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Avatar_f_tn The roof of my mouth is white, and the uvula is swollen and almost touching the back of my tongue. I feel like I should keep swallowing. Never happened before. No new foods, meds, etc.
Avatar_n_tn I had an endoscopy done on Friday and my uvula was really swollen Friday night and Saturday morning. It was purple. It is now Sunday and it is still really swollen, but not nearly as bad as it was. It is no longer purple, but has turned white. I have gargled with salt water today. Any other suggestions for bringing the swelling down and why it is white?
Avatar_n_tn I have had a sore throat for about 2 weeks, just the last 7 days little pimple on my tounge have appeared (lie bumps) and my uvula looks like it has burst blood vessles and is swollen.
Avatar_n_tn Fisrt day was fever and sweating with acheing joints and some vomiting. Days 2-10 swollen tonsils with white patches (extremely painful). Now my uvula is swollen and sitting on my tounge. Ok so heres what I have been using to combat this. Gargle with salt water, Drink warm water with honey and lemon, Tylenol for pain (actually works for once), had some fluticasone propionate for nasal congestion (stopped working so switched to afrin) and zinc cough drops.
Avatar_m_tn After 7 days, I noticed 2 white spots on my uvula and in the past 3 days, my uvula has become enlarged, touching my tongue. Also, I have experienced some tightness in my throat, some slight difficulty breathing, feeling lethargic and have had some feelings of stiffness in my joints. I'm usually in perfect health. Prior to this encounter, the last time I had any sexual contact was 3 years ago.
312330_tn?1245180352 the problem I'm having since then has been with my throat....somehow during the intubation my uvula took a hit and is quite swollen and bruised at the bottom.....how typical is this? and about how long does it take to heal? It's not having an adverse effect on my breathing....but it does cause a gagging sensation and makes swallowing/eating difficult.
Avatar_n_tn My son is almost 11 months and he has a white cyst on his uvula. I am so concerned although the pediatrician isn't too concerned. She is referring me to a HNT doctor. I am worried that this could lead to other things. I just don't know anything about this and it worries me to think that my son would have to maybe have surgery. Help? Does anyone know more about this?
Avatar_f_tn I felt like my throat was closing up and I could feel my uvula sitting on my tongue. And after looking in the mirror I could clearly see that my uvula was very red and swollen. And the rest of my throat very red too. I havent noticed any white spots on the back of my throat. I am 11weeks pregnant and am worried that i maybe wasting my gps time by going down to the surgery because he may not be able to give me any medication which would help me while im pregnant.
Avatar_n_tn I also have swelling around my front teeth in the back, kinda of half circle shaped towards the tooth along with swollen glands and 2 or 3 white spots on the back of my uvula. Any ideas to what this could be and if it's serious, needs to have quick medical attention or should I rush to the hospital considering its the labor day weekend.
1806721_tn?1388096157 Hi, I woke up at 1am Saturday morning with a suddenly very swollen uvula, which makes swallowing difficult. My throat has been extremely painful since then for 4 days, the pain gets quite sharp and radiates to my nose, right ear, and now to the sinuses around my eyes and forehead.
Avatar_f_tn Now I feel my tonsils and tongue are swollen as well and although I have no white on my tonsils or uvula my tongue has white spots on and right underneath it. I do suffer from seasonal allergies although they usually just give me hives, and I currently have a post nasal drip. Has anyone ever had anything similar? Any ideas on what I have or when this uvula will go back to normal?
Avatar_m_tn The lower third of it is now grayish-white. The area behind the uvula is looking better and so is the tonsillar pillar, but my posterior mouth is so sore! It seems to be sore above my soft palate, posterior tongue, uvula, and throat. In looking at my mouth, it looks mildly red, not too remarkable. My gyn procedure went well and was only 15 min. long.
Avatar_n_tn Up until this year I have had no problems with my throat but now every time I get a cold my uvula gets extremely swollen to the point where it is difficult to breathe. I got a cold about 3 weeks ago and now have what looks like white puss pockets on my uvula and it's very swollen, I had been put on two different types of antibiotics that are not helping. Will I have to have my uvula removed like my tonsils or is there something else they can do?
Avatar_m_tn The doctor that diagnosed me was very concerned about the size of my tonsils, he told me that my uvula was deviated and he was worried about them but since he was from a low cost clinic he knew I couldnt afford to go the ER. So, treated me with strep and the swelling went way down. Every since then, I go through days where I still have trouble with the swelling coming back. The problem is that when I search for symptoms everywhere says that sore throat goes along with that symptom.
Avatar_n_tn I have lost over 17 pounds ( ok not such a bad thing, but not for a good reason), my back of my throat is swollen as well as my voice box, which are swollen quite badly. I cough to the extreme as to try and clear my throat.. to the point where I vomit, and my head feels like it is going to explode. I have had a Upper GI done and it came back no problems.. I think they need to do more tests and I am going to make sure they do................Oh and with this..
