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5944308 tn?1396478749 My son is just trying ADHD tranquility formula. I can't tell you if it works or not yet since we pretty much just got it. But something for you to look at and decide for yourself. I'm sure others have comments about similar products.
Avatar f tn Good for you for getting off the Vicodin. The fact that you've been on Ativan for "a few months" and are experiencing horrible anxiety with panic attacks tells me the Ativan is no longer working for you. You need to get back with your doctor and discuss these issues. I'm afraid I know nothing about this 5htp stuff, but what I DO know is that sometimes the result of mixing these things can be disasterous.
Avatar f tn I was wondering can ADD be treated using natural remedies? If so can you give me some suggestions? I have been reading alot on the internet and I don't want to waste my money on something that will not work.
Avatar f tn There is a new natural remedy used called L-theanine and you can read about it on the 700 club website at In the search area type ADD/ADHD L-theanine or just type ADHD. This will show different remedies in the treatment of this disease. It also has an article on fish oil, as well. Which is another natural remedy used for ADD/ADHD. Also, you can get the book "The ADD Answer" or "The IQ Answer (maximizing your child's potential)" by Dr.
Avatar n tn I am wanting information on how much EFA's / omega 3 do you give to a child? My son has ADD and presently taking Stratera. It helps but we have been seeing more difficulties with defiance, crying, moody, irrational behaviors and anger. I would like to try some natural remedies but don't know how much or what kind. Any advice out there with success?
Avatar m tn I have read about several natural remedies for conjunctivitis. Please advise me on which work and how to use them if they do. The most common remedies I have heard of are: CHAMOMILE TEA COLLOIDAL SILVER HONEY APPLE CIDER VINEGAR I would prefer to cure my conjunctivitis naturally without the use of prescription medications and would welcome any input that would help me to achieve this goal!
Avatar n tn I should add, combining remedies isn't simple, and you should consult an herbalist or naturopath if you don't know natural remedies all that well.
Avatar n tn Please let me know, my son has been doing research on natural remedies because he just thinks chemo kills too many other cells.
Avatar f tn What are some natural SUCCESSFUL (: remedies for regulating your period....My problem is long periods....they start on time but last 10-11 days medium flow...then when I start again it feels like I just ended!! So...any ideas would be REALLY appreciated...thanks! PS I am overweight, has anyone had success with regulating their period by weight loss?? Any other ideas? Thanks again.
222322 tn?1271022838 t know any more about the cyst until my ultrasound June 1st. Are there any other natural remedies that work? According to drs, this cyst has a much higher chance of being benign than malignant, and I really want to avoid another surgery. I also want to try to get pregnant sometime this year (hopefully, after I get a job teaching, I want to plan a baby for next summer if possible). Does anyone know of anything else I can do to get rid of this thing?
Avatar n tn Does anyone know any good natural remedies that have helped anxiety?? I've been hoping that with eating well and some good exercise, I could beat it. I guess I'd probably be a lot worse without it, but I'm still tense. The strange thing is that I don't have anything in particular that I feel should cause me any stress but I feel anxious far too often. What works for you?
Avatar f tn Any natural remedies for gas? It's not burping or coming out the other end, but it's just stuck in my stomach and since yesterday it's been very painful.
Avatar f tn Unfortunately I doubt there is anything you can do for having to go more frequently. Lol its just going to get worse from here on out!