Activella how long does it take to work

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Avatar n tn monitors the amount and which medicine I will take when. He tries to change it around to see which medicines work best together. So far it has not been successful. It has definitely gotten better since a year and a half ago, but a long way from being well. Needless to say, I'm confined to the house a lot. In answer to an earlier question, I'm 52 this year. Thanks so much for everyone's input.
Avatar f tn Hopefully, this gives you enough information to help decide how to proceed and it isn't long before you are feeling better. Keep us posted on how you are doing.
Avatar n tn 5 mcg (yes, the decimal point does belong there), and it sent me for a loop. I hate to introduce yet another doctor, but feel it's necessary. Your PCP has no clue. Also, I'd try to eliminate as many non-essential meds as possible. Definitely not diabetes meds and thyroid meds, but maybe some of the others. Sleeplessness, panic attacks, etc. could all be due to overmedication on thyroid meds. It could be that once that is adjusted properly, some of the other meds would become unnecessary.
Avatar n tn But, because there is to much her2 in the breast which means that I have to take every symptom of menopause....Does anyone know how much longer that I should go through menopause or give me some sort of idea.
Avatar n tn I am 49. Used to work out a ton but stopped so it is good to hear that it happens to those that still work out. It has to be hormonal? UGH UGH UGH. Loose skin even though I have always had thin arms. Is it lack of estrogen? Will hormone replacement drugs make it tighten up? Please post if you find out!
Avatar n tn With as lousy as I am feeling I highly doubt that reducing the synthroid a tad is going to fix much. Also, my face suddenly broke terribly. It seems I have all the symptoms of low estrogen but my doc is just saying to change the synthroid. Any advice?