Avatar_f_tn and the lymph node behind my left ear is swollen my tonsils are swollen but not badly swollen and the area connected to my tonsils is a darker red color i dont have throat pain i dont have pain or trouble when swallowing but the color is worrying me and i dont have a job or any insurance so i dont know what to do about visiting a doctor. should i be worried at all?
Avatar_f_tn My Uvula has this white piece of gunk ATTACHED to it. It was all swollen from my endoscopy, but now that is better. Now it just has this little white gunky thing attached to it. I even tried reaching back there, figuring it was just mucus, but it was literally attached to the end of my uvula. Here is a photo. Anyone know what this could be?
Avatar_m_tn I went to look into the mirror to find the right side of my throat/tonsil (not sure the proper term here) was swollen and red and the left side had white spots. First thing I thought was oh great I'm getting strep. I use to get strep every year and the doctor at one time told me I need to look into having my tonsils taken out do to the chronic strep and they looked inflamed. Well the next day or so the tenderness was gone so I figured it was getting better.
Avatar_f_tn please i need help, im 17 male, my lymph nodes were always swollen due to my acne however, recently my uvula is inflamed , my tonsils have white marks on them and i can barely eat food because it is extremely painful ( i have a high pain tolerance) , but the catch is im not sick, i dont have a fever.
Avatar_n_tn I have a big white spot in the back of my throat in front of the uvula and a small white spot on one of my tonsils. Very sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, no fever, no runny nose at least presently, some sneezing. I have had about a dozen of these episodes in my life. It's always the same thing the strep test is either negative or inconclusive but I get prescribed antibiotics and the spots clear up in a day or two and everything is fine. I'm 38 and have had throat and ear problems forever.
Avatar_f_tn please i need help, im 17 male, my lymph nodes were always swollen due to my acne however, recently my uvula is inflamed , my tonsils have white marks on them and i can barely eat food because it is extremely painful ( i have a high pain tolerance) , but the catch is im not sick, i dont have a fever.
Avatar_n_tn I am also having problems with my throat and have lumps on my uvula as well as pain further back and feeling of having a swollen tongue. I was wondering if anyone ever got a definate diagnosis? I too suffer from anxiety which I am doing something about and am four weeks into CBT to tackle my health anxiety problem. Ive got myself convinced that Ive got the start of throat cancer and the ongoing lumpy feeling when I swallow doesnt help to alleviate my fears.
Avatar_n_tn My uvula is slightly swollen and I've got a sticky mucus that I feel I always need to cough up. When I rub my tongue on the roof of my mouth in the back it feels rough. Visually my throat looks red and my tonsils were taken out as a child, but there is a white area on one side where my tonsils would be. I'm taking Benedryl which I believe helps with the mucus, but this has been going on for about two weeks. Any thoughts on what this might be ?
Avatar_n_tn I am in my 60's and have only just started to have either a swollen face or, on the last two occasions, a swollen tongue, which all started in September. The first time I had a swollen tongue was 4 weeks ago and I ended up in hospital. I had already taken Piriton but it didn't help. At the hospital they gave me Prednisolone which worked very quickly and I was packed off home with another 2 days supply.
Avatar_m_tn not very often • Painful to swallow • Can still eat, talk, sing, etc. with very minimal pain • Sort of swollen uvula • Sort of swollen tonsils • White thingies sort of in my tonsils...probably tonsil stones. I hope so. • Back wall of throat is pretty pink • Sneezing, only on occasion; it's July, maybe a summer cold? • White "furry" tongue • Clearing of throat I'm 21 years old and ♂ male. Maybe it was a few days ago, but I coughed up a very vile-smelling off-white glob of...stuff...
Avatar_n_tn i am thirteen years old and i have these bumps on my back of my tougue and on the sides my left gland is always swollen do you know what this could mean. This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/421106'>Tongue bumps, swolle glands and white spots on uvula</a>.
Avatar_n_tn Hello, I am a 20 year old female who has been experiencing swollen lymph nodes in the groin area for about 2 days after i consume alcohol. Muscle soreness is also present during this time. I have been taking Doxycycline for acne purposes since late august. I have had my tonsils and adenoids taken out when I was 16 because of frequent infection and one tonsil constantly swollen. Other than this, I a have been healthy. When i first noticed the swollen gland in my groin, i went to the gyno.
Avatar_n_tn ) There was dried blood all up on my lips when I first woke up, but since I have cleaned it out real well, all I have now are red blisters all around. My lips are -very- swollen. My tongue has caught onto the slimy white stuff, and now my whole tongue, from front to very back where I cant see, is now WHITE, with an exeption where some of the white stuff had been scraped off. I'm having troubles moving my tongue at all.