is a printable coupon to get your first 1 month supply for free. After that you can go back each month and print a coupon for a savings as well. He has been under controll now for the last 2 years.
Avatar n tn When I searched I did locate a printable coupon for 19% off. I am not certain of the limitations, if any. If you need assistance please let me know and I'll see if I can help. Good Luck.... Goodness knows the cost of meds for seniors is often huge. A Shame!! There are assistance programs but this usually varies by state... also as you suggest, manufactures often offer breaks for seniors.
Avatar n tn rds of the way down there should be a button you can push to access the printable card. Print it out and give this to your pharmacist. The current coupon will cover $50/mos. of your script. I was on suboxone for 6 years and never paid for any co-pay or anything. My script was mainly paid by my insurance and the remaining co-pay was covered by a similar coupon.
Avatar f tn One time I even filled in a survey I received in the mail that promised after doing so I would get over $500 worth of coupons - a few months later I received a coupon for $0.50 off a food item and a coupon for $499.99 off a brand new car (or course the car cost over 30k). What is the secret? Where are the legitimate places to get coupons from?
199177 tn?1490498534 It happens almost every time I ever try to coupon! But yes I agree its a good idea to try this. Every time i go to the store, the cost of EVERYTHING is up and keeps going up. the kid's juice they drink used to be 1.89. Then 199. Then 2.07, and now its 2..27. This just jumped in the last 2 weeks this way. ITs the same with everything, eggs , milk, bread, meat, even toilet paper. Its ridiculous!
1515545 tn?1291395764 I have a company that I get 2 of my meds free, the inhalers and imitrex but its the waiting to get it that's the big problem. Anyway I printed a 15 dollar off coupon and used it to get the proventil filled ( at walmart ) but it ended up being 32 dollars with a total 5 dollar savings in total. So now I have one and am waiting for the one to show up in the mail.
483733 tn?1326798446 I would like to not only agree with Trudie's suggestion to make the PHR printable, but also could you make the trackers printable, so we can take them to the doctor?
1199272 tn?1265245775 I don't know if it actually works because I just signed up, but try similac(dot)com and sign up for their StrongMoms program. It's supposed to provide free samples and coupons. Hope this helps!
676912 tn?1332812551 I also have a larger chest wearing either a 38DD or 36F. I enjoy shoping at fredricks of hollywood and their prices are not to bad. I can usually get them for like 2 bras for $49 or so. I hope this helps you.
689528 tn?1364135841 Anyone have any sites they can recommend for a printable feeding schedule...for either/or breast or bottle fed?
Avatar n tn it seems like advair is making my asthma worse. i started taking advair like 7 month ago and it seemed like for the first few months it was working but i had to become dependant on it everyday or else i would start weezing nonstop. after that my weezing was worst than ever and i started noticing that after i used advair my weezing was much worse. i saw this thread yesterday and now for a day and a half i havent used it and i feel alot better.
Avatar f tn Have any of you registered at Target and had trouble getting your 15% off coupon for registry completion? I haven't gotten my coupon yet. I called customer service and they told me the coupon code was emailed to me Nov. 5. I hadn't gotten it, so they said they would resend it and even though it's coming through email, it would take a week or 2 for me to get it.
Avatar f tn Is it safe to stop taking Advair cold turkey when my symptoms improve or do I need to take something else to come off it slower?
Avatar n tn Can long term use of Advair cause bruising? I have been on 500/50 for two years in the summer months and 250/50 the remainder of the year. I am bruising easily and believe it may be a long term side effect for using Advair.
Avatar f tn I have been cautious about creating any sort of quick, drastic, pressure change in my mouth but now, I wonder about the use of my Advair diskus. I take Advair on a regular basis for asthma and have refrained from using it in the 24 hours post-extraction because I figured the quick inhalation may dislodge the clots. Now, however, it has been two days post-extraction, and I wonder whether it is safe to use Advair without risk of dislodging the clots.
Avatar f tn Steroids are often worse than the disease it treats. Advair almost killed me. By the way, steroids harm your immune system. And - reputable doctors are no long using Adviar 500. And in Februrary the FDA came out with a warning about Advair. They said it should only be used when nothing else worked and, even then, it should only be used short term. Maybe you need another doctor.
Avatar n tn I have had several problems with advair such as thrush and irregular heart beat. Also, my endocrinologist suggested that my osteopinia (sp?) could be related to advair use but it's just one possible culprit. I'm a runner and just finished a marathon and got thrush again from advair so decided I wanted to at least take a break from it. Well, it's been a few days and I have never had such breathing problems before I used advair, I have a constant headache and I'm exhausted.
Avatar m tn I have been on Advair for one week. It has completely taken my taste and smell ability away. I am not going to take it any more, but will my taste and smell senses return with time? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Asthma-and-Allergy/advair-discus-side-effect/show/1235551">advair discus side effect</a>.
Avatar n tn how do I prevent a yeast infection from advair This discussion is related to <a href=''>thrush from Advair</a>.
Avatar n tn I have the same problem. My doc had me on 250/50 2 times daily. It became a problem for me becuase I am sensitive to medications. I don't like feeling jittery because it freaks me out LOL. I stopped using it and then just Sunday, had an asthma attack. Now I'm using my inhaler and will have to start back on it. THE SOLUTION: My doc understood my concern about Advair. He said to take it once in the morning or afternoon regularly.
Avatar n tn My instinks kept telling me that it was the Advair that brought it on. I knew it when i found that Advair surpresses your amune system and i found that it has brought on major illnesses and death. I have been off Advair for 2 days and already feel better and like my happy self is coming back.
Avatar f tn I have fitness induced asthma, and my doctor put me on advair or something like that. And the next few days after taking it, I got really bad chest pains when I'd run. Has that happened to anybody else? Should I worry?
Avatar n tn i've had asthma for a long period of time, and i was taking advair to treat it. I had it under control to the point where i didnt need to take advair anymore but recently ive been having the symptoms again, so ive started back taking the advair that was prescribed to me when i first got it. is that ok?
Avatar f tn They said that I likely have asthma and prescribed me with Advair 100/50 for a year. During the one month that I took Advair I was concerned about drug dependency, side effects, high costs of the drug ($180 per month), and the necessity for it since I have NEVER had an asthma attack. During the month of using Advair, I noticed my shortness of breath a little less than before, but the difference was so mild that I couldn't really tell if Advair was making a difference or not.