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Avatar m tn They give me amoxicillin 500mg i started them yesterday teatime then last night my face started to swell up on the right side where the bad tooth is never had this before. Now i look like an hamster what i want to know is how long will it take for the tablets to work i have taken 4 so far. Also most of the pain as gone but still really soar.
Avatar m tn Now, it's a constant throbbing pain in the lower left side of my mouth. The left side of my neck and face is puffy, and my glands on the same side are swollen and sore. And now, when I close my mouth, my teeth don't fit together. Also, my jaw is so stiff that I can't open my mouth more than about half an inch. I looked on webmd, and the symptoms seemed to be that of a dental abscess. Do you agree? Is there anything I can do besides seeing a dentist?
Avatar n tn I wake up several times every single night and never have dreams anymore, also I'm totally fatigued always, and started these weird habbits like picking scabs on my face and obbsessing over my ingrown tonails, their almost gone from all the picking I do.. could these other things have anything to do with my other problems???? And I'm hoping my tooth will just fall out and it will be done with. how long til this will happen???
Avatar f tn This only numbs the pain slightly and wears off quite quickly. Ive also got a swollen left side of my face and a lump on my gum. I know I need to see a dentist and probably get antibiotics but the problem is its christmas day and I wont be able to seek help for several days - possibly a week or more and I cant cope with this pain. Any advice on what I can do at home in the meantime to make it bearable?
Avatar f tn one side of my face is bigger than the left side. what doctor should i see?
Avatar f tn Ever since then there is still a hard knot on my face where the abscess once was. Is this normal? I do not have any bumps from my previous abscesses so I am concerned as to why I have a bump on my face still.
Avatar f tn Hi I was with the doctor 3 days ago because I have a small swelling just on my face just below my lip, once a white pus discharge came from it. The doctor told me that I have a chronic abscess and gave me Germentin for 7 days and also told me to go to the dentist. I went to the dentist and he extracted the tooth but there doesn't seem to be any improvement on my face.
Avatar m tn I went to the dentist a week ago and he said i have a tooth infection on my right top tooth and days later i was in severe pain, gums swollen and tender, right side of my face was swollen and my right lymph node is swollen and hurting. is this the sign of a tooth abscess?
Avatar n tn I get headaches, and sensitivity to light. Its like my whole face is on fire, and my mouth is going to explode. I think I have a serious problem that is being blown off as cavities. I have had many cavities, wisdom teeth extracted, periodontal grafts, root canals, and nothing compares to the pain, and general ill feeling I have right now. I have been seeing my dentist for a long time, and I trust his opinion. This problem is not just cavities.
Avatar n tn I have a liquid filled abscess right between my molars and cheek on the top left side of my mouth. It feels like a water balloon. It stretches over 2 or 3 of my molars. I have absolutely no pain in my teeth at all. But the swelling hurts. I have been taking amoxicillan 500mg 3 times a day for the last 2 days (course lasts for 7 days). The swelling has not gone down at all. I want to know if I could pop the abscess to drain the abscess? If yes how can I do it at home?
Avatar n tn I have a severe abscess tooth on the lower left side of my mouth. I have been to the ER and the dentist. I'm on antibiotics (clindamycin) 600mg ibuprofen and hydrocodone for pain. My dentist scheduled me an appointment to have the tooth pulled next Friday but since taking the antibiotics the whole left side of my face is extremely swollen my lips are severely swollen to the point I can't eat can barely drink and can't sleep.
Avatar n tn I had my top right 2nd molar abscess wed. It immediately began swelling so I went to the dentist thurs who couldn't even do a norm xray cause of how bad the swelling is. I can barely open my mouth at all can't eat much of anything....the doc put me on amoxcillin and percecet but they are not doing anything. My swelliing has now moved from just my cheek to the entire right side of my face into my ear and up to my temples & eye...all I waant to do is scream and cry it hurts so bad.
Avatar n tn I get headaches, and sensitivity to light. Its like my whole face is on fire, and my mouth is going to explode. I think I have a serious problem that is being blown off as cavities. I have had many cavities, wisdom teeth extracted, periodontal grafts, root canals, and nothing compares to the pain, and general ill feeling I have right now. I have been seeing my dentist for a long time, and I trust his opinion. This problem is not just cavities.
Avatar f tn I recently lost my health and dental insurance and am currently unemployed with no benefits coming in. Anyhow, my lower left #18 12 yr. molar had been previously root canaled and crowned. It has been swelling on the buccal side and now has a draining fistula. I am letting it drain and using Glyoxide. There is no pain involved.
