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1515545 tn?1291399364 Control your asthma naturally, with this pranayam. Initially do it for 30 minutes twice a day, and when the asthma is in control, reduce the timing to 20 minutes daily.You should feel the benefit in 3 months, but continue the pranayam for life. Your feedback at some point, will help others. Build up your timing gradually.If you feel tired or dizzy, stop and resume after one minute.
Avatar m tn After that you can go back each month and print a coupon for a savings as well. He has been under controll now for the last 2 years.
2214462 tn?1339431583 He seemed to focus on the thrush thing and my inhaled steroid use (Advair for asthma). He said those can cause thrush (as I know, I do rinse), and seemed content to have put my question to rest. Did I do this wrong? Do I have reason to suspect immune stuff? We've had to treat me like a mildly immuno-compromised person since I had pneumonia in 1997. I've had multiple doctors ask if I've been tested for HIV. ("You shouldn't have a virus for this long.
Avatar n tn here i for the last 6 months i have had itchy eye doctor told me it was due to mild allergies and prescribed eye drops which didnt help in the least so i turned to over the counter allergy medicine which hasn't helped either (so i dont think it's allergies) and in the last 3 weeks not only are my eyelids itchy but when i wake up in the morning my upper eye lids are bright red and swelled up so bad that its embarassing!!!!
961574 tn?1505958942 Hi ladies. I know it's kind of early for me, being only 7wks 5days along, to start this, but I wanted to start sharing this journey with others due around the same time as me. I know many of us (me included) are afraid to put ourselves out there this early, afraid that something might go wrong, but I have known so many of you for you long, that I just couldn't wait any longer to start sharing experiences with you.