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Avatar f tn This only numbs the pain slightly and wears off quite quickly. Ive also got a swollen left side of my face and a lump on my gum. I know I need to see a dentist and probably get antibiotics but the problem is its christmas day and I wont be able to seek help for several days - possibly a week or more and I cant cope with this pain. Any advice on what I can do at home in the meantime to make it bearable?
Avatar m tn Now, it's a constant throbbing pain in the lower left side of my mouth. The left side of my neck and face is puffy, and my glands on the same side are swollen and sore. And now, when I close my mouth, my teeth don't fit together. Also, my jaw is so stiff that I can't open my mouth more than about half an inch. I looked on webmd, and the symptoms seemed to be that of a dental abscess. Do you agree? Is there anything I can do besides seeing a dentist?
Avatar f tn Hey tommygirl834. Welcome to the forum. Is the right side of your face swollen? Any other symptoms perhaps, like pain or tingling? A tooth abscess or other dental issue may cause it. (Dentist) If not, check for common food allergies. They can affect either side. I used to react to eggplant in the past, and it always affected my right side. Keep an eye out for peanuts and other nuts, shellfish, wheat,eggs,dairy,soy, as they are more common than other foods.
Avatar f tn Hi I was with the doctor 3 days ago because I have a small swelling just on my face just below my lip, once a white pus discharge came from it. The doctor told me that I have a chronic abscess and gave me Germentin for 7 days and also told me to go to the dentist. I went to the dentist and he extracted the tooth but there doesn't seem to be any improvement on my face.
Avatar n tn I wouldn't recommend doing that on your own. It would be best for you to see your dentist and have them do an incision and drainage on the area. The abscess you are describing sounds very large and you should see a dentist immediately. The swelling may continue to spread and it may go to other parts of your head and face so its best to manage it ASAP before there are more complications.
Avatar m tn Feeling very unwell, sometimes unable to get out of bed, pain on left side of face and head. Had x rays, cat scan, MRI, blood work. All normal except for slight thickness on left side. Nobody can find infection, and yet I respond to antibiotics to the point I am able to function, ei. Get out of bed, shower, go for a walk. I am currently taking ibuprophen for pain. Outside of this, I was a very healthy, active person.
Avatar n tn I am worried I have a dental infection spreading from neglected dental work, that was complicated by a mis-diagnosis. Sorry for dragging this on, and on. Does a tooth abscess ever not show up on a X-ray?
1399266 tn?1280640704 My 8 year old cat, Kupid was diagnosed with a dental abscess about a week ago and put on clindamycin 1 ml twice a day. When she started she had a pink drainage coming from her right eye and right nostril. Her eye has gotten better and her nose has slightly improved. She is still sneezing and looks terrible but she is eating on her own. This cat has failed the pre anesthesia test twice after having complications during her spay surgery so we are reluctant to put her under to pull her tooth.
Avatar f tn Also, not taking care of an abscess tooth and the infection going into your blood stream in severe cases can cause death.
Avatar n tn I am worried I have a dental infection spreading from neglected dental work, that was complicated by a mis-diagnosis. Sorry for dragging this on, and on. Does a tooth abscess ever not show up on a X-ray? Possibly draining out before X-ray is taken? draining into roof of mouth or sinus?
Avatar f tn If the fistula closes, it can spread rapidly to other parts of the mouth, face, neck region, etc. So is your dentist recommending to extract the tooth and place a bone graft in? I'm not what the success rate of a bone graft is when there's an infection in the socket.
Avatar n tn your tooth stop paining may be it is good news but it is not necessary that your diseases is cured. you must visit your nearest Dentist and take advice from it professional dentist in Munich.
Avatar n tn If it's a flea problem, I would guess that you'd see other places on your cats body that were scabbed too. Notice any other places?
Avatar n tn My concern would be if the abcess breaks, you could be looking at serious consequences then. I'd stay on your amox, possibly see if you could find a doctor or dentist who would at least give you a proper prescription for a couple weeks (3 per day) of novamoxin 500s. All else fails, head to the emergency room before you end up with a seriously bad day.
Avatar f tn Hi All, I have got a 4-5mm intersphincteric abscess which clearly shows up on an MRI scan. When i went in for surgery to cut it out, my surgeon said he couldn't find the abscess and that there isn't anything he can do to help me as he cannot feel it or find an internal opening from where the abscess is draining inside the anal canal, despite the fact he knows its exact location on the MRI scan! I was devastated when he told me this as this abscess is ruining my life.
Avatar f tn I put the cabbage paste on a face cloth first, then several more layers of face cloth and towels on top to hold it securely and then sat in bed and read a good book. Warning, the cabbage is unbelievably stinky.
Avatar n tn For 2 weeks I have been dealing with a very painful abscess on my ear, where after alot of research and several trips to a local medical clinic and ER, I have found that what I have is an abscess in the Preauricular pit/sinus. I have been given 3 rounds of antibiotics, one of which I am still taking (Clindamyacin). I have yet to see any improvement from taking the antibiotics, so I went to the ER yesterday where they attempted to do and Incision and Drainage procedure.
Avatar m tn Hello, A clinical examination is necessary for accurate diagnosis and management of your symptoms. White bumps on the face may be caused by acne. Pores can become blocked by dirt, oils, or other foreign elements. The elements can cause the pore to abscess. This abscess can result in a fluid filled pustule. This pustule may appear white in color and be surround by redness and skin irritation. It is possible that it is a white head. It is best to get it examined by a dermatologist.
Avatar n tn you are right it does sound like he may have a ruptured abscess on his face. Sometimes dogs with toothroot abscesses have the abscess open up on the face below the eye, can you tell if there is an old fractured molar tooth on that side? I have to recommend that he be seen by a veterinarian as soon as possible; if there is an abscess then he needs antibiotics +/- tooth removal.
Avatar n tn Epidermal inclusion cysts are flesh colored ,firm nodules with a central punctum and are usually found on the face of adults.Sevaceous hyperplasis is benign enlargement of the sebaceous glands surrounding a follicle and often with a central dent. I sincerely suggest you to discuss these possibilities with your dermatologist as treatment is diagnosis specific. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or in case you have any additional doubts.Kind regards.
Avatar n tn Hi Thanks for writing to the forum! This bump on your face at the nose side could be a cherry hemangioma that is bleeding. It could also be an infected abscess or boil, a polyp or a cancerous growth. All these growths would need removal. I have enumerated the possibilities that come to my mind right now. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage without examining the bleeding point. Do get it examined by a skin specialist.
Avatar f tn On Jan. 16 I woke up with this awful pimple/abscess on my chin. I left it alone all day, and it got worse. When I came home I cleaned it. (I've posted picture of the progression on my profile/album). Since then, I still have a lump on my face that won't go away. It hasn't changed in size at all and I don't know what to do about it. Any ideas on what may be going on and/or what I can do about it? I've tried pimple cream but it didn't work. Thanks!
Avatar m tn Antibiotics for an abscessed tooth are given in pill or liquid (oral) form, usually for a 7- to 10-day period. Complete the dose but seek an emergency help when you feel Trouble breathing,Swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat. Do call the Doctor right away when you have Hives, Fainting or lightheadedness.
Avatar f tn Thank you for your info, I'm feeling a bit calmer now! It got chipped by a friend dropping a camera on my face..nothing exciting! It was just the bottom corner, starting about half way up the tooth - my dentist filled it in and it has been quite sensitive since. My face swelling has gone down a lot, its just the abscess itself now. It feels like a grape pushed up under my top lip, pushing into my nose! I hope it can be sorted out tomorrow.
Avatar n tn Dental Abscess SYMPTOMS: Swelling on whole right side of face/gums Extreme pain/tenderness along with pressure On JUNE 1st I went to the ER because I woke up that morning with slight swelling that I watched grow throughout the day. The Dr. prescribed me 500mg penicillin vk. I take one ever six hours. I've been doing that since 9:15pm JUNE 1st and I noticed only a slight change in my swelling and none in my pain. If anything It looked like the swelling just shifted.
Avatar n tn It's not infected yet, but I imagine it will be soon because you can see the pulp. I wonder how your vet can tell your cat's tooth is abscess One thing I did learn is that sometimes teeth changes the structure of your pet's mouth and infections could be harmful to kidneys. I'm not a vet but I am wishing I could find a less expensive treatment.
Avatar n tn Over next few days I experienced swelling over much of my body, primarily in face and neck. I have been on amoxycillin and now clindamyacin over the last three weeks (no rash/visible side effects. My Dr twice-said to go back to DDS/give Rx time). Twice the swelling seemed to be going down, then flared up again.
Avatar n tn Your best bet is to do nothing. The fact that you got hairs out shows that you're dealing with a blocked follicle plus ingrown hairs, which you have now extracted. The more you mess and probe with it, that just makes it last longer. If you leave it alone long enough, it will go away. Show it to a doctor if you're still concerned. But no squeezing! Take care. Dr.
Avatar m tn since that day though the pain has gone away for the most part. if i tap on my tooth it still hurts a little bit, but nothing too serious. not however my upper lip and face has begun to swell up and become quite sensitive to touch. after doing some research online I think that I have abscess in my front tooth, but I'm starting to get worried at the fact that my tooth is no longer in pain. Could that mean my tooth is already dead?
Avatar n tn I unfortunately discovered that you can even know your dentist or go to one in a nice area with a nice building with nice staff and they still use Sargenti Paste (or formocresol) on you and your young child...and as with all (ok, maybe 99.99%) of them, they won't tell you that they are using it on you...and in my case, even after they injure you.