Avatar f tn I did not go back and that was a year ago. Now the half tooth is abscessed. My face is so swollen its causing pressure in my eye ear and nose. Ive been on cephalexin for a bit more then 24 hrs now but the swelling and pain has not subsided at all. So my question is, when can i expect relief??? And is it because of me that my dentist couldn't remove the teeth? He said that he couldn't extract them because I was too nervous and basically he 'couldn't do his job'.
1399266 tn?1280640704 My 8 year old cat, Kupid was diagnosed with a dental abscess about a week ago and put on clindamycin 1 ml twice a day. When she started she had a pink drainage coming from her right eye and right nostril. Her eye has gotten better and her nose has slightly improved. She is still sneezing and looks terrible but she is eating on her own. This cat has failed the pre anesthesia test twice after having complications during her spay surgery so we are reluctant to put her under to pull her tooth.
Avatar f tn I put the cabbage paste on a face cloth first, then several more layers of face cloth and towels on top to hold it securely and then sat in bed and read a good book. Warning, the cabbage is unbelievably stinky.
Avatar n tn I can sympathise with you all. I too am currently suffering with an abscess on my left ear lobe/where it joins my head. The whole area is hugely swollen and extremely painful. I have been prescribed antibiotics only (Flucloxacillin). And am making my own concoction of pain relief up! I visited a doctor who told me it would needed draining ASAP and then sent me round to A&E.
Avatar f tn Hi All, I have got a 4-5mm intersphincteric abscess which clearly shows up on an MRI scan. When i went in for surgery to cut it out, my surgeon said he couldn't find the abscess and that there isn't anything he can do to help me as he cannot feel it or find an internal opening from where the abscess is draining inside the anal canal, despite the fact he knows its exact location on the MRI scan! I was devastated when he told me this as this abscess is ruining my life.
Avatar n tn my cat has a large lump on the side of his face. He has had an absces in the past a few month ago. Is there anything that I can do as a home remedy? The vet gave him antibiotics for seven days and that seemed to clear it up . Am I going to have to do this every time?
Avatar f tn When it first came i could harly see out of my eye with it being so big and swallen, Could not bend my face down because of the pain when i moved my head. My diet is good, and i drink heaps of water daily. Anti-bioctics done seem 2 help clear them... i am really fed up and hate feeling ugly all the time. Is there n e help any1 can give me?? I have been 2 doctors and dermatology units, and i still keep gettin them. I feel like i will have them forever....
Avatar m tn Hello, A clinical examination is necessary for accurate diagnosis and management of your symptoms. White bumps on the face may be caused by acne. Pores can become blocked by dirt, oils, or other foreign elements. The elements can cause the pore to abscess. This abscess can result in a fluid filled pustule. This pustule may appear white in color and be surround by redness and skin irritation. It is possible that it is a white head. It is best to get it examined by a dermatologist.
1224351 tn?1325378417 got up and ive got a boil in my ear and its swollen my face, hurts when i swallow, and i feel nauseous and also got abscess on my leg again, feel generally unwell. stayed in all day and just relaxed. spoke to mum, she is upset and depressed worrying about dad. Im really worried too but i cannot dwell on it at the moment or i will crumble myself.
Avatar m tn Hello all, I recently discovered a mass in my pubic region (about an inch above the base of my penis) that resembles some big zits that I have had on my face. As such, I proceeded to pop this zit, resulting in several breaks in skin (it looked as if multiple "whiteheads" had emerged and burst). Some white-yellow-brownish pus like substance discharged, followed by minor bleeding. I also removed the hair follicles that were rooted in the mass.
Avatar n tn you are right it does sound like he may have a ruptured abscess on his face. Sometimes dogs with toothroot abscesses have the abscess open up on the face below the eye, can you tell if there is an old fractured molar tooth on that side? I have to recommend that he be seen by a veterinarian as soon as possible; if there is an abscess then he needs antibiotics +/- tooth removal.
Avatar f tn My face started to swell with some of the most terrifyingly sharp pain I have ever experienced in my life . That was a week and a half ago . Now my lower face is completely swolen . Have not eaten in 5 days , my mouth will not open . And I am taking 30g of clindamycin every 4 hours and enough pain mess to keep me ok . The trouble I'm having is that it won't go down ? What's up with that ? How long